Just as Run-DMC and EPMD [click to read] have made their trademarks fashionable again through licensing and distribution deals, another beloved ’80s Hip Hop outfit, The Fat Boys [click to read] has done the same.

Announced earlier this week by Fat Boys manager Uncle Louie, the group’s shirts will be distributed through national chains such as Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic. In addition, the group wants fan opinions. They have created a page through RateMyMerch.com [click to read] to rate the potential designs that will be appearing. Participants can win an assortment of prizes, from iPods to Virgin Mobile phones.

With our clothing line hitting Hot Topics and Urban Outfitters just in time for the holidays, we’re real excited be back and of course, this merchandise line in old school sexy! It’s an exciting time for us, for Uncle Louie and for OriginalFatBoys.com,” said Prince Markie Dee, now a popular Florida radio deejay, after a stint as a Columbia Records executive.

Kool Rock-Ski
added with an air of humor, “These shirts are tight! And I don’t mean tight ’cause we fat, this joint is off the hook. We got the original shirts from our world tours in the ’80s and some fresh new styles. We got so many styles we need help picking which ones to go with.
The famed group’s present manager Uncle Louie closed in saying, “This marks a milestone in our comeback and the fruition of our ‘labor of love’. We’ve just inked a deal to perform at Fox Theater in Detroit and it’ll be an opportunity for us to perform for the first time in +20 years and a chance for fans to see us and get a Fat Boys Tour shirt. Like Rock Man said, we need the fans to help narrow down the selection and in the process, win free shirts, Apple iTouch’s, pizza and Virgin Mobile phones.

The group currently doing spot dates, and planning a Fat Boys Weekend for 2010.