HipHopDX celebrated a significant milestone this year. It’s been 15 years since Sharath Cherian launched the publication out of his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Over that time, there have been five Editors-in-Chief, seven different versions of DX, and a gaggle of incredible articles written by a generation of talented journalists. The online journalism landscape has changed significantly. The Internet is infinitely more crowded. A decade-and-a-half is impossible to document in one non-book-length conversation, so we’ve decided to provide an extended glimpse into the history of HipHopDX throughout the week. Over coming weeks, we’ll release interviews with previous DX Editor-in-Chiefs, key staff members as well as Cheri Media CEO and the founder of DX, Sharath Cherian. Each delivers a compelling peek into the publication’s legacy within a constantly morphing journalistic landscape. 

Next, Meka Udoh is arguably the most popular blogger in the history of HipHopDX. In every edition of his column, "Slap-Boxing With Jesus," Meka found a way to rile an industry at large with his unfiltered commentary on all of Hip Hop's gawk-worthy shenanigans. He began writing for DX consistently in the mid-2000s. His blog was a way for him to expel his post-college frustrations. 

"When I got out of college—and I’m sure a lot of folks that got out of college did the same thing—you think you’re going to get this great job right when you get out and everything is going to be okay," Meka explains in this conversation. "After two years I got really disillusioned and angry at just how I envisioned things to be and they didn’t turn out the way that I envisioned. So 'Slap-Boxing With Jesus' came partially from that rage that I had held inside of me at just the music journalism world and the music world in general." 

As fate falls so lovely, Meka would team with another member of the HipHopDX team, Joel "Shake" Zela and create the wildly popular blog, Meka recalls the creation of the 2DopeBoyz as well as the impact of his popular column, "Slap-boxing With Jesus."

Meka Udoh Explains Creating "Slap-Boxing With Jesus"