Drake, Lebron James To Throw All-Star Weekend Event

The Young Money artist and the Cavaliers' guard will team up to host a party event during the NBA's All-Star Weekend.

With the NBA's All-Star Weekend event nearing, some of the league's players are gearing up to make the annual occasion as memorable as possible. Cavaliers small forward Lebron James will pair up with Young Money artist Drake to host the All-Star Celebrity Experience on Friday, Feb. 12 in Dallas, Texas at the AMPM Lounge. Drake previously appeared on the collaborative effort "Forever," which was featured on James' 2009 documentary, "More Than A Game." The event is scheduled to have four as-of-yet unnamed but well-known deejays, and guest celebrities.

The NBA All-Star Game will tip off on Feb. 14 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. James will start for the East alongside fellow NBA players, Allen Iverson, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, and Kevin Garnett.


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  • Haitian the Hater

    Drake is overrated. So he raps about his emo relationships with groupies and dealing with fame ( from a canceled tween soap opera). Fame...right. I'm a child star that says negro slang, makes references to my cars, and I lived in the suburbs my whole life. I'm so complicated. Nah Gary Coleman got spit too then. What about Webster? LOL Lil Diggy rappin too. All we want from you is pictures of your sisters naked. OK. Handle that and then you can speak. All you losers criticizing rap and don't buy music. Keep it up. I like that, that some indirect hate. Now if you'll excuse me, Wyclef needs me to fix some paperwork for him. Starving people don't need money, they never had it.

  • toby

    drake.... what can you say, lucky he made it http://watchthishiphop.blogspot.com

  • wmike2140

    2 Up And Comin Young n***as Out THe Bronx Better Den Half Da s**tRap n***as Put Out Now Adays Take a Look And Let Me Kno Wat Yall Think!!! Nino Nellz & Kinga Jones!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9u_wLU5OSY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDnXvT5X4Nw


    lol at lebron as a small forward. on a side note, y is drake and lebron hosting a party news. dx need to get right

  • michael hanshaw

    drake i ain't madd atcha get yours fuckk hip hop lol

  • Dab

    I'm starting to think Drake is the luckiest rapper EVER. I can't think of anyone who got this much love from mainstream media BEFORE having an album. HOLD UP! Dallas Cowboy staduim? Is the alstar game that big? They were in Houston a few years ago and it was held at the Toyota Center where the Rockets play

    • Atl2Trill

      His momma is an entertainment lawyer and his dad is a music producer. He grew up well off and he's another product that's being forced upon the masses basically. He's an okay rapper to me and nothing special.

    • Lima

      Co-sign. Luckiest rapper of ALL TIME.

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