According to a report by, Cash Money’s Bronald Oil & Gas LLC may not be as heavy in the oil business as they claim.

Upon inquiring more about Bronald Oil & Gas LLC’s David Wethe hit a number of dead ends: a publicist for Birdman wouldn’t comment on the oil company, a phone number for Bronald Oil & Gas couldn’t be found, and alleged customer’s of the oil company could also not be reached.

On top of that, a number of energy company’s claim they have never heard of or worked with Bronald Oil & Gas.

Dan Pickering, the president of integrated energy investment and merchant bank Tudor Pickering Holt, revealed that due to the extreme costs of oil and gas wells Bronald Oil & Gas may just be involved in drilling projects.

“Which established operators they partner with will likely be a key factor of success,” Pickering explained to “One thing about being stars, they will have a higher profile than a regular energy start-up.”

Just a few weeks ago Birdman revealed in an interview with Ozone Magazine that he’s been in the oil business for years.

“I’ve been in the oil business about four or five years now,” said Birdman. “That’s something me and my brother decided to do outside of music. I read about oil a lot and I was able to get in business. [My company] is called Browner Oil, and I’m making good money off that.”

In other Cash Money related news, reports Lil Wayne had eight root canals in one dental session. On February 9, Wayne’s legal team requested his sentence be postponed in order to have the procedures done. Sources report Wayne’s eight-hour procedure included work on his bejeweled grill, having several tooth implants redone, the addition of several implants as well as some work on his remaining natural teeth.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office gave the Grammy Award winning rapper 10 days to recover from his surgeries during the postponement hearing. Lil Wayne is scheduled to be sentenced again on March 2.