Where The Hell Have You Been?:  Lady Of Rage

Back during the early 90's, Lady of Rage was THE best emcee spittin'. But when Death Row folded, she disappeared. We catch up with Rage to see what she's got going on.


  • Angela

    Quinton, Please tell Rage to get in touch with her old homegirl Angela at the above email. I know that such a request is not what you expected. Yet she was once my best friend, we lived together, and we use to flow together. We simply lost contact. I would really appreciate your help.

  • Aaron

    I looooove me some lady of rage,and yeah mah favorite track is afro puffs especially the way she was pimpin her puffs,beautiful as hell yo,But never the less im glad to see and hear she is still here with us among the living and still doin excellent....love u lor !! Continue to aaaalways stay blessed mah fine sistah...