Sometimes acts or musical collectives come around that are just overall likable. They just come with an energy and positive influence that is tough to turn away. In a business that is as fickle as the music business, these attitudes are rarely held and even rarer sincere.

This is why a group such as the Aw Yeaz stand out, headed by producer Persuazion, the four person collective just feels like a family unit. Not only that, they seem to approach everything with a sort of joy. Some would call this naivety at its finest, because the industry usually digests this and leaves a cynical shell, but just talking to them leaves you with a feeling that just maybe, just maybe, they have what it takes to bring some fun back to the music industry. After winning an iStandard Producers competition, a partnership with HipHopDX in New York, Tha Aw Yeaz earned their place in DXnext.

Name: Tha Aw Yeaz.

Hometown: Union, New Jersey.

Early Influences: "First and foremost, God. That