RBX: The Return

RBX admits that when he fought Suge Knight over the years, Dr. Dre suffered. The raspy voiced emcee comes clean.

RBX will be remembered for his lyrics alongside his manhood in Hip Hop history. A cousin of Snoop Dogg, X was the first - and one of the only artists to ever leave Death Row Records. He did so after working on The Chronic and Doggystyle and found underground success on several independent labels with pet releases before returning beside Dr. Dre at Aftermath Records in the late '90s.

Though he's always been underground and always taken lengthy hiatuses, few expected RBX to reappear working alongside DJ Rhettmatic and LMNO as well as other veteran artists of the nouveau Los Angeles underground Hip Hop community. With an album Broken Silence commemorating the new side of The Narrator, RBX breaks the silence with HipHopDX about the past and future.

HipHopDX: My favorite song on your album Broken Silence, beside the fact that it


  • Meka Sweets

    RBX I just love his voice I could see him doing voice overs on tv and cartoons just like tone Loc is doing now I still feel that there's a market for RBX and Lady of rage it's time for new album those two are the most underrated mc's ever touch the mic yes that's right I said it..Death Row drop the ball drastically when they took to long releasing the Queen Lady of rage album livinproof that Suge Knight was a terrible businessman. can someone please tell me if Lady of rage and RBX are now managed by Jazzy from Jazzy Management ? I seen a lady of rage Pandora BX with jazzy at the full screen meeting in over city. I've always thought That jazzy if put in the right situation could be the jay-z, puffy and Russell Simmons of the West Coast he's extremely intelligent and I think most people in high places are intimidated by him he's very good looking and very intelligent. AND for the life of me I don't know why he's not a multi-millionaire he's helped quite a few people that don't even acknowledge him And thats very sad. But if Lady of rage and RBX are represented by jazzy I think that is a very very good move I love that man.