Zach89 - RapZhody

Zach89 takes some Hip Hop classics and RI's (aka reimagines) them.

RapZhody Intro, Blackout Season (Hate Me Now RI), Rap Regulator (Ante Up RI), Live & Imagine (All About the Benjamins RI), I'm No Player (I'm Not A Player RI), My Baby (Big Poppa RI), Zach Drum Solo #1, Flava feat. Reggie of Team Blackout (Flava In Ya Ear RI), Zach Speaks, Zach Is Like (Nas Is Like RI), Due For Love (Do For Love RI), 1st Down (Scenario RI), Zach Drum Solo #2, Mr. Hunt (Slam RI), Dr. Zach (Shook Ones Pt 2 RI), Letter Z (Banned From TV RI)

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