Tha Aw Yeaz

These aspiring producers from New Jersey might be the first to admit that they've got God on board, and the boards.

Sometimes acts or musical collectives come around that are just overall likable. They just come with an energy and positive influence that is tough to turn away. In a business that is as fickle as the music business, these attitudes are rarely held and even rarer sincere.

This is why a group such as the Aw Yeaz stand out, headed by producer Persuazion, the four person collective just feels like a family unit. Not only that, they seem to approach everything with a sort of joy. Some would call this naivety at its finest, because the industry usually digests this and leaves a cynical shell, but just talking to them leaves you with a feeling that just maybe, just maybe, they have what it takes to bring some fun back to the music industry. After winning an iStandard Producers competition, a partnership with HipHopDX in New York, Tha Aw Yeaz earned their place in DXnext.

Name: Tha Aw Yeaz.

Hometown: Union, New Jersey.

Early Influences: "First and foremost, God. That

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