Lupe Fiasco Featured in History Channel Documentary

The People Speak, a new documentary, is set to be shown on The History Channel this December. Among many of the featured guests and artists, Lupe Fiasco is slated to make an appearance.

Howard Zinn's The People's History of the United States created quite a few headlines upon its release. Now, the book has inspired a new documentary to be shown on The History Channel. The film wasn't only inspired by Zinn's work, the author also acts as a co-executive producer.

Lupe Fiasco (pictured with Howard Zinn) has been announced as an artist that will be featured in the documentary. According to a press release, he'll be accompanied by a long list of other artists. Don Cheadle, Bruce Sprinsteen, Eddie Vedder and Marisa Tomei are all said to be featured in the film.

In addition to Zinn's book, this film was inspired by Voices of a People's History by Anthony Arnove.

The documentary is set to be shown on The History Channel December 13, 2009 at 8p.m. EST.

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