Jack Thriller Says Tupac Is Still Alive & Calls Solange Ungrateful

Exclusive: Jack Thriller weighs in on Slowbucks getting his chain snatched, "Total Slaughter" and why he'd only meet Suge Knight near a police station.

You’re watching an entertaining as make-believe interview by the cherub like Young Jack Thriller and he says, “Go headbutt a knife!” You can’t help but laugh out loud. In a land of superlative characters roaming the Hip Hop hills, Jack stands out for his old school adherence to telling the truth. The maestro of ThisIs50 is a mixture of Bernie Mac and a pit bull, both dangerous, but not as the punch line he’s about to serve up, ice cold.

“Was it Professor Xavier who was the X-Man that could get into people’s mind and make them do what they didn’t want to do?” asks the hyperbolic, Thriller. Well, yes and no. Professor Charles Xavier had a strict policy on killing; Jack has a policy on leveling everything in sight. He never comes off as anything less than hilarious, his glass eye darting around with a star in full display. If there were a real life X-Man in the blogging space, it would be him. And we’d line up to watch him work, then, as much as we do now. 

Always engaging and raucously honest, Young Jack Thriller is the creator of his own lane. A comedian/blogger/Battle Rap enthusiast/headline killer, the originator of 16 or Better is clearing the way for aspiring rappers to get their shot, albeit for a nominal fee. But as Jack says, “Why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?” He did, and it landed him in places he never thought he’d be like MTV’s Wild ’N Out with Nick Cannon, red carpets galore, and more. Here, he relates his reactions to the biggest headlines of 2014 exclusively for HipHopDX, including, the elevator incident heard round the world, Mayweather vs. T.I., and how he knows Tupac is still alive. It’s all happening.

Why Jack Thriller Says Solange Is An Ungrateful Bitch For Kicking Jay Z



  • Brian Lawson

    He used to talk about the afterlife like he knew he will be dead soon . Take a look of these lyrics what do you think ? “I heard a rumor I died , Murdered in cold blood dramatized , Pictures of me in my final state , You know mama cried , But that was fiction , Some coward got the story twisted , Like I no longer existed ,Mysteriously missin ’, I’m known worldwide baby , I ain’t hard to find.” Tupac its not dead he always be in my heart i listen every wise word of him to be a better person ...

  • Brian Lawson

    He used to talk about the afterlife like he knew he will be dead soon. “I heard a rumor I died , Murdered in cold blood dramatized , Pictures of me in my final state , You know mama cried , But that was fiction , Some coward got the story twisted , Like I no longer existed ,Mysteriously missin ’, I’m known worldwide baby , I ain’t hard to find.” Tupac its not dead he will be always in our heart i love him and i listen his eise word to be a better person in life ...

  • Anonymous

    Firstly I didn't know Bey's success was Jay based? I remember Beyonce before she was solo, that was well before Jay, was she not putting out hits then? When she met Jay was around when she went solo, and he's pushed her career in the managerial sense but which name is making the hits? Who's constantly on the radio and the billboard? Which of them is a rich music mogul, and which of them is a household name? Success isn't just based on who makes the most money. If, say, Justin Bieber had a female behind him who made (assuming) most of his financial and business decisions which led to him becoming a multi-million dollar platinum, would you dudes be saying that Justin and his family who have made a little change sucking off his career owe it to that woman? Then if justins sister smacked justins manager wife woman, would you say these things about his sister? What planet are y'all on? Who sings Beyonce songs? Who goes and struts that big fat ass on national television every week and performs every night? Who pushed that baby out while the other probably couldn't look???? Beyonce is Beyonce with or without Jay, it's her we love, not the her he created. WE loved her before him. Every artist has a backing of managers executives producers and while they owe them credit for building their career it's the artist who in the end has to have the talent skill perseverance and look, and they are the one who's gotta suffer. There are a thousands business trained men in the world who could have done what Jay did, maybe worse or maybe better, but its a skill you can go to college and learn. There is only one Beyonce, you can't go to school to be Beyonce. Solange ain't owe Jay shit, she owes it to her sis for being the beautiful and talented amazing artist that she is which provides Solange a chance to garner some spotlight and some money. Even if Bey's career was solely based on big lip jays marketing, He is still her man? He does not own her and she does not own him, they are a couple who should have mutual respects! If yo sister husband cheated on her, would you care that he bought her a Ferrari and a diamond ring? I wouldn't. Money doesn't mean you can own a person, doesn't make you any better than anyone and doesn't give anyone greater rights than anyone. Solange ain't like the shady Jay and whatever he did was enough to anger her to the point that shed lash out in protection and love for her sis. You men are all shovenist and backwards and like Feez said, condoning violence towards women. I am a man, if a woman hit me i'd never hit back, especially if I did my woman wrong and knew I deserved it. Jay proved he was a man and took that shit like a man. Jack, you just proved opposite. Justin I can understand laughing, the guy is funny as hell but that one would've gone right over my head. I hope you thought about it in the back of yo head like damn this nigga is creep.

  • Feez

    Jack Thriller saying Solange should have no opinion/not be a sister to Beyonce just because no one would be checking for her without Jay and Bey? Just say she behaved like an asshole, you fucking asshole. Sit down you irrelevant clown. Lost MAD respect for Justin Hunte for posting that clip and hearing his pussy ass laughing - says a lot about you Justin for encouraging dudes to talk like that about women and condoning violence toward women. Worked with you a lot but will never look at you the same. None of y'all real men. Gtfoh.

  • da Mayor of MN

    I love jack thriller that dude is hilarious man I wish he'd do breakfast club interview. C'mon fif pay for a comedy special for this man!!

  • Anonymous

    smh what's up with glaadtv giving these corny ass niggas a platform to speak

  • too serious

    Man most of you need some pussy because you're are all up tight.. dude is a comedian.. Who the fuck takes anything serious from a comedian... SMH.. Idiots..

  • randy

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  • JackTHAMANThriller

    whatcha wack ass hater niggas talkin ova here, Jack Thrilla is THA MAN bros fo real funny ass nigga

  • pussnboots

    Tupac is alive everyone knows that. i just saw him in walmart the other day buying some fried chicken and watermelon. he looks at me and whispered thug life bitch. then he tried fondeling my balls but i was like oh shit and slapped him. he pulled out his 9 mm and said its on and i slashed his hand with my switch blade and round house kicked him to the ground. it was crazy

  • Anonymous

    How you gonna say you still fuck with Slowbucks but not in public? That nigga snitched on your boss after some street shit he started. Jack ain't loyal I seen him in a picture with Ja fucking Rule 2 weeks ago.

  • REALLy

    This dude is a fucking clown, he's not even funny. Whats going on with HIP HOP DX , how the fluck is this even a headline. I can go outside and find 5 bums off the street who have opinions ...would they make the site? (because that's exactly what his site is turning ino, a bunch of opinions from people who are NOBODY)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no one respects this nigga. im sacrificing myself by leaving a comment on this wack article to tell yall not to comment. hopefully my 1 comment may prevent dozens.

  • Anonymous

    "I had to choose 50 over my grand momma"