K-Solo: Fuck Everyone

See why K-Solo says Fuck EPMD, DMX, Redman, Keith Murray and what happened when he signed to Death Row. So much in this exclusive interview!

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  • U turn 'Dina

    I love K-solo. I just broke out spelling ish from that EPMD song.. do your thang son.

  • Chase Greene

    Spellbound was BANGIN! Ya moms in my business was dope, and some other stuff. He was Above average but so much time gone by... he's pushing 50, leave the rap game yo. Go produce people or find artists. Manage some Ufc dude, but trying to come out w/ a next album....it wont work! I understand them niggas stole your opportunities but forgiveness is letting go of things that you will never get back. He aint the first to say P is grimey, and neither is Erik for that much of a matter. K-Solo will never be forgotten! L.I. stand up! It is crazy Keith Murray got him jumped. All them hit squad, L.O.D. niggas wasnt soft people.

  • desk

    Dear K-solo You gotta let go of this shit bro. Not good for the body, mind or spirit