Jagged Edge hasn’t been away in quite the you may think. The Remedy was released in the middle of 2011 and debuted at number 35 on the Billboard 200. You’ve also been hearing the ghost of their sound pop up in acts everywhere, as straight up Hip Hop artists dip their toe in the super group’s unique brand of HipHop tinged R&B. But, it is a reunion of sorts. Jermaine Dupri, who unceremoniously seemed to walk out on the quartet at the height of their fame when things began to sour between the world-renowned producer and Columbia Records, rejoins making music with the group whom he helped pioneer a sound that dominated the R&B charts in the late 90s and early aughts.  

At the height of their prowess, Jagged Edge was moving units in a way that most artists in the MP3 era could only envy. Almost all of their chart topping singles went gold in their own right, and that doesn’t begin to mention that the album that cemented their stardom, J.E Heartbreak, went double platinum and the other albums singles “Let’s Get Married” and “He Can’t Love You” peaked in the top 15 of the Billboard Top 100 for a combined 45 weeks. 

And now all the pieces are back in place to recreate that magic, if with some caveats. The foursome brings us J.E. Heartbreak Too as a joint venture between their company Hard Case Records and So So Def, and is also tapping Bryan-Michael Cox to help get them there. But can there brand of R&B truly dominate the charts again with Hip Hop encroaching on their lane? And why don't people immediately think of Jagged Edge when Atlanta’s supreme musical status gets invoked? 

Jagged Edge Explains Timeless Music, Being On Road & The Comeback