Spitta’s trajectory has been careening softly into fourth gear since his latest retail album the Stoned Immaculate, and that’s precisely where he wants it. The man has endured his share of label riffs, law suits, twists and turns since leaving Cash Money for greener pastures, but the New Orleans native whose slinky southern drawl rolls best outside of a car stereo has settled nicely into a life on easier streets. His fan base is now as loyal as it is deep, and when you ask someone, “Who’s underrated?” in the wide world of Rap, the most enterprising of the group will always bring up Curren$y. 

But don’t let that smooth demeanor fool you, Curren$y’s carved his lane out of spending countless weeks on the road every year since giving us Pilot Talk I and II, which effectively put him on the map. He’s made key partnerships within the industry as well, one of which is Mr. O.N.I.F.C himself, Wiz Khalifa, who he collaborated with on their Live in Concert EP.

“You can hear all through his music, this is exactly what he wanted,” the Nola emcee had to say about Khalifa. “[Wiz Khalifa] want... wanted, to be a fucking planet… and by God, he is. He’s a planet. Me, I wanted to build a lowrider, be in the cut, and just do my shit.” While Curren$y is often “in the cut,” his THC filled persona is hyperbolic in its charisma, a quality hard won through constant touring. 

“I’m on HipHopDX?” asked the zen-like emcee. “I ain’t gonna lie… I got a pretty sweet review for Drive In Theater. I want to say thank you, HipHopDX. Sometimes I used to get railroaded on the interviews. It’s no big deal. It’s all love. I never stopped checking the site. I would just be like, ‘Damn… they are getting creative with ways to say my tape is not hot.’ The fucking Drive In Theatre tape? I read that. I showed that to my momma ‘cause it’s tough to get a good one on HipHopDX. They are sticklers.”

That we are, but the Jet Life star earned that review by sanding his style down into the stickiest indica, and followed up by explaining the rationale behind dealing with BitTorent for Drive In Theatre, what’s on deck for the Jet Life crew, and what sort of plans he’s got for Boosie.

Why Curren$y Favors Movie-Themes For His Projects