Legend, DJ Nice & Torae - Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Fresh off his debut album "Daily Conversation" and readying his upcoming project with Marco Polo, Brooklyn's Torae reintroduces himself with a slew of freestyles, unreleased tracks and guest spots. Featuring Skyzoo, Chaundon, Supastition, Emilio Rojas and more!

Heard It All Before f. Emilio Rojas & Tiffany Paige, Merchant Of Dreams f. Skyzoo & The Embassy, The Takeover f. Kil Ripkin, Uncomfortable, Shake It Off f. Kam Moye & Tanya Morgan, Crash, No Where No More f. Eternia & Ms. Davis, Higher Learning (Unreleased), Told You That f. Chaundon, I Dont Care f. Nefew, T.I.M.E. f. The Coalescence, 3 Kings f. Skyzoo & Chaundon, Lick The Balls, Best Out f. Skyzoo & Draftpick, Good God, New Blood f. Emilio Rojas / Skyzoo / Fresh Daily, Broken Dreamz f. KomiKa, Rise Up (Unreleased), The People f. Esso, Hip Hop f. Punchline & Stick, Gettin Money f. Magnif, Promises f. Kil Ripkin, It's All Over f. Supastition / Dan Johns / Finale

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