Malice Talks Internet Blogging, Upcoming Book

One half of Clipse emphasizes the importance of the Internet, and describes the content of his forthcoming autobiography.

The Clipse recently released their third commercial album 'Til the Casket Drops,' which was somewhat of a departure from the music the duo is recognized for recording. The album pushed 62,000 units, and group member Malice explains that a lack of New Media application may have contributed to low numbers on the group’s previous effort, Hell Hath No Fury.

"It’s all about utilizing the Internet, and we really weren’t into that the first time around," he admitted. "There’s really no better way to expose yourself and get that publicity. We like to be one with the fans because they stay on the Internet. We see the bloggers—they always have something to say about the music…"

He also said that the use of his own blog is helpful in distinguishing his own life from the one he lives through his music. "Well, I’ve got a blog, It’s showing a lot of the intellect and food for thought behind the things we’ve seen dealing with this music game.  We like to show both sides of the game. We don’t just paint the glorious picture of the game with us making a lot of money saying, ‘Everything is just great.’ You should let your fans, the younger generation and anyone aspiring to be in this game, know the full spectrum."

To better explain the relationship between his personal life and the music industry, Malice will be releasing an autobiographical book highlighting the dynamic. "So the book is definitely a very detailed look inside my life and the effects the industry has had on me. Hopefully people take something away from what I’ve learned, and it’s something to look out for."

There's no word yet on when the book will drop.



    streets wont checkn fo no clipse! im from va beach &dese boys been mo quiet than church mouses since lord willin! how he gone blame the lack of new media application when the dam internet is what made re-up gang a big deal and put clipse ass back in hiphop conversations? re-up gang the mixtapes series nigga! i know clipse be acting like forgot bout that movement but they cant!! re-up gang was made on line! i read & downloaded every reup tape i have from online! therefore it aint lack of new media that killed dese boyz but karma!! U DO DIRT U GET DIRT!! B.G HAD NO PROBLEM SELLING GOTDAMN 90,OO 1ST WEEK WITH E1..CLIPSE BLEW IT! NO COMING BACK FROM THIS DEATH BLOW--THAT U DELT YOURSELF!

  • Treeece

    VA is real.

  • Treece

    VA is real.

  • sherrod336

    that was better than half the "rap" movies that have been out the last 5 years and it was only like 8 minutes long LOL

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