Kanye West Snubbed By George Clooney Haiti Telethon

UPDATE: MTV rep tells Us Magazine that Kanye West invited to the event, and yesterday's reports are false. Jay-Z and Will Smith are now involved.

Kanye West's outspoken reputation has left him on the outside looking in, says the gossip site Popeater. Tomorrow, celebrities from various mediums will partake in a George Clooney-hosted telethon to raise aid and relief for last week's tragic earthquake in Haiti, a disaster that has reportedly taken the lives of nearly 200,000.

Not invited was Kanye West, who previously stirred controversy when he said, then-United States President "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Someone on the production staff spoke to Popeater, and cited that 2005 incident, as well as the MTV Video Music Awards incident with Taylor Swift last year as reason enough to not include the Chicago superstar.

"Kayne [sic] has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it's just not about him," said the anonymous "producing partner."

The special, airing tomorrow evening on all major networks, including MTV, will however feature on-site reporting in Haiti from Wyclef Jean. The onetime Fugees front-man and prolific producer has raised over one million dollars in aid in less than a week.

UPDATE: Today Us Magazine reports that yesterday's quotes were not a factual. A new, but again nameless rep spoke to the leading Pop culture magazine and said, "That's absolutely not true. We did reach out to Kanye." The new facts come with additional information that says Will Smith, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Alicia Keys have now also pledged their support to tonight's event.

The telethon is airing on networks at this time (3:03 pm EST)


  • Dr Sophia Hudson

    Enough Is Enough. Ok, the United States has raised over 528 Million (Headline) “Help Haiti Exceed $528-Million, Chronicle Tally in Philly. “ Now we did more than any other country and it’s time to collaborate right in the United States and help clean up our own backyard. There is a Reverend, named Trey Noran in the Denver area that has a desire to open two homeless hotels, his web site Hislovestreetministries.com I read and heard of this man from face book and just last evening on WCAN Radio. My suggestion is that George Clooney followers and other Stars assist Reverend Noran right here in this country. Dr. Sophia Hudson

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