B.G. : Heroin & Cash

I had a heroin addiction. I used to shoot heroin. I started getting loaded when I was 15-16...I got a son. He looks up to me and he respects me to the highest. My daddy got killed when I was 12 years old...

Long before the Cash Money camp became known as Cash Money Millionaires, the label got its start hustling albums by a young teen known as B.G., who eventually scored a national anthem with his track "Bling Bling."

Originally known as the Baby Gangsta...B.G. grew up in the dangerous uptown section of New Orleans, among some of the most poverty-ridden areas of America. There he struggled to stay out of trouble and stay in school, yet thrived as a talented young rapper. Two ambitious entrepreneurs, Ronald "Slim" Williams and his brother Bryan "Baby" Williams, heard about the infamous Baby Gangsta and soon signed him to their infantile Cash Money label. After many hits and trials and tribulations...including a departure from Cash Money...the ex-Cash Money member talks about his heroin addiction, shady record deals and the making of his ninth album.

How were you feeling when you recorded The Heart Of Tha Streetz?

Same feeling when I go to do any other album. At first, I didn


  • roscoe

    i been bumpin BG since the 1st Chopper City album on CMR. with the raining bullets on Valence St. shit was RIGGIDY RAW. Had all the old Cash Money albums. BG and Juve blew up CMR and Baby f****d them over. Now Weezie is Baby's b***h. raping that lil one.

  • :::... PSU BITCH...:::

    man fuck u carolina star my nigga bg real as fuck no matter wat type of drugs he use woodae a real street nigga soulja slim bg murder show bitch ya heard me wayne the real bitch talking bout how he flip bricks ask wayne y he cant go back to new orliens not cause da hurricane cuz dem niggaz want his head str8 like dat