Diddy Speaks On His Success, Talks Of Opening A School

Sean "Diddy" Combs interviewed with CNN about his success over the years, hopes to open a business school.

In a candid video interview with CNN, Bad Boy mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs talked with Steve Perry about his achieved success. The entrepreneur addresses young people, and states that he tries to "lead by example".

Notably one of the richest businessmen in Hip Hop, Mr. Combs has managed to hold down being a father to six children all while running Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide, including Bad Boy Records, Sean John clothing line, a movie production company, two restaurants, and a role as performer slash producer, just to name a few.

Diddy also recently announced to Wolf Blitzer while filling in on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 that he is hoping to start a school. “I want to have an academy that’s known for building leaders. I feel that’s one of the things I can have an impact on."

The Making The Band executive producer is also slated to release his fifth studio album, Last Train To Paris, in March 2010 via Def Jam’s Interscope Records.


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  • Rachael5922

    I would take classes. If they were online. I couldn't afford to fly or drive or w/e to wherever his school would be. I think Donald Trump tried this once, and didn't do so well, but why would someone think that Mr. Combs could not be a teacher of knowledge, he knows the media and music industry like the back of his hand, he has tips that are worth thousands. I would definitely look into this. This is not a sell out, this is a education tool. If your to stupid to see this, i bet you don't even go to school

  • hater's hater

    "P. Diddy's School 4 Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too" lol @ the classic zoolander shit LMAOOOO

  • Really?

    I see the humor in this that everyone has but, dude would just be the money behind it i'm thinking (i'm hoping). So if he gets a real dedicated experienced educational administration and the school is for those in need I don't think it will be a bad thing.

  • Puff Daddy

    P. Diddy's School 4 Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

    • mitone

      we kno some folks going to college are still learning to read.. real talk ..we must teach them from young,with WHAT EVER intrest them...A great man puts his name on a building ..that you mr. COMBS.. tony aka MITONE..

  • bedouin

    Class schedule : 8-9:15 - Dancing like a douchebag 9-30-10:15 - How to loop 80s pop records 10:30-11:15: Exploiting Culture for Profit 12:00: Lunch ($150 per plate - cheesecake extra $20) 1:00 - Home ec. with Martha Stewart 1:45-2:30 - Gay Fashion with Fonzworth 3-4:00 - Ghostwriting

  • sundown

    Diddy's business schools first lesson, find someone way more successful and talented than you and ride their back as long as you can even after their death

    • mitone

      you gotta let it go ..this mans tryin to show you a better future ..wake up your people ,take stand aganst OPRESSION ...BIG WOULD

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  • cjrocker

    I'd be embarrassed to send my kids to a school of his.

    • mitone

      you never suported black people you just hold them back like the opresser--- (in my pimp smooth voice) NOW GO GET MY MONEY

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