Krayzie Bone Announces Title Of Bone thugs-n-harmony's $1 Million Album

Exclusive: Krayzie Bone also reflects on creating "All Original" from "The Art Of War" and recalls speaking with Lebron James' agent before announcing the NBA All-Star's return to the Cleveland Cavalier.

Bone thugs-n-harmony made three major announcements yesterday. One, They are prepping their final world tour as a five-man tour de force. Two, the group’s final world tour will coincide with the release of the final, all five-member Bone thugs-n-harmony album. And three, there will only be one copy of that final, all five-member Bone thugs-n-harmony album created…and it will cost at least $1 million. Maybe that’s four announcements.

Nevertheless, if the sound of a million dollar Hip Hop album doesn’t raise eyebrows as high as it used to, it’s because the “St. Claire thugstas” were inspired by Wu-Tang Clan’s plan to restore value to the art of the Rap album by releasing the one-of-one, never-before-heard Wu—Once Upon A Time In Shaolin to the highest bidder. Forbes’ Zack O’Malley Greenburg even trekked to Marrakesh, Morocco to snag a peek at the gold and diamond-encrusted Wu project Cilvaringz compiled. There are very few groups on the planet that can mobilize their fan bases to the tune of a million dollar bidding war. Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, and Flesh are not only betting that they are one of those groups, they’re staking the closing chapter of their legacy on that gamble.

“When I heard about what [Wu-Tang Clan] was doing—and I think it was you who told me about it—I just thought it was a brilliant and genius idea,” Krayzie Bone explained to HipHopDX in this exclusive conversation. “We talked about it for a while then we were coming up on this world tour. We said, ‘We need to do everything simultaneously. The idea for that is to make it the final group project. What better way to go out and to solidify the [Bone thugs-n-harmony] brand. I don’t see no other way. It has to be big. We have to make sure we reach everybody. So I think doing it like this will be huge, especially for our last group album.”

Also in this conversation, Krayzie reveals the title Bone’s final release, the reaction received from fans and Mo Thugs Family worldwide, guest appearances to be included, and a hint of conceptual direction for this million dollar trek on the way to the Crossroads. And because this is Krayzie Bone and Krayzie Bone is from Cleveland, Ohio and Cleveland is the city where a hitta come from so run right, the entertainment industry mogul shares what it means for Lebron James to return to the Cavaliers.   

Krayzie Bone Says $1 Million Album Idea Sparked By Wu-Tang Clan

HipHopDX: What’s the origin of the idea to present Bone’s final album in this way? 

Krayzie Bone: When I heard about what [Wu-Tang Clan] was doing—and I think it was you who told me about it—I just thought it was a brilliant and genius idea. I thought to myself, “It’s not that many groups that can do something like this and have major results from it—Wu-Tang being one and us another.” I took it back to my dudes and they thought it was a [great] idea. Ever since I told Bizzy [Bone] about it, he’s been on my neck everyday like, “Yo, we need to do this, Kray! We need to do this, I’m telling you. I love Wu-Tang but I think we’ll have much better results, I’m telling you.” We talked about it for a while then we were coming up on this world tour. We said we need to do everything simultaneously. The idea for that is to make it the final group project. What better way to go out and to solidify the [Bone thugs-n-harmony] brand. I don’t see no other way. It has to be big. We have to make sure we reach everybody. So I think doing it like this will be huge, especially for our last group album.  

DX: So Bizzy was excited about it. What was Layzie Bone’s response when he first heard the idea?  

Krayzie Bone: Everybody was pretty much in agreement with it. Everybody was like, “It’s definitely something we should do because it makes a good story.” We never wanted Bone to go out like one day there just is no more Bone. We had a beginning and we wanted to have an ending. That’s rare. We wanted an ending and everybody agreed that this would be the perfect ending to our legacy. Once we start to get into other aspects of the business it’ll just make it all the more better.  

DX: Were you already thinking about your final project before this idea, or was this a reason to decide that the next project would be your final album?  

Krayzie Bone: We were working on the 20th anniversary [of E.1999/Eternal]. After we decided to do this idea, we were like, “Why not make it bigger than just a 20th anniversary?” The 20th anniversary album was gonna be our last album [as a group]. This adds more to the story. It makes it bigger. It’ll open everybody’s eyes to what we’re doing right now.  

DX: Have you thought about how you plan to sell it? Will it be an auction process of some sort?  

Krayzie Bone: It’s gonna be an auction process. We’re going to start the bidding at $1 million. We’re just looking forward to seeing how far we can go with it. It’s gonna be a classic album. It’s gonna be a double CD. One CD is gonna be just us with our original Bone sound. That second CD, we’re gonna bring in as many of the guest appearances that we’ve worked with in the past to the new generation. We’re going to try to hit everybody from Phil Collins, Mariah Carey all the way to Drake and Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar. We already got verbal confirmation from all these people to be a part of it and help us celebrate the 20 years we’ve been in the business, anyway. This will make it all the more better.  

DX: Is DJ U-Neek producing on this?  

Krayzie Bone: Oh yeah. He’ll definitely be the producer that’s involved. We’ll be talking to other producers as well—DJ U-Neek, but a couple of other in-house producers we have as well. DJ U-Neek will definitely be involved as far as the arranging and creating [of the album]. He was a major part of our camp when we first came out. It started with him, so we’ve gotta end it with him as well.  

DX: How do you plan to keep this one project a secret, or away from the Internet?  

Krayzie Bone: The engineer that we have, he’s been with us for a while. We trust him. We’re not going to be recording this album at different studios and here and there. It’s all gonna be done in my recording studio and everybody has agreed to not make any copies to take home and listen to. Any members that want to listen to the album to vibe will have to go to the studio to listen. Nothing is leaving the studio. Period.  

DX: Is this bitter sweet at all? This is the final collective hurrah for BTNH.  

Krayzie Bone: It is bitter sweet. This is not us saying that we’re not going to deal with each other. We’re actually making a few corporations together, and we have things we’re going to be doing behind the scenes in music and with movies. We’re going to establish our own film company: BTNH Films. I’m working on a media company: Krayzie Bone Media. We’re going to be developing artists. It’s not just going to be me. It’s going to be everybody. There are some members that have other things they want to do that they want the whole group to be a part of, so this is not the end of business for Bone. We’re just taking it to the next level right now.  

DX: What’s the response been like so far since TMZ broke the story about the album?  

Krayzie Bone: It’s been real intense, especially from the fans. Our fans panic over everything. They panic if they feel one person ain’t gonna be in a show. We expected it from them. The response overall has been great. It’s been very fast. Everybody has responded immediately. People around the world are going to make sure they’re at our concert. There are a lot of places overseas that we’ve never been, so there are a lot of people that think this is gonna be their last opportunity to see Bone thugs-n-harmony as all five on stage. It should be great. I’m already hearing from the people that’s planning our world tour that are getting calls from countries that want to do two or three shows in one city. Hopefully it gets that big to where we can pull that off.  

They’re all excited and we’re saving the best for last. We’re gonna end the tour in America. We’re gonna hit damn near every state in America. It’s gonna be pretty big.  

Krayzie Bone Says $1 Million Album To Be Titled E. 1999/Legends

DX: Do you have a title for the project?  

Krayzie Bone: The title’s going to be E.1999/Legends.  

DX: Is it going to be thematically similar to E.1999 Eternal

Krayzie Bone: We’ve thought about it, but that’s something we’re still negotiating and talking about amongst ourselves—trying to come up with the proper theme for it—because we’re trying to tie in our entire life story from before we met Eazy E. There’s gonna be a lot of that, a lot of pre-Bone thugs-n-harmony all the way through everything we went through up until now. We’re also going to be releasing a Bone thugs-n-harmony documentary and a movie on our life story along with this project, as well. It’s going to be a lot coming with this project. It’s gonna be an event. It’s not gonna be an album. It’s gonna be a huge event for our old fans and for the new fans.  

DX: I always imagined that you guys have unreleased Eazy E tracks sitting somewhere. This to me seems like the time those tracks would show up.  

Krayzie Bone: Definitely, man. We’ve got a few surprises for this one. It’s gonna be fun to work on this album. Everybody is excited. I talked with Bizzy on the phone this morning. I talked with [Flesh-N-Bone]. They was just happy that we finally [put things in motion]. We’ve been thinking like this for a while. Like I said, Bizzy’s been eager to get it out there. We had to make sure we had all of our ducks in a row and everything was ready. That’s why we’re making the announcement now. It’s gonna be fun.  

DX: It seems like a good time announce the story, especially with Chasing The Devil on the way.  How are you feeling about Chasing The Devil now that the release is around the corner (July 22)? 

Krayzie Bone: I'm really excited about the album. It’s coming along great. The fans are anticipating it. I have Bone thugs-n-harmony fully participating on all three CDs. It’s going to be great. I think we’re solidifying the legacy and leaving it in good standing with our fans. I think everybody will be happy with it. I’m happy with it. We put a lot of work into it. I still have a lot of work to do with the other two albums. I’m enjoying it. I haven’t enjoyed putting together an album like this since my first solo album [Thug Mentality]. It feels real good to have the freedom and the time to put it together the way I wanted it to come out. I’m real happy about it.  

DX: My favorite line on “All Original” off of The Art Of War was, “Running around foul claiming we stole your style / Muthafucka we ain’t never been to your town / It’s all original / Coming from the Cleveland criminals / So here we go / Got a gun should I buck ‘em all down? / Or should I kill ‘em when I put the instrumental on? / Why everybody wanna sound like Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh / I’m so full of anguish / Got a style so cold everybody and they mama wanna claim it but they can’t get the hang of it.” What was your mindset for that line?  

Krayzie Bone: That was the era where we were offended by people trying to sound like Bone. The mode we were in, if you listen to that album you hear a lot of songs about that, like: “You Ain’t Bone” and “All Original” and stuff like that. That was the mindset we were in because we came from the era where if you sound like someone else, you was biting; you was a perpetrator; you was a fraud. We were still in that mind state by the time we did The Art Of War. I can remember the reason I wrote that line was because this was the time when we were suppose to have beef with Three 6 Mafia and Do Or Die and Crucial Conflict, and I read some interviews where they were calling us biters. I was like, “How was that the case?” In one of the rhymes I said “…Muthafucka we ain’t never been to your town.” How we biting y’all? We didn’t hear nobody sounding like this. We had never left Cleveland at the time. That’s where we were with that. We were just getting at everybody because we were looking at it as being offended rather than flattered like the way we look at it now.  

Krayzie Bone Reacts To Lebron James' Return To Cleveland Cavaliers

DX: Is there anything else you’d like to make sure comes across in this interview?  

Krayzie Bone: I just want to tell all of our fans not to panic. This don’t mean Bone thugs-n-harmony will disappear. Trust me, we’re gonna have our hands in a lot in this music business. We’re gonna be responsible for a lot of things that happen in this new age record industry. Just expect us to be around for 20 more years if God is willing. We still here, man. We have nothing but time against us and hopefully we can be there as long as possible.  

I also want to say Lebron James is back in Cleveland! It’s going down! [Laughs] It couldn’t have come at a better time. I got a call from one of my people out in Ohio and they said they were talking about it on the radio. The state is ecstatic right now because Lebron came home and we got Bone thugs-n-harmony coming back to do a five-man world tour. We’re two-for-two right now, so I just want to shout out everybody in Ohio and let them know that we’re still riding for y’all. I just wanna shout out Lebron James—a very good friend—and I’m glad to have him back in Ohio. It’s real crazy in Ohio right now.  

DX: Were you surprised that he decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers?  

Krayzie Bone: I’ve been on the phone with his agent Rich Paul—who is actually from St. Claire, our neighborhood. Just by the way that he was talking, I could kind of tell but I still wasn’t sure. In these kinds of businesses—entertainment and sports—it’s kind of hard to really pick up on everything because everybody is being [guarded]. But when I heard he was returning I was like, “Yes, yes. Thank you.” That’s what the city, that’s what the state needed right now. Like I said, everybody is excited in Ohio right now. It’s a wonderful time to be from there, for real. 

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  • Ashley Lewis

    I've been rocking with Bone since I was a youngster. Die hard fan.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...Bone Thugs N Harmony is the greatest. Always have been and will be. Their the truth. If I'm going to listen to music, I'd rather listen to music that I relate to. They rap about true life. What's happening everyday. I've always felt that their music was "deep." I'm down for anything Bone puts out here. Modern Rap is all about unnecessary sh*. But, that's just my opinion. I will always have Bone #1 on my list. They never let their TRUE SELF go. The money & fame never took over Bone. They Dont rap about the same sh* as rappers do now. They're the Truth. And their music is what kept my sister and I sane. Because its real. I cry to their music. I'm sad that their retiring. But, I'm thankful for this last albulm. Respects & a special thanks to their fans as I see it. I Love Bone to the fullest* If people diss & talk sh* when I play bone. I always smile & turn it all the way up. So what its old..Its real..That's what music is about** My little boy rock in with Bone too. He's going on 6yrs. His all time fave 1st Of Tha Month. LOL. LEGENDS BABY*



  • JQ

    Continued: --- After a stupid amount of embarrassing local "opening acts" with a DJ playing some BONE clips here and there, they finally showed up and lip synced all the old hits. I was so excited to see them at that point I didn't even care. They also lip synced some BIGGIE and Tupac songs before finally getting to the songs they actually did with them. They wrapped up this charade dancing around to 'Bandz A Make Her Dance' with about 20 people on stage (mostly 20-year-old trashy looking girls). --- BONE will always have a huge place in my heart, but how they expect to pack venues across the world with this foolishness is beyond me. They might have been able to get away with that sh-t if this was 1999, but they need to get real.

  • JQ

    I've been a die hard BONE fan for 20 years, since I was 14 years old. Even through the moments I wasn't proud of -- I almost threw up when I heard 'Candy Paint' on Strength & Loyalty. The retirement of BONE almost brings me to tears, even though they have pretty much shat on their fans as their legacy comes to close. This "1 album for 1 million' idea is the icing on the cake. I waited for nearly 20 years to be able to see them perform, and when I found out they were coming through my city with the XX Anniversary tour I was beyond excited. However, that experience was so terrible it took them down a notch in my eyes. They did the show in a small club (NOT a nice club, either). They couldn't even fill the venue. There had to be less than 80 people there, half of whom had no idea who BONE even was. They showed up at nearly 1 AM for an 8 PM show, on a weeknight. The most die hard fans in the "VIP" (which just meant they had a seat over to the side of the stage and didn't have to stand for 6 hours) were ready to fight security and demanding a refund.

  • Po

    I Love Bone to death their music from the early days absolutely incredible no other music compares to it But after resurrection they really needed one all that watered down bulls hit they were putting out It was like some demo sh it they just didn't have that ol 94-97 juice anymore Bizzy my favorite but his solo shit be like what the duck he just rambles goes off topic and shit moaning like he getting fucked or something I don't know Krayzie shit be cool for the most Flesh same as Bizzy call him whispers at times like what the hell Flesh u just ran off beat Layzie aight Wish we all know just as well as he does we will never hear or know of it They play with the fans a lot I feel It's like what they say it's kinda a don't hold your breath type of thing And don't order shit u want get it And them wack ass concerts like why they never live up to our expectations like their albums the old ones of course But they have never really given great performances to me But I swear to u I love these guys and their videos were good so all I'm saying is that's what I wanted live from them not lame and boring That's why u only see Mexicans at they shows mostly nigga ain't wit them weak shits we know the real we ain't giving no pass just cause We like this shit dry ass hell refund please I just hope they really get it together Forreal on the real just speaking the truth I ain't the only one who has said it and feels that way I don't dick ride just cause I want quality shit all around don't short change me now imma speak up and on it feel me

  • Hey2

    Why pay a million for an album it's going to suck. Just like when people paid for bones last so called concert and it sucked. They can't even rap anymore they badly lipped sanged to thier own music showed up on stage late and not everyone in the group was thier. That just gives me a hint on how much they are not into the fans and only want to cash in befor they just fade away. Let's all face it when bone was good in thier time of e99 Then they broke up and that was that. They never keeped it stong as a group or individually singing. They got a taste of fame and they were gone. Cherish the old school bone because the new bone are lazy doped up haze been. They didn't put out the new devil album because that is the million dollar album. This is my 2 cents and no I'm not some 13 year old talking out my ass. Been around since Curtis blow and the disco3 days.yes disco3 aka fat boys for thoes that didn't know befor fat boys they called them selfs disco3.

  • Sun Tzu

    Im suing him for stealing, the idea from Sun Tzu.

  • dad

    Agree the annonymous dude on waiting 10 yrs for flesh and that crappy rebirth album droppedthan ww3

  • Eric 86

    Can't wait Bone Thugs Bout to wreck shop.

  • patrick

    no matta wat bone gonna be be bone fo all u hattaz who hate it keep on hattin bone been me fav hip hop duo fo all me life so u busttaz be ware. BONE CAME TO SHUT THIS MUTHF**** down. much love bizzy layzie krayzie wish and flesh n bone feb.20 2014 waz dope hope 2 see u dudes again. fo eva bone from patrick.

  • Jesse

    so wtf happened with chasing the devil? it was supposed to be released on july 22nd. its now the 25th and i see nothing about it. but yeah come on. i cant know that there is a full group bone album out there that i cant listen to and buy. will always be a fan though but i wanna know what the deal is with chasing the devil

  • NephU

    Knock it off with that stupid 1 album only shit!!! we are getting deprived from their music, WE people, the fans since day one! and theyre going to sold their art to the highest bidder... next thing you know all greatest albums we are expecting will be like this (DETOX for instance] being just the fans the ones loosing... i hope this shit leaks and also wu tang's album just because they going for the money smh theres so many other ways...

  • Caezar

    Very proud of BTNH. I have been listening to their music since i was 12. Followed the break ups, the drama, and the reunion, so I support this idea 100%. I believe whoever buys the album will re-sell it. Then, the fans will be able to afford a copy. All great things must come to an end, Alpha and The Omega, but it's BTNH 4 Life.

  • andrew

    Ive been a huge bone fan for years i listen to them alot more than any 1 else own every album group and solo ever released think i have all their versus u can get. when i comes to music honestly i cant find any1 or group that even comes close to them the music is so real. i met krayzie wish and flesh twice and layzie once have a whole bunch of different autographs a reall hardcore bone fan for years. I cant beleive that krayzie put this statement out their wen i read it it made me sick because its a complete contradiction to the way they are with music and evrything there about. it aint about makin a statement or money its about stayin true and puttin out real music for your fans. this is the fakest shit i ever heard and thats how they wanna end this legacy come on man its disgusting if u ask me i havent been able to listen to bone for 2 days now because it makes me sick nd its gunna ba while be4 i can i was just about to get tickets for the show in ny until i heard this real fans need to speak right now because that aint the right way to do it fuck the fame stay true

  • Anonymous

    Someone will buy it I'm sure. I just want to hear the songs. Is that going to be even possible. No music video or anything... But it will be sold probably for more than a million. I'm just worried I won't get to hear it!!!

  • adam boysel

    That is the fucking shit. Well not really but you guys do what you do. Hit me up with tickets . Lol.

  • Ben

    Guys, relax, the winning bid will almost certainly come from some streaming site or iTunes, and they will use their bid as an investment because they can make even more money in return. If Kray ain't bluffing and they really got Phil Collins, Drake, Kendrick and unreleased Eazy-E then it should have no problem selling to iTunes for at least a crisp mill.

  • Anonymous

    Best artist ever straight up fuck what you heard

  • Yep

    Only Legends like Wu-Tang Clan and Bone Thugs can do this. Hater's, stay hating. Your life sucks

  • Anonymous

    not hating. they are aight. but overrated group.

    • Chi-Ill

      Overrated?! Are you fucking serious?! I'm sure he thinks diferently about his boy band YMCMB lol BT&H is CLASSIC!

    • kimberlyjmiguel

      Start working at home with Google! It's by-far the best job I've had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this - 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail,,,,, ========================= WWW.MUMJOB.COM =========================

    • Anonymous

      lol overrated???? how when they made their own lane, made a distinctive sound that influenced the entire music game etc...and if they were overrated then why did they get to work with so many legends and other artist.

  • Frank

    Most off us real fans are still hustling and thugging for real we got street money but a million dollars for a CD of broken promisses like unifive

  • Frank

    Smells like a bad idea filled with greed and kicking off the wu

  • hrfh

    do deez niggas mean 1 hard copy of da album daz gon be 1 milly dollaz??? Meaning if they dont open it and rip it 2 da internets...nobody gon hear it??

    • Anonymous

      im sick of you niggas acting like reading and writing is so valuable. yall just enslaved by the white man

    • Anonymous

      Thats right. Congratulations, you know how to read. Now, maybe you should learn how to fuckin write properly.

  • T.O.M.G

    Krayzie Bone world tour with yak boy fresh

  • Anonymous

    So the reason they are trying to sell a million dollar album to one person is because they "want to reach everybody"? That makes about as much sense as a $4 bill.

    • Justin Hunte

      Kray was referring to the combination of the world tour, the album, and all of their media endeavors. He's just making it clear that they're aren't retiring or disappearing. Thank you for reading the piece, though. I appreciate it, Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    They are doing that because they know that if they release there album normally, to the public, they won't even make 1 million in revenue. So they are just hoping that some crazy fan will buy that album for that crazy amount of money. Bunch of old irrelevant losers.

    • Justin Hunte

      It's wild, after reading Ben's comment above, the million dollar album opportunity is bigger than I ever initially considered. It only takes one person to make this venture successful, sure. But as Mitt Romney reminded us during the 2012 election cycle, "Corporations are people, too." Any streaming company could easily buy the project and make it exclusive to their subscribers. Most will never buy a million dollar album. But most will definitely stream an album that someone else bought for a million dollars and immediately hit the internet spewing why it's not worth a million dollars. How much are hundreds millions of impressions worth to Spotify, for example? Shout out to Ben for dropping that gem. There's more than enough for an article or Breakdown on that. Thinking... Thinking...'s all happening. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous.

  • hjbhbhjb

    hate to say it but Bone Thug's don't have the dedicated fanbase to pull that off right now. Plus the Wu album is special and has been recorded since the early days. This will just be another Bone Thugs album If anyone buys it, it'll be another rapper like Jigga or something


    Swagggaaa jackkaasss

  • Anonymous

    they wont pull it off.... Only Dr Dre, Andre 3k can pull off the Wu idea jus because their next albums have been long awaited Nas can pull it off only if entirely produced by Premier

  • Anonymous

    Old niggas just dont realize there career is over.

  • Anonymous

    Bone fan from day 1 but yall fucking up more money by fucking your real fans with this bull shit!!! We waited 10 year for Flesh to come home so yall could put out a all 5 member album and boy was that album a disaster!! Some good songs (Meet me in the sky, See me shine,Rebirth) just to name some and yall could of came back hard with WW3 but NAW everybody wasn't on most song so that shit flop!! Come on man fuck with the real fans who still got love for BTNH!!

  • www

    Krayzie Bone is the man