Jay-Z Refutes Illuminati Rumors, Talks Beanie Sigel Disses

Jay-Z tells Ed Lover how he feels about fallout from the "On To The Next One" video and being dissed by Beanie Sigel.

The 2010 calendar year got off to an interesting start as Jay-Z premiered his Swizz Beatz-assisted video, "On To The Next One" at the stroke of midnight on January 1. Soon after the premiere, people took to various message boards and social networking sites to question if images from the video were in reference to the occult or other secret societies. One of the images in question was a Crucifix placed between two bullets (see below). The response was so overwhelming that artists not even remotely connected to the song spoke up in Jay-Z's defense. In a recent interview with Ed Lover, Jay-Z spoke on the mild uproar.

"I got a lot of money," Jay-Z offered. "You know when people get a lot of money, they start getting those rumors like Tom Cruise and Will Smith. That's ridiculous; that's crazy to me."

After again denying any kind of occult affiliation, Jay-Z added, "I think I need to remind people I'm from Marcy Projects. You can't get into those prestigious clubs. I can't even get into the golf club in Palm Springs."

When the subject of perceived beefs from 2009 came up, Jay also admitted that he was somewhat surprised that his former protege, Beanie Sigel, aligned himself with 50 Cent and began making diss records.

"Rap music is competitive by nature, so nothing suprizes me anymore," Jay said, in reference to the one-sided beef. "I can honestly say that one was a shocker. When you're cut from a certain cloth, there are things that are off limits. If you cross that line, it puts you in a different box. It comes from the same thing. I think people are running out of ideas and it's all marketing at this point. In the beginning it was competition. It was just like, 'Lets see who's better. Let's go to the square and see who's better.' It's all just marketing now. That's their whole marketing plan--Jiggaman.

Beanie has since stated that he thought 50 Cent used his statements against Jay-Z to further promote his latest album, Before I Self Destruct. Meanwhile, Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 tour continues on, and he says he's "got a bunch of ideas" but isn't sure if he'll release another full-length album in 2010.


  • GBoogie

    its ironic that jay uses will smith and tom cruise as examples in this interview because both are well known "scientologist" and that "religion"is nothing of the The Lord and Savior. The founder of this religion is actully a polished up occultist. Just as the New KKK and Nazi them "devils" dont wear sheets and mask and shaved heads anymore.They are clean cut whiteboys looking like the average ppl we see daily (via television)but they preach hate.Jay also know he rock Boule'Elite t-shirts and even distributed Roc-a-wear clothing with every occult symbol on it and at the bottom of it says "Masters of the Craft". In the song FreeMasons, Rick Ross lyrics clearly admits to his envolvement and Jay still while denying the devil talks alot of rubbish.I think Jay really needs to realize that he will answer for the souls he assisted to hell should I say.And I am no Saint well actually I am being from New Orleans...lol but real talk I've came to know better. Dont think i cant relate to Jay.I am also entertainer thats has my own company that is manifesting in front of my own eyes and im proud to say im doing it alone.So i guess i said that to say this,I know 1st hand what these ppl are involved in.

  • braby

    Jay said "Jesus can't save you, life starts when the church ends", and rocks a sweatshirt that says "do what thou wilt", associated with an atheist. Now the "On to the next one" video. Connect the dots people!

    • I speak Truth

      There's alot of Confusion & Deception in the world. (Ecspecially here in America) You wanna know what's really scary, about today's society compared to America & these middle eastern countries who are OBVIOUSLY out of Control? You wanna know what the BIG SAME difference is?!? The big same difference is is that us Americans are more sneaky about what we do. And we try to hide & cover everything up. Trust noone. This is seemingly a nation & generation of LUKEWARMNESS. (black & white mixed together) I mean the WEATHER can't even make up its mind about what it wants to be anymore, because of us! Even the Weather is Lukewarm here! We are a Lukewarm national generation. All we ever do is put on fronts & cover ups, talk about anything & everything, deceive & hide things from people. & GOOD & EVIL FORCES COME TOGETHER HERE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. It's like we ALL where masks! You wanna know another difference between us & the majority of the chaotic middle eastern people?? The difference is that at least we know what to expect out of them! (the people over seas) today's society of America is that we are a generation of the back stabbers, & back biters, & fake people who are luke warm & where masks, & deceive. That's why there's a SECRET society here called the free masons. I mean if you think about it, alot of people won't admit that they've done some really bad things...that they've sold their souls to satan, & etc...Because they don't want people to judge them, & they want to keep their fans who are already deceived. They don't want to lose fans. Bottom line.

  • damoneyman

    fuck the illiminati fuck jay z fuck the frre masons and fuck anybody dat support they shit jay z know wat da fuck he doin or he would have stopped as soon as the rumors fuckin started so eat a dick and get a gun!!!!!

    • Shawn Brown

      Theres no such thing as the ILLUMINATI, thats a little conspiracy theorist fairy tale bedtime story....Craziness, plus we shouldnt speak on matters we dont know about or have any direct affiliation or proof.

  • Nedz

    You people need to understand that the idea of illuminati and free masons is not the same thing. There's few lodges in my small country (in Europe), freemasonry is not so popular here. Jay-Z may be a free mason, but no chances of him being behind agenda of illuminati (if it exists) because you have to be in one of 12 families tree (so called rules says that). get it? that's why he says he has no chances to be in THAT CLUB because he is from Marcy Projects. And no secret about how to becom freemason.. just google it.. damn. I've been reading and watching about those societies enough (i believe) to understand what is what, and you know, I actually enjoy music video of On To The Next One, it's a piece of art if you understand signs ;))




      dnt matter where your from matters wat u support & where your going

  • sharmin

    Omgee i dont know what to think . jay-z is the man to me ! i hope he isnt involed in that illuminati crap cause if so my respect is lost ..... im out !

  • smart one

    u ppl are stupid to think jay-z is part of the illuminati, you can't take his videos and lyrics to seriously hes just a cocky man who has no idea what he is showing in his videos and doesnt understand the symbolism

    • Jazz

      no your stupid to think he's not.....deception is a bitch get the wool from over your eyes

    • LaTonya

      Are you serious? Jay-Z is very intelligent. Please don't let the Marcy Projects comment fool you. This man is a billionare running several businesses. He knows what's up and he knows exactly what every symbol in those videos mean.


      obviously your the stupid one if you think this grown ass rich ass man dont know anything about the illuminati.. so you actually think he jus shows freemasonry symbols and support hatred & violence for entertainment?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • kimberly

    u should go to hell

  • Simple

    Well, if god exists he'll surely stop the new world order dont you think?

  • Rapture67

    Having read all of your comments on this article, the Illuminati are just getting what they want.... Us argueing, us fighting eachother instead of uniting one another into love, peace and harmony. Fear, anger and hatred only feed the ultimate goal of the New World Order. If Adolf Hitler (who was an agent of the Illuminati and the New World Order) never ever existed, would you believe me when I'd tell you this very minute, people in the unknow, that within a couple of years someone (or a group of people) will cause a genocide of millions and millions human beings? Please stop being ignorant, and teach yourself about secret societies, massamind control and the New World Order. Jay-Z has already sold his soul, don't you do the same! Don't let them succeed! Love and peace to you all.

    • Jesicca

      Hi I believe you about the illuminati i have alot more info write me back please

    • MiMi Loves Truth

      well said!!!!!! the truth sets us free!! unfortunately its gettin a lil late to wake folks up.. ppl want to live n a fantasy.

    • Goldwatchin

      Are you high? It comes down to common sense. People like to contrive conspiracy theories and you have been sucked into their appeal. Yes, there are Free masons, but a New World Order and modern day Illuminati built on fear, anger, and hate? Be real. Also, Jay-Z selling his soul to the Illuminati. You are ridiculous to think he is in part of your "New World Order." The man is a rapper. He writes lyrics that rhyme over rhythms with a heavy beat. An evil genius looking to take over the world? Leave it to the cartoons.

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