Nitty Scott, MC - Doobies & Popsicle Sticks

After a few promising - and slept-on - leaks, Nitty Scott, MC finally drops her free EP, "Doobies and Popsicle Sticks."

Doobsicles (Summer Re-Cap),
Tell Somebody f. Mike Maven (prod. 6th Sense),
Auntie Maria(TM)s Crib (prod. The Good Reverend Dr.),
Bullsh_t Rap (prod. Super E),
Sun-Kissed f. Moe Isaac (prod. J57),
Walk Like A Duck,
FeminiNITTY (Remixed by J.Period),
Down With The King 2011 (Mick Boogie Remix) f. Tanya Morgan & 6th Sense (prod. 6th Sense)

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