Where The Hell Have You Been?: Amil

Throwing up the Roc one minute, bounced from the fam the next. What does Amil have to say about the Roc? Some shit you may not believe.


  • ninja

    I wanna hear amil come back in rapping she is better than nikki minaj n better looking she is soooo beautiful wat a bad bitch i would marry that anytime i just love her she should start doing it like snoop new rap songs of amil please she is a beauty

  • The Critic

    Good idea to do a feature on Amil. Horrible ass questions though. Were you nervous?

  • Elisha

    This interview connects with the illuminati and is already letting it be known that somethin big was goin down.

  • kenny

    I wud like 2 start off by sayn I do resspect her 4 puttn her family 1st but if u talkn bout u n da game not 2 b da best but jus 2 mke music...dat shyt sound dumb. Now I will say I did get her 1st cd & it was ok but 2 make it like u never wanted 2 b a major artist is krazi...who does dat? Its pointless 4 u 2 b n dis shyt & u makin urself sound like a fuckn idiot. Keep dat shyt trill. U a lil mad cuz u got droppd. U ain't make it so u frontin like u dnt give a fuck bout da game when n all reality, da shit is kil

    • wretch

      yo you sound so dam stupid and lost the woman wasnt willing to sell her soul for material shit like everybody else is doing she know what time it is step outside of the box for a min dam.............

    • drab

      are you retarded, Kenny?

  • pinn

    I heard she was workins at Target.