Ras Kass Asks Fans To Donate $3,800 To Release Next Album

UPDATE: Ras Kass gets the funds for the new album in less than five days.

West Coast rapper Ras Kass has announced that he has almost completed recording the entirety of his upcoming full-length CD. The as-of-yet untitled project will include 18-20 tracks on a limited edition CD and Vinyl respectively, and will feature unnamed special guests.

The studio time for the album is funded by fans who supported his last release, The Quarterly. Much like his previous album, Kass will look to the monetary support of fans to help produce the physical CDs of the album as well as 500 vinyl records.

With the help of music lovers, the independent rapper hopes to raise $3,800 in the next 60 days. Depending on the range of money donated by each individual, Kass will give a special reward as incentive. For example, those who pledge $15 or more will receive a physical CD of the album, as well as a link and name on Kass' website, SavetheRasKass.com. Pledge $1,000 or more, and receive a limited edition set of lyrics to "Nature of the Threat," handwritten by Ras Kass, a signed CD and vinyl of the latest album, two limited edition t-shirts, a phone call from Kass, a "special producer" credit on the album, a shout out on the project, and free entrance to any Ras Kass performance this year. Go to KickStarter.com see other incentives.

Although there is no official date for the project, it is scheduled to drop this spring.

In related news, check the fan-created Endangered Lyricist mixtape/compilation of Ras Kass' best career work.

UPDATE: In the 48 hours since this story broke, Ras Kass revealed that the album will be called A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Spittin'), and will be produced by DJ Rhettmatic of The Visionaries. The two worked together over a dozen years ago on "E=MC5." Pre-orders can be purchased here, in the CD and vinyl format.

The former Priority Records emcee also revealed that with a $1,200 donation made to his project, he will record a brand new feature verse for your project. Ras Kass' feature verses have previously appeared on albums from Ice-T, Joell Ortiz and Xzibit.

UPDATE: Ras Kass exceded the $3,800 in less than five days after the news/announcement broke. The Carson, California emcee is said to be procededing with recording and releasing the album as planned.


  • djprisonmike

    Thats an interesting concept... check out this new dude signed to Famous stars and straps, EDDIE RAP LIFE. http://preview.tinyurl.com/yh9rybb

  • RhymnDymnd

    The Quarterly wuz straight heat if i had sum money i would donate to get this shit out there

  • Miztaklean

    With out Funding from our people where will the money come from? Major Record Company? No! Indie is taking over. Power to the people!

  • curtis


  • JD the Walker


  • dev

    lmao this dude cant find the funds to put his album out, so he askin his fans to bail him out.

  • Nico 2

    In response to the person who asked why is this not grindin... To me, starting your own label is grindin. Getting a debut album released is grindin. Getting five mics is grindin. Begging for donations is not grindin. Ras Kass has been around. It's not like nobody knows who he is. He worked with Dre. If he needs your $15.00 to basically bribe you into getting a copy of his music, he's gotta be one day away from becoming a greeter at Walmart.

    • STRK

      i dont get your definition of bribing - hes not paying people to hear his music lol (that would be bribing) , people are choosing to pay 15 dollars to hear your music (thats called selling your music)

  • Lima

    Some people on this thread are unbelievable. People bitch and moan about big labels and the lack of quality rap, but then clown on a dude that uses this type of model to raise funds and deliver good music. Get a life. Think before writing sheep-like comments.

  • mr.gimik

    the last time this bum had relevance in the game he was gettin knocked out by game lol and even then the only reason he was relevant at that moment was cus he got beatup by game.. much respect for what u did for hip hop at one time but damn homie u fell off when you gotta beg fans for help.....if u cant afford to put out records on your own hang up your mic. this is a bad look for a veteran

  • agsdga

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  • the illnovelist

    Hoodgrown, I've heard about what you speak of to an extent, and I'm all for supporting starving artists(After all, I'm one.), but Rass has been in the game for a minute, and not since Soul on Ice has he made anything worthy of my attention. Also, whether it works or not, I simply think it's a petty way to make dough.(That's my opinion.) I'd rather give my money to someone who has an actual "GOOD PRODUCT" to hand over, rather than forking up money for something that could possibly go terribly wrong. Plus, I get nothing out of it. If you want people to support you in this way, then there has to be something in it for them--an investment. A few people have spoken about it on here, and I agree. If you want your fans to pay a lot of money just so you can rock the mic, I'm sure they'd like to see some dollars too. The way I see it, he makes all the money, and we fans get a pat on the back and all the free stuff. Thanks. Now I can go back to my crap 9-5 job and be thankful that I've got free passes to the next Rass concert. FYI Selling crack works too, that doesn't mean it's a respectable path an artist should take.

  • sfes

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  • Cochise

    This cat still has fans...?

  • what...

    How are you a veteran in the game and struggling for studio time. This isn't about conformity. He doesn't know how to grind. And as for all this, rock artist do this, pop artist do this....this is hip-hop and its always been about grinding, expression, and coming up. PERIOD. The fans usually stop liking you once you've come up though and they go to the next poor person in sight until they make it. The reason Rass aint in it is because of Rass, not the game. Mos Def is completely relevant in the game. Techninque hasn't put out shit and is still relevant. Pharaohs have their name. It's not just about not being famous that makes you "real hip-hop". It seems like that's what I keep reading through out the years.

    • STRK

      wow... if only people would read the articles before they comment... the pledges are not for studio time - they are to basically preorder the album. By pledging 15 dollars you get an all new CD including shipping. You said that HipHop is about grinding - how is this not grinding?

    • what...

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-WImD5xkJQ great song by the way.

  • Nico 2

    And I thought only Haiti needed the relief. Alot of rappers are on indie labels, but don't beg for funding. Get a life coach.

  • -------------

    what a joke he is pimping himself what a hoe

  • moh112

    damn someone donated $1,200! the project is now 94% in just 5 days.

  • VProductions

    BUMP THE SHIT IN MY LINK http://www.youtube.com/user/VProductionsUTD

  • twoholla

    I co-sign wit 1NATRILLION...Ras may be a tight spitta but the dude always picks bad beats....now Rhettmatic is a solid producer & the project should be igood but ain't no on God's green Earth that I will pay more than 15.00 for a damn CD from Kass...if I even spend that...i'll first download for FREE...if it's FIRE...i'll buy it brand new to support...& FUCK a "special producer" credit...just make a banging album from beginning to end (closest to that was Soul On Ice)...& with this post...your punk-ass should have some of the songs to listen to...the last 5 or so leaked internet songs you've put out...have been from just 'ok to poor'...

  • Power Chypher


  • Power Chypher


  • Macy from the bar

    Yall give supposed to Rass some money fo I rip necks offa yo heads!

  • als_360

    Is this nigga that broke or something what the fuck donate, nigga is crazy and then you get limited edition handwritten song what the fuck. this nigga crazy

  • bob dobalina

    About to donate five bucks. If I make it 10, can I get Ras Kass to diss my ex girl?

  • h.y. @ CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

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  • chris fjf

    America obsessed with tiger?

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


    • h.y

      duke boy, you know have nothing but your moms food stamps, welfare checks, plus the occasional allowance, which you give to local check-cashing joints and rip-off white owned banks that give you a fraction of what your mom was owed by that check. So who are you callin dirt bag, slave nigga? get a job. love, your brother.

    • h.y

      duke boy, you know have nothing but your moms food stamps, welfare checks, plus the occasional allowance, which you give to local check-cashing joints and rip-off white owned banks that give you a fraction of what your mom was owed by that check. So who are you callin dirt bag, slave nigga? get a job. love, your brother.

  • I-rep

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  • Jarrold Taylor

    I think the concept is great. The asking price of only $3800 kinda of makes it look cheesy, because it is a number that Ras should have in his pocket. If the asking price was greater, say at maybe $25000 then it would seem more legit. Actually Public Enemy is using this concept at SellABand.com. They are asking for $250,000 and they have received pledges of over $67,000. This is actually the wave of the future it just has to be tweaked.

  • STRK

    Its crazy how people bash on major label situations, but when an artist goes as independent as possible, they somehow lose credibility to some people. Only in HipHop is it uncool to be honest and direct with your fans. Regardless, this is clearly made purposely for his fans, and they've already raised over 1000 dollars for that project with no details about it released at all. Keep Hating!

    • ljabarr

      What up Homie After reading your post I decided to go to the website and help a brother out. $15 is not much and maybe, hopefully, the CD will be banging. I was never really into Ras but I like the fact that Ras is keeping it real. Especially with so much fakeness in hip hop (you hear that officer Ross?).

  • WestSydeChi44

    I phucks with Ras Kass! I'll give that nigga some cheddar, I rather invest in a real lyricist than the bullshit that's being played on the radio. Nothing wrong with what he's doing. He's top 10 lyricist on my list anyway. Go hard Homie!

  • man the general TELLEM

    whoeva gets that special producer credit aint gettin pussy 4 or better for a long time and probably neva did

  • Jriggs

    I guess you all underestimate the power of real fans. Ras already has $831 pledged currently. Not only that, he has 59 days left. Check the website. Also, rock artists have been doing this for awhile now. This is nothing new. If you are a true fan like myself, you would help him out somewhat. If you pay the $15, you at least get a CD out of it. So basically, you are paying for your own CD to be manufactured.

  • EWEEZy

    maybe if i had a credit card i would go for the $15 cuz he's one of my top undergrounds and i hate to see him struggle. But he shot 3 videos for the quarterly so wtf is the problem?

  • wickwickwack

    Ras got the concept wrong he should ask us to invest not donate !

  • dcb123

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  • ljabarr

    Fucked up when a "some-what" famous rapper has to ask fans to donate $3800 to fund his career. I mean Rass is not Joe Blow from off the block tryna get his career popping. Homie can't get an indie deal on E1 or something?

  • The G From London

    Music is free. I dont care about the industry since 1999 and I download everything I want.

    • The G From London

      the eyez from the west coast. u must think ur big bitch. try and step in UK or even France and u will see a true banlieue. u stupid bitch. lets make it happen.

    • The Eyez

      Ya I hear ya. BUT TIHS IS INDEPENDENT YOU "G" from London. Wtf? I'll smack the shit outta you if you come to the West Coast talkin' about being a G from London and jack you for your tea and crumpits.

    • The G From London

      P.S. Busta Rhymes Extinction Level was my last CD I bought.

  • www.212DIAMONDCITY.com

    True definition of a fan, one who donates money to the artist to release an album. FINE DIAMOND JEWELRY AND WATCHES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES http://www.212diamondcity.com

  • Noni Bizz

    Somebody name a few artist that they would support and not ask any questions about it.... Go ahead i'll wait

  • YM

    i totally agree with hoodgrown. But the problem with hiphop is also, there are too much guys who think they can rap. Too much bullshitsongs/albums, thats why hiphopfans downloading all of it. Real fans support the artist they love to hear. Good luck Rassy!

  • 1naTrillion

    Hey everybody, im trying to raise money to go on Vacation! Anyone who donates $1000 will get a thank you note, handwritten by me, a signed post card for wherever I go, two t-shirts, a phone call from me, a "special producer" credit on my facebook and one free entry to my house anytime. Is it just me or DOESNT THIS SOUND RIDICULOUS?? Fuckin serious? I got $3800 FROM WORKING LIKE A MAN and if this fuckin joke of a rapper would get a job to go along with his "rapping career" he might be able to press some discs too.

  • Deebo Detroit

    its sad too that this dude has to ask fans to give him money when he's more talented then these bitch niggas makin lots of money right now

  • Deebo Detroit

    damn i wish i had a thousand dollars to help a nigga out cause thats a lot of dope shit ya feel me but we in hard times as a country right now so i might just throw 15 to get the cd

  • lang chung

    If this was the 90s i'd probably be up for it,but these days i can't think of who or anyone i'd do this for,but then again there's some who haven't been given a chance at all,there's some up comers doing there thing on the street that could do with the support,ras is now an og in this shit, his legend game should be more out there, he should have already drew in the interest's. but much respect to Ras for getting his hustle on at this time. It's not over till it's over so much love bro and do ya thing and i hope to God your new shit is tight

  • Drucifer1983

    If I had 1,000 to spare I'd donate just to see my name in the credits, I been a fan of dude since about 98 when Ghetto fabulous video came out But, we're in a recession lil buddy,lol *Ed Lover voice* C'mon son

  • peter cottonmouth

    Big Fan of Ras Kass I'll happily pay $15-$20 for a new album but a $1000? In Comparison I could get Jay-Z's Whole catalog on CD and Vinyl, tickets to his concert, plus a new wardrobe of Roc-a-wear! Just saying. When I pay $20 or more for an Artists album these days I feel like I should get a free T-shirt with it anyway. Damn Ras Kass, I want a t-shirt but a THOUSAND? A THOUSAND???

  • The Eyez

    I hear you Sonik, that is sort of a slap in the face about the jewelry in a sense. This particular situation isn't bad though. $15 is what an average cd can cost as it is unless you download it, so if you really are a Ras Kass fan/Hip Hop fan (yes, they coincide with eachother), then why not support it? You would rather support Lil Wayne's shit or any of that other stupid repetitive shit on the radio or MTV? I say if your one of those individuals who is mad on how the Hip Hop game has succumbed to ignorant music and want the original Hip Hop back, then support this. Ya were all broke, but we also enjoy good music. If you like a good steak once in a while instead of the usual Top Ramen, your gonna buy the fucking steak because you work your ass of in whatever you do. Support!

  • sonik420

    I understand what his plan is and the marketing behind this venture cuz trust me i am an educated person...but in all reality, i got student loans, utility bills, rent, and a billion other things to pay for so how can a rapper, as someone said below, who is wearing more on his neck then my car is worth, expect me to give him money to put out a cd. I BUY hip hop albums all the time, since when was that not good enough for a rapper? Its a recession dog, you need 3800 to make a cd, i need 30,000 thousand to pay off college...where do you think my priority is at?

  • fuckin loser

    step your game up you fuckin MYSPACE EMCEE

    • The Eyez

      Seriously this "Fuckin Loser" is like 15-18 years old. Your probably one of those cyber nerds who run home to check your myspace to see if those women wrote you back when you commented on a picture. Do your Hip Hop history on Ras Kass before you decide to display your shit for brains comments.

    • peter cottonmouth

      Go kill yourself Ras Kass is a king.

  • SMH

    Ima fan of dude but how do u expect me to help you out when you rockin an iced out necklace and bracelet????


    Its hard out for a lyrical rapper. Rassi is probably the most underrated rapper in the west and maybe in the whole game.

  • HoodGrown

    A lot of these post just show me how truly ignorant hip hop fans are. There's a huge music landscape beyond hip hop and a lot of them are trying different ways to market and promote they're work. Truly independent rock artists are trying a multitude of things to promote their music donations, pay what you want, and through sites like Sellaband and Kickstarter. The rock fans support them and like getting exclusives and such that the average fan can't get. They don't look at the artists as being "poor" or "fell off". They understand that it's a new way to promote. Why is it that hip hop fans seems to be so damned stupid and stuck in this box that there's only one way to market and promote music. In this day and age you should be willing to try anything and everything to get your music out there. Everyone in hip hop talks about how you don't need labels and it's great to be independent but when they put out their music they put it out in the same damn way a regular label would. What the fuck is the point of that????? You niggas line of thinking is just crazy!!!

    • the illnovelist

      Man, I'll buy the album. I"ll buy the concert tickets, and I will even buy t-shirts, mugs, etc.. But he's asking me to pay for his studio time. That's ridiculous! Picture Jay-Z asking for fans to donate just so he can cut an album. Rass, like so many other underground rappers, does not know how to market and promote his album. Asking people for money? He hasn't even made anything super tight. The catch is, I get a free t-shirt after dropping how much? A thousand plus dollars? That's not a "new way to promote". That's saying I'm too lazy to get a 9-5 job, so I can invest in my project, then ask fans to buy the album, buy the concert ticks, etc.. Brother Ali, Lupe, Slug, Canibus, they ain't making big bucks, but you don't see any of them on their hands and knees begging for dollars. Every smart businessman knows you have to have SOMETHING worth selling. Rass does not have a product. He has an idea that he wants fans to buy into. And all we get in return is a shout out on the album and some handwritten shit he wrote years ago? I'm not real hip-hop because I'd rather pay my bills than help a struggling rapper who obviously is trying to get out of working a shitty 9-5 just like me? Ha! That'll be the day. Fans are naive. They are paying for his name--not his product. Man, imagine if all "tight" struggling rappers started asking their fans for money. Everyone would be a rich, famous rapper.

  • da police

    wow you kiddin me homie, get the fuck outta here. its a recession, get robbed for 3800. go sell some crack and get ya money up. i mean dayummm

  • Boom Bye Yeah

    If one rapper could convince me to ante up, Ras Kass is one. Does every lil' bit help?

  • wickwickwack

    For those who never heard of this ...its a new way to promote or even finance a project It started in France where an independent label was promoting a project and they were surprised how much money they raised i think its a great idea to involve the fans,specially when u know u wont selling much

    • uzipolo king of decatur

      they also have sellaband.com that does this as well but with the INVESTMENT point of view where you get royalties/commissions from the cd when the albulm is put out on the market alot of famous and indie artist are doing this you have to give 25.00 to put up then wait till they get thier initial target budget then they give you all the bells and whistles like they all access websites shirts free mp3 downloads, etc. one group in particular who is doing this is PUBLIC ENEMY they have a 250,000 target and raised 67,000 already which is impressive but Public Enemy has always been on this type of marketing 10 years ago light years ahead of the game where you buy from them DIRECTLY its a hard sell but if fans are loyal then they will be millionaires in no time.. prince has done this as well says uzipolo king of decatur

  • nixnox

    You know, I see absolutely nothing wrong with what Kass is doing here...personally, if you are a true fan you will support this dude and that's just how I look at it...he is reaching out to his fan base and looking for hand to release a CD - this will show who is true fans are and who are not...just my opinion....peace.

  • romeceaser

    not hating, i just never heard of anyone doin that before. hope it doesnt start any trends http://hotfile.com/dl/28110757/f2d154a/So_Much_More-The_Mixtape.rar.html

    • HoodGrown

      No disrespect but you should pay attention what's going on in "MUSIC" as opposed to just hip hop. Rock artists have been doing this for a while and some have been quite successful. In this new age it seems like only rap artists are still trying to do things like is 2000. And they're not even the first rap artists to do this... Public Enemy just did this and raised $250,000 for they're project. It won't be a trend because everyone can't do this. It requires having a fan base that's actually willing to pay for your product. Ras Kass has that kind of a fan base. Most new artists don't. Another reason why experiments like what Radiohead and others are doing in the rock world don't work in the rap world is because hip hop fans would rather download than pay for albums.

  • Lee Majors

    Damn this nigga ras is starvin. Is this what happens to niggas thyat won't conform?

    • HoodGrown

      @What It so does means hip hop fans are ignorant. Hip hop has always been "the rebel" going against the status quo. These motherfuckers scream so much about being indie and the minute someone does something outside of norm the idiots come out spouting "damn he fell" because they're minds can't seem to grasp a different "marketing strategy". Yes rock and hip hop fans are rooted in entirely different cultures. Rock fans seem more loyal to their artists which is why after 50 years cats still love the Grateful Dead and the Beatles and still buy their shit like crazy. The same can't be said for hip hop where cats are either oblivious or don't respect those who laid down the roots for this shit. Hip hop has become fast food music. No substance. You listen to a song and next year it's done. No real reason to go back 2 years from now and listen to it again. Yea it's too different cultures but hip hop fans could definitely learn something from rock fans.

    • what

      Just because it worked in the realm of indie rock doesn't mean it will work in this one. If it doesn't, it doesn't mean its detractors are ignorant. I applaud Ras for experimenting with new business models, but experiments fail more often than they succeed. Independent rock and hip-hop/rap are rooted in entirely different cultures, which may prove to be the fatal variable in this equation.

    • what

      Just because it worked in the realm of indie rock doesn't mean it will work in this one. If it doesn't, it doesn't mean its detractors are ignorant; I applaud Ras Kass for experimenting with new business models, but experiments often fail. Independent rock and hip-hop/rap are rooted in entirely different cultures, which may prove to be the fatal variable in this equation.

    • The Eyez

      Good shit Hoodgrown. Open your eyes people. Support REAL Hip Hop. Ras been a Titan in the game since Soul On Ice. He is way overdue of royalties. All these other fags in the rap game exploiting Hip Hop need to be hit by a chariot.

    • HoodGrown

      No... it's just another way to promote. Rock guys have been successfully doing this for a while. But you're comment shows exactly why a lot of this new marketing stuff doesn't work in hip hop circles. Hip hop fans tend to be ignorant. Rock fans look at it as way to support their favorite artists and get something exclusive out of the deal... hip hop fans look at it as "oh he's starving" no wonder hip hop stays losing....

  • dcb30333

    NEW MUSIC eminem feat 50 cent and lil wayne! leak song come listen before they deleate my page song called (goon luv) copy and paste myspace.com/mroc303 www.myspace.com/mroc303

  • STRK

    Note that this is an independent project/mixtape not a regular album like the classic Soul on Ice or Rasassination. It will be a digital download accompanied by a limited edition run of CDs and Vinyls.

  • YoDawg

    Huh this dude must be struggling. It's a shame really. Soul On Ice is a fucking dope album..but you rise and fall..and it seems this dude kneeling on concrete begging for help. Rass kass..what the fuck happened?

  • WTF


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