Shyne Reportedly Signs Seven-Figure Deal With Def Jam

UPDATE: L.A. Reid flies to Belize to finalize deal resurrecting Shyne's Gangland label via Def Jam.

According to HOT97 radio personality Miss Info's webpage, multiple sources have confirmed that until-recently incarcerated rapper Shyne has signed a seven-figure deal with Def Jam.

After being deported to his homeland of Belize in October, a bidding war began for the rapper's services. Reportedly, Shyne turned down an offer from Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre at Interscope, in addition to others, in favor of teaming back up with L.A. Reid at Def Jam.

Miss Info also reported that Shyne has reportedly been working with Kyambo "HipHop" Joshua, who with Gee Roberson, also manages Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy, and other artists.

Island Def Jam Chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid flew into Belize's Phillip Goldson International Airport at 4:20 p.m. February 23 to personally sign Shyne to a multi-million dollar contract. The deal, reported to be worth upwards of $5 million, will bring the former Bad Boy emcee and his Gangland Records imprint back to Def Jam.

A previous deal with Shyne and Def Jam was stalled in 2004 due to complications with Shyne's legal documentation and a twisted interpretation of the federal "Son of Sam Law" which was originally created to keep felons from profiting from their crimes.

"I am here because great people are worthy of travelling many many miles for it and I come here to say that your country is great..." Reid told Keith Swift of News 7 Belize. "I hope you guys know that this is a great man from your country who deserves this kind of respect and who deserves this kind of support."

After being deported earlier this year, Shyne appears to have cleared all legal hurdles preventing him from recording again.

"It is an honour and a pleasure, not just for me but for Belize," the rapper noted. "Chairman Reid is on the level of Berry Gordy, Clive Davis, the biggest music men in the history of music, and so to have a partnership with Gangland Records and Island/Def Jam is incredible for me."


  • toby

    5 mil sounds exaggerated... i'm sure thats based on how his records peform

  • Nickel/Nine

    never really was that great so hopefully he refreshed his spit skills and got better


    Lol..1st i wana say congrats 2 shyne...i believe def jam know they invested in a good artist...its just funny 2me hw niggas can predict hw much da nigga gonna sell before they even heard the album or a single? Lol damn...i knw 80% of yall who posted comments is between 12-25 lyk dude said and yall dnt knw much bout classics do yall lol? i aint gona tell yall not to hate coz we all entitled to our "opinions" rite? I knw shyne gona bring dat raw street flava...i knw da streets gna love...da worlds gna love it...good music=good muney.i knw dats y def jam signed. Good look!!!

  • sactown

    shyne's gotta prove to me he can make a hot song without barrington levy

  • iilltown

    Po was dat dude and still is..Him being oversees might not work. 10yrs. has change..But da Hood's will still hold u down.

  • thetransfomerblaster

    i'll try to on the level as much as i possibly could. shyne skimmed just under great mc skill wise. his music ranged from good to "tonearsuperstardom". he isn't great but he's something you can work with from an executive standpoint. all this hype over shyne comes from the fact his first album is street classic, ( i said it shynes debut was a street classic, but niggas was sleepin) and duke really is a street nigga) so all this hype you hear from niggas is from the niggas who was around that era and really knew what was what. so now it's up to shyne to get on his p's and q's and maybe if defjam don't bullshit him, we might see some big shit go down.


    Shyne IS HOT GARBAGE,Def Jam needs a helmet,Damn retards!!

  • bmore01

    Hopefully I can look forward to some real music.....none of dat popcorn sh*t

  • Visions

    Everybody hating on Shyne are a bunch of busters!!! He Hasn't been good since he was with Bad Boy? Well Technically He's Only Been There!!!! His First Album Was A Classic...The Second Album was a filler Cd with Nothing but Old or Half Ass Made Songs...just to Capitalize off of His Buzz from the Shooting.But Really How Much Control Can You Have In Jail?

  • Peeyo

    Shyne is ok..but here is my questions: how do you convert to judaism, talk a whole bunch of religious shit, then expect to rap like a tough guy? Second of all, he will only see 7 figures if he meets specific conditions in his contract. They wont give him 7 mill just for signing. He has to make a whole lot of money for def jam before he gets a cheque.

  • real REAL talk

    OK so let me get this right... In TODAY'S CURRENT CLIMATE, you go and sign SHYNE to a $5million deal? And he CANT come into the US so no US tours? WOW. A little industry insider tip... LA Reid was already on the hot seat over there at Def Jam. If SHYNE doesnt sell, THIS move may push LA OUT! Them Russians (the ones who own Def Jam) want their money...

  • Nico 2

    In his prime, he only went gold. Expectations can't be high. Shouldn't be high.

  • da police

    shyne is one of the greatest rappers, i take that back , artist of our century. His first cd is a classic and his cd from jail was groudbreaking. this def jam venture will prove that he is the best mc ever in the game. ight give lil weezy a run for his money


    shyne aint been shit since he used to roll with bad boy records.....this is money well wasted.

  • agsdga

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  • Best Rappers

    Sorry, but is Shine worth all of this?

  • wesd

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  • Jerz All Day

    Get ya money, Po. Let the haters hate, get the money..

  • cleezy

    rappers alwayz get signed big like this and then there albums get pushed back so often that shyne probably wont even release an album til next year or something.. im tired of hearing all the hoopla; just make some music

  • Cash Mo

    Cant wait for the new SHYNE album to come out. DJ KHALKED is a wack as fuck for not putting SHYNE on the album (I lnow his flow was weak but still should have made the album) Wont be buying his album (VICTORY)

  • krime

    Shyne was killin shit b4 he went it!!! First album, 2nd album too... godfather buried alive was on cd player for a minute!! But that new khaled joint need to be put away in a vault!! LMAO I seriously think he was trying a new style on that song...That nigga aint stupid though.. I know he heard the feedback & was like,"I need to stick to the script from now on" LOL Good luck though shyne.. Dont let us down G

  • H-DUB

    5 Million USD is a lot of money these Days. I expect at least 2 Albums coming from Shyne this Year! One in late Spring, one around Christmas :) If the Producers are the right ones chosen, they will have the 5 Million back in their Wallets at the End of the Year, no Doubt !

  • kpanilaryea28

    i never really liked shyne that much but more power to the nigga. i hope his career excels and he makes it. idk bout signing him for seven figures though isnt that a mil? damn thats alot! six maybe.

  • Deebo Detroit

    hes not about to sell at all

  • Harry Richardson

    Dude was just average 10 years ago, Diddys beats made his shit hot, his voice was annoying, dont understand ivesting that kind of doe in such an unproven artist

  • Atl Ryder

    To INSANEMACBETH: Every artist has a label imprint and no one is getting 7 figure deals in this climate. It's just a brand. It doesn't get him more money or a higher percentage. The amount is not true.



  • Atl Ryder

    also 7 figure deal in this day and age for an old school rapper is nonsense publicity.

  • Atl Ryder

    The game has changed so much in the past 10 years since he went away. Like it or not the 12-25 has always been the foundation of hip hop. He has to start over with them. They dont know him or he is old school to them- which is worse. The over 30 crowd who remembers shyne and saying he gonna take over, etc. Will not support enough for him to make a successful return. He needs the 12-25 year olds.


    Its about time, i cant wait till syne starts eating these wack rappers up !! FINE DIAMOND JEWELRY AND WATCHES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES

  • Lee Majors

    Shyne will brick all day , will never sell significant numbers

  • wickwickwack

    Shyne used to be dope ...maybe he still is but if not ...all you need is a ghostwriter i m sure defjam will find one

  • Shaesteel

    shynes first album with bad boy was awesome i still bump bonnie and shyne and a couple other tracks from that album... hopefully he can finally get it together and drop a dope album

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    He did the right thing with turning down Dr Dre on Interscope Records. That label takes way too long. His album would've sat on the shelf for like 4 years lol. Congratulations on the new deal.

  • BU


  • Drucifer1983

    If shyne does make a comeback, it'll be in the same way that 50 cent did, he'll only blow up because of his life and not his music, cause his music is, and always was, mediocre on a good day I can already hear the fans: "Yo, my nigga shyne is dope son" "Ya, what you like about him" "My nigga shot up the club son " "Whats your favorite song by him" Pause "Yo, my nigga shot up a club son!!!!!"

  • icu ucme

    Good for him.....good for hip hop.

  • INOA

    Is funny how real niggaz get shot down in the rap game by today's corny fans. For the last 10 years while Shyne was eating his bid for really banging for what he thought was a friend. All ya was dickriding a snitch (50 Cent), riding with fake bloods (DipSet), and hyping so called best rappers, who are far from being close to the best (Wayne & Drake). Shyne is the definition of everything your favorite rapper talks about living and could only dream of being. I congratulate Shyne for his new deal with Def Jam. Well deserved my dude. Kill these weaklins

    • Mediocre at best.

      srsly? when you look at today its not about who battles the best or who has the best lyrics - its about who sells the most - and this nigga wont sell.

    • NC RYDER

      Smart post my nigga..

    • SKilo V

      Its rare you seem someone say something real in these comments. I spark this blunt for you my nigga...and dump the ashes on these flip flop hip hop fans. Even though I have to disagree on 50. Even though 50 can be boring now...98-03 50 Cent was good music.

  • bussygreen

    i could not care less about what he did - the bredrin spit fire and will again!!! with Hova at the controls....wwwwoooooo!! diddy take notice!!

  • peter cottonmouth

    I want this album to be murder death kill style! how about some hardcore?

  • YM

    Hopefully Defjam will support that Meth/Rae/Ghost album for some promotion, instead of this rapper who had been a weak re-introduction (on that Khaled leak)

  • mikeintx361

    i dont know... i heard him on that khaled shit, and he sound rustier than a motherfucker. but hopefully he shakes it off and makes a comeback.

  • wolfman

    Dudes' got a lot of hype to live up to you. Just one favor, please NO "I'm back" style anthem.. Just continue where you left off.. IN DA CLUB!

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