Black Dynamite Releases To DVD, Announces Adult Swim Series

Scott Sanders' film drops Tuesday with special features, he also tells DX an animated show is coming to Cartoon Network.

One of 2009's most cult-championed films, Black Dynamite, is now coming to DVD. On February 16, Scott Sanders' film starring Michael Jai White will release on DVD. Within the special features of the film, filmmaker and cast commentary, deleted/alternate scenes and a Comic Con featurette are included.

Sanders told HipHopDX Friday his message to the public about the film. "Please buy my DVD so that I can eat on a regular basis," said the writer/director.

He also included that the Black Dynamite franchise will be coming to Cartoon Network this year, with an animated series already in production.

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  • tizzle

    Can't wait to cop this, I intentionally didn't download it because I wanted to support this film. I've been hearing so many great reviews from it. Wish the idiots in their distribution pushed it harder while it was in theaters.

  • Keezie

    I showed about 5 people that movie & watched it the whole way through every time. Best comedy of the year in my book. I'm glad Michael Jai White finally got one off. Didn't have to be as high budget as Spawn to make that kind of impact. A lot of good cameo's paired with skits that poke at Blaxploitation films of the past make this a must see. My mother couldn't tell if this movie was from her day or not for a while until she recognized some of the actors. Very well done. "Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you Little Richard!"

  • I_Am_Beast

    Either your info is wrong or the retail stores in my area got the movie early. I saw copies of it on shelves on friday night/Saturday morning. Either way, that animated series sounds great, I'll most certainly watch it.

  • Diamondlover

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  • Sasori

    Hell yes!! I first heard of this when i saw the soundtrack on Itunes awhile back. Everybody seems to be raving about this film so i'm excited to pick this up.

  • Friend or Foe

    Black Dynamite was the muthafuckin truth. Super funny. You can watch it over and over. Definitely putting on projector at the next house party.

  • ShortFuse_BKS1Radio

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  • Nada

    Black Dynamite def top 3 of 2009. " They Live and We Sleep, You Starve and They Eat !!! "

  • AngryJoe

    I hope by Cartoon Network he means Adult Swim. That plus finally a new season of The Boondocks will be dopeness.

  • It's Um

    hopefully i'll get that from netflix tuesday.


    Black Dynamite was the best movie I saw last year. That shit was Stupid funny.If the cartoon looks like the end credits of the movie I'll be watchin' that as well.

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