Wale - More About Nothing

Wale's follow-up to his 2008 breakthrough Mixtape About Nothing.

Wale-The Problem, Wale-The MC, Wale-The Soup, Wale-The Breeze Cool, Wale-The Friends Strangers, Wale-The Number Won, Wale-The Eyes of The Tiger, Wale-The War, Wale-The Breakup Song, Wale-The Work Workin, Wale-The Black N Gold, Wale-The Manipulation 2, Wale-The Best In The League, Wale-The Posse Cut, Wale-The Guilty Pleasure No Hands, Wale-The Trip Downtown, Wale-The Ambitious Girl, Wale-The Motivation B Right, Wale-The Cloud, Wale-The Power, Wale-The Flight

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