Someone Like Me,
No Thrillz,
Inside Of You,
The Boom Bap Symphony,
Place On Earth,
A Night In The City (Feat. Caas Swift),
Love Me Now,
Smokers Break (Feat. Caas Swift & D. Wayne),
Champion of Life,
Ones (Strip Club Crush),
Fli City’s Finest (Feat. Blue City Club & The Real Slacker & Mickey Wallace, & Lyric Da Queen),
Everything (Feat. Josh Holleman & Craig Owens),
Gonna Make It (Feat. Freeway),
Church On The Move (Feat. GLC & Caas Swift & D. Wayne),
Just Paper,
Goody Girls (Feat. Lia Mack & Brandon Bars, & D. Wayne),
Saginaw Street Chronicles,
In A Lifetime,
True Colors,
Go Back,
No Apologies,
The Peoples Rapper Demo,