Crooked I Warns Benzino: "Calm Down."

After seeing the Benzino video directed towards Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I has released a video statement regarding the feud, sheds light on why it started.

Recently, Benzino put out a video dis of a track directed towards Royce Da 5'9". Wasting little time, Crooked I has now released his reaction to the feud in video form.

"You're talking too much, homie. You're doing too much. There's only a couple ways to get out of a beef. You might as well squash this shit," he says in the video. 

He also sheds light on what may have started the beef.

"I know you was mad because [Slaughterhouse] didn't do the motherfucking interview with your magazine. But, that was some other shit. You know what that was about. You shouldn't have even spoke on it or caught feelings, nigga. If you're a real gangster, you don't catch feelings over that shit. You're thinking with your emotions right now."

Reacting to guns in Benzino's video, he says there was no need for that.

"Calm down, homie. It's not about all that bullshit...I got love for Boston. Don't go there, man. You went too far showing motherfucking pistols and all that type of shit. That shit's not gangster. That shit is called incriminating yourself. That shit is not gangster."

Adding a warning of sorts, he also calls for an end to the feud.

"If you respect me, nigga, you will stop all that. If you don't respect me, it's going to go where it gotta go...My nigga Nickel, that's my nigga and I'm not going to let no nigga talk foul about my nigga, ever."

"It's not going to be pretty, homie. It's goin' to be ugly...It's not worth it...You know me. I know you...Fuck that shit. Don't let the internet get you caught up in some shit. You don't have no problem with Slaughterhouse, nigga. Slaughterhouse ain't ever did nothing to you. You have no problems with Slaughterhouse. Do you. We'll do us. That's it."

Adding more about the origin of the feud, he brings up the interview again.

"You already know the politics behind the reason why the Slaughterhouse interview didn't go down on your motherfucking magazine. You know all that, dog. Just keep that shit like it's supposed to be...You know what I'm talking about homie."



  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Crooked Brown Eye is a sellout,he is not tough at all,Royce is an idiot loudmouth drunk who thinks he controls a gang ,what gang? He is in no gang EM would never do business with somebody that has REAL gang affiliations it is not good for his company,these gays are fakes and Ortiz is the worst he is the "Fat Boy" of the group,rapping about food and enforcing the stereotype of dumbass Puerto Rican.

  • kellzo

    Wtf are u talkin' 'bout?

  • cashking187

    watched this Crooked i benzino beef since the beginning and anyone whod belive this benzino faggit is a dipshit. FUCK benzino! Fuck that punk ass bitch motherfucker! wont even capitalize his name cause this bitch doesnt deserve any respect! eat a dick! Crooked i is the realist rap to hit the streets in fucking years! treat yourself motherfuckers, this motherfucker has NEVER put out bunk shit! ANYTHING this dudes touched is sick...REAL TALK....would slap bitchzino as gift to Crook. get at me! Saw an interview w FunkMaster Flex where dude says "do you have a benzino album? girl says ive never heard a benzino song. dudes a joke fucking lucked out somehow and should put that chopper in his mouth and let er go.Later bitchzino! Crooked just keep doing you....CashKing187

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