Bow Wow Pays Debt To The Game Over Madden 2009

The Game and Bow Wow both took to Twitter to tell all their fan followers about the feat, and Bow Wow paying his debts.

On Friday, rapper The Game took to his Twitter and tweeted to followers, "After a year of trying to GET PAID, da lil homie [Bow Wow] to me give me the rest of my $100,000 ! R.E.D", along with a picture (above) of what appears to be an exchange.

One minute later, Bow Wow chimed in and tweeted, "Rt this!! Just paid [rapper, Game] his 85,000$" along with his own picture of him handing over a black Louis Vuitton backpack to The Game.

Apparently the two had a bet over who would win Madden 2009, with Compton bred rapper taking the victory. 

As referenced in his tweet, The R.E.D. Album is the fourth studio album by The Game which is slated for release March 23, 2010. The new album boasts production from Timbaland and Polow da Don, with guest appearances by Jim Jones, Jadakiss, Gucci Mane and more.

Bow Wow is rumored to be working on a new project as well titled The Transition To Shad Moss with the first single from the album titled "Dirty Girl" featuring T-Pain and Pitbull.





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  • South East Ed

    Who plays Madden 10 on Xbox? Whats your gamertag? I wanna kick somebody's butt!! LOL!!


    lol game is a beast

  • wordsworthisthetruth

    Hey, at least they did it for a good cause. Oh, wait... Celebrities need to step up their charity game.

  • Christian2424 that illegal gambling? I wonder if Game will have to pay a luxury tax on dat out for the IRS....haha....should of give Nas the same advice.... Difference is Nas is great, Game is garbage...


    Wow. Nigg*s are really stupid. Instead of investing that money into a start up company that could be the next Facebook or Twitter, they waste money on betting on video games.

  • ya ya b

    fuk u bastards, stop playa hatin im runnin afthermath after dre, that nigga aint got shit on fuck u all!

  • DrEm

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  • rap

    good p.r but fake all the same. next.

  • That dude named Elli

    Can't sell albums? Bet other dudes who can't sell albums asinine amounts of money over trivial circumstances. Bow Wow lost 100,000. I thought this fool signed to Cash Money. I know a lot of those fools don't know how to rap but with a record label named Cash Money, you think they would at least be smart enough to sign talent who didn't just throw away money. No, I take that back considering one of their hottest songs out is called "Money To Blow." Still, the point is that Bow Wow gave away more money than most American's make in a 5 years span over something as simple as a video game. And then they call it Hip-Hop news.

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  • Harry Richardson

    100k loss will hurt anybody, especially bow wow, he aint even done nothing in a while, you can see it in his face, took the little nigga a year to pay up, now im sure he realizes he is just a lil puppy

    • rieff

      dats what his dumb ass get coming with the bengals and game rolled with the patriots it should ve been doubled bow wow got molly whopp

  • Rogerdat

    YA YA B, please do share the story on how Dre made Brad Pitt??:D I need to hear this one,

  • peter cottonmouth

    LOL at bow wow. look at his face.

  • ya ya b

    bow wow is a baby, he is like 30 years old thou the funny thing is dre made him, dre is the fat man who gave him his shot in opening up for death row dre made bow wow, game,fiddy,eminem,jay z, pharell, timbaland, chingy, ludacris, lady gaga, papa can u hear me?, akon, t pain, birdman (baby) (oil tatoo), jay sean, young joc, obie trice, brad pitt holla at me if u want details on how he made these cats peace out ya ya b

  • V.I.A.H.W.

    i'll bust anyones ass in a game of madden that include's the two lames


    Good idea at the time hey bow wow ha ha

  • yo yo b


  • yo yo b

    i dont rate bow wow, the tweenager dont sell no records, i doubt he got much money either,, you know we do, dre is crap now, hes done 50 is done too eminem is the only cat from shady/aftermath empire that can still hold his own and push units the rest are finished dre selling his beats bullcrap 50 doin movies so they still gettin heavy paper i feel for the rest like yayo who prob aint even got 10000 in the bank also ca$his who prob aint even made no money yet G UNIT IS OVER BANKS IS THE ONLY SURVIVER BANKS ALBUM WILL DO 120K UNITS IN 1ST WEEK BANKS BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY HAS MADE THE CAT ALOT OF MONEY I BET

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  • woooah

    slow day??? I know you guys can do better and i cosign what Mr. Gimik said at least say dre and pharrel their exec. producing the album damn FORREAL STEP UR SHIT UP!!

  • mr.gimik


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