Industry 101: Rocco Valdes

T-Pain's manager began as a Def Jam go-fer. Read how one goes to New York with 300 dollars and comes out a mogul-to-be.

Time for another installment of Industry 101



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  • Gregory Perkins Ower/Dregnoc and Benk Productions

    I've read the article above and I came to some conclusions. You must know someone that is in the music business in order to get the right people to hear yoru music. I am an independent music label in Hip-Hop-R&B-Pop-Gospel since 2001, a producer, musician, artist (since 1989-R&B group), sound engineer (since 1995), carpenter, electrician, law enforcement, landscaper, preacher, teacher, visual artist, actor etc....I wear a lot of hats. I understand about taking chances, since I was homeless at 13. T-Pain is extremely talented along with The Dream, and B.o.B. I love his originality and he will break loose in the music industry. I have been personally following B.o.B. and T-Pain for a while....before they got this far. B.o.B. has a manager out of Lawrenceville and they communicate with some people that I know, but not enough for them to know me personally to give a good reference. Big Toombs from Washington heard some of my music and tracks. I will never stop until I die, that include if I make it big in the music business. I have invested my life saving into this company. We got a website, myspace, rocbattle, twitter, other various webpages hosting our music that we create. We do shows in Washington, Athens, Augusta, Sparta, Elberton, Thomson, Commerce, North Augusta and every other place that we can get. What is next?