You’re watching an entertaining as make-believe interview by the cherub like Young Jack Thriller and he says, “Go headbutt a knife!” You can’t help but laugh out loud. In a land of superlative characters roaming the Hip Hop hills, Jack stands out for his old school adherence to telling the truth. The maestro of ThisIs50 is a mixture of Bernie Mac and a pit bull, both dangerous, but not as the punch line he’s about to serve up, ice cold.

“Was it Professor Xavier who was the X-Man that could get into people’s mind and make them do what they didn’t want to do?” asks the hyperbolic, Thriller. Well, yes and no. Professor Charles Xavier had a strict policy on killing; Jack has a policy on leveling everything in sight. He never comes off as anything less than hilarious, his glass eye darting around with a star in full display. If there were a real life X-Man in the blogging space, it would be him. And we’d line up to watch him work, then, as much as we do now. 

Always engaging and raucously honest, Young Jack Thriller is the creator of his own lane. A comedian/blogger/Battle Rap enthusiast/headline killer, the originator of 16 or Better is clearing the way for aspiring rappers to get their shot, albeit for a nominal fee. But as Jack says, “Why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?” He did, and it landed him in places he never thought he’d be like MTV’s Wild ’N Out with Nick Cannon, red carpets galore, and more. Here, he relates his reactions to the biggest headlines of 2014 exclusively for HipHopDX, including, the elevator incident heard round the world, Mayweather vs. T.I., and how he knows Tupac is still alive. It’s all happening.

Why Jack Thriller Says Solange Is An Ungrateful Bitch For Kicking Jay Z