Insane Clown Posse Calls Lil Wayne's Clothing Corny, Discusses 15th-Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

Exclusive: Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope aren't worried about offending people. Instead, the Michigan rap duo focuses on pleasing its ever-rabid fanbase through its music and its Gathering of the Juggalos festival, which is in its fifteenth year.

Insane Clown Posse knows that many Rap fans don’t respect them. But what matters to Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope is that some of their musical heroes do. Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and DJ Paul are among the A-List acts who have worked with and/or appeared with the Michigan duo throughout its prolific career.

Beyond the admiration of the genre’s elite, ICP has also developed and sustained one of rap’s major, most successful festivals with its Gathering of the Juggalos. The fifteenth-annual edition of the Gathering is slated for July 23-27 at Legend Valley, a 120-acre, privately owned and fenced-in outdoor music venue in Thornville, Ohio. Tech N9ne, Da Mafia 6ix, Cypress Hill, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, Yelawolf, Ces Cru and Madchild are among the acts slated to perform at the event.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope discussed the forthcoming Gathering, the respect they get from their musical heroes, their Insane Clown Posse Theater program on Fuse and why Lil Wayne’s fashion sense is corny.

Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope Explain The Bond Between Juggalos

HipHopDX: The 15th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is slated to kick off July 23. Why do you think that the gathering means so much to your fans?

Violent J: Because it’s a chance for them to be together. When people look at ICP, they see J and Shaggy and they don’t exactly understand why Juggalos are so dedicated to us. They don’t understand it. They see J and Shaggy and they don’t understand it, you know. But what they don’t realize is that the real magic of being a Juggalo is the other Juggalos. That’s what it’s all about. Coming to the concerts is really about coming early and waiting in line and hangin out with the other Juggalos and tailgating. That’s what it’s really about. It’s kind of like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, everyone going to be with each other and hanging out. It’s the magic. People go through a lot being a Juggalo, other people give them shit all the time, “Why do you listen to that shit,” and blah, blah, blah…When they come to something like The Gathering, they are surrounded with thousands of people just like them who are in to the same shit they are. It creates a freshness that can’t be described. They’re at peace. It’s such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by people that you already have something so strong in common with them.

When you go to The Gathering, you realize that you are not alone, and that’s what this is really about. Nobody really wants to be alone. When you come to The Gathering, it’s not about, “Are you looking at me mutherfucker?” No shit like that. It’s all, “What’s up? How you doin’?” you know. People share their food, their booze, their weed. It’s all love, so much love for each other. Juggalos have such a love for each other. That’s the magic. That’s what makes ICP cool. It’s the Juggalos. Of course, The Gathering of the Juggalos, for the Juggalos, it’s like going to Mecca. Every Juggalo has to make the pilgrimage to the gathering at one time in their life. Maybe not that strong…It’s being with each other that makes it so special. It’s chanting the song. They throw soda all over the place. They love being with each other. Juggalos gather together even when we are not around. Juggalos put out flyers for mini Gatherings they have in the park or something, just a chance to be together.

DX: What new wrinkles have you added to The Gathering this year?

Shaggy 2 Dope: The fact that the new location is just adding a whole new feel to it. It’s been like seven years we’ve been in the same place, and it was just time to move it. We were just kind of Groundhog Day-ish a little. I couldn’t remember three years ago from four years ago because we were back stage in the same spot. It just kind of blends together. We were getting a lot of good feedback. It seems like every year we do it, you can’t fuck with it, but then the next year seems like we just topped it. You look back and every year is just as great as the past year.

DX: What role has The Gathering had for your careers and building your brand?

Violent J: I think, with the exception of Rock The Bells, The Gathering may be one of the top two or three biggest Hip Hop festivals in the country, every year. It’s four days of Hip Hop and we’re part of that. It’s all kinds of Hip Hop. It’s old school Hip Hop. It’s new school Hip Hop...underground. It’s mainstream and we’re proud of that. We work hard on that. Hate ICP all you want, but the Gathering is worth attending. It’s freedom, and it’s four days of Hip Hop for Hip Hop lovers and a little bit of Hard Rock thrown in.

Shaggy 2 Dope: I think it’s a good thing to do for us connecting to Juggalos and Juggalos connecting with each other and networking. It’s a big family reunion. We love doing it. We do it for the Juggalos.

DX: Speaking of the Juggalos, why do think your fans get criticized so much by others?

Violent J: Because people don’t understand it. When you’re not a part of something, you naturally hate it. It’s just part of life, part of the American way of life. When you don’t understand something, it naturally sucks. I can understand why people look at Violent J and Shaggy and think that’s not cool. We have fucking clown paint on. That goes to say why people diss us. We have always been too Rock for the Rap world and too Rap for the Rock world. If you are part of the Juggalo world, it’s something way cooler, something going on that other people don’t understand. People just knock this shit because they don’t understand it. I’ve always said shit if it works, it shouldn’t be knocked. If people are having fun and enjoying it and enjoying the music at the concerts, how can people knock that shit? It’s not that people don’t like us. It’s that people fucking hate us. I’ve never understood that. If something’s working for people, it should get respect, man.

Insane Clown Posse On Having Respect of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, DJ Paul

DX: Early in your careers, you worked with several respected artists, including Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Kid Rock and Esham. Given that you don’t seem to get a lot of respect from the mainstream Rap community, why do you think those guys were down to work with you?

Violent J: Esham was way early on, but he was also much later. We signed Esham. From a period of 2004 through 2007, he was on Psychopathic Records. [Above The Law’s] Big Hutch was the shit [and was one the label, too]. This might sound conceited, but I think it was nothing more than game recognize game. They recognized our hustle and they respected. Just like we recognized what they were doing. I think they appreciate it. I think they understand that it might not be for everybody, but it’s for a lot of people. They respect that. Even though our music ain’t on the radio or MTV or any video channels anywhere, they still respect what we are doing, They respect we’re surviving. They respected our independence. They respected our do-it-yourself. Especially somebody in the record industry who was releasing stuff, they especially respected it.

Even in the beginning, we had our own warehouse. We were doing it independently. Back in Detroit, we were shipping a lot of units. They respected it. When we went larger and we went nationwide, those artists respected us. Not all of them, of course. We don’t get to go to any parties or anything like that. We don’t get no awards at award shows. But there are other artists that respect us. Snoop Dogg gave us love. That feels good, man. Our heroes have given us love. We worked with Paris. We grew up listening to Paris. Big Hutch, we grew up listening to Above the Law. Fresh Kid Ice. We grew up listening to 2 Live Crew. That’s all the respect we need. We don’t need any extra respect. Our heroes have shown us love.

DX: On one hand, you don’t have a lot of respect in the Rap world. On the other hand, you have this major Gathering that features major artists. How does that work itself?

Violent J: I don’t know, man. It’s the same answer. I think those guys, when we reach out to the them and ask them to play, I think they respect it.

DX: Why do you think that because you have The Gathering, given the big acts who appear at it, why do you think your notoriety hasn’t increased more?

Violent J: I think it has increased. I think we do get respect. We’re talking to you right now. I don’t know how much more we could get. Like I said, we don’t get invited to the parties, but what other type of respect do we need? I’ve been so used to being where we are at and being the world’s most hated band that I don’t think there is anything else out there. I stopped looking for it. We asked Ice Cube to do a song and he did it for free. I mean Ice Cube rapped on our shit for nothing. I got Ice Cube’s e-mail. That’s all I could say. I got DJ Paul in my rolodex. That’s all I could say. I would love to get more write-ups in magazines, people to review the records and say the records are tight. Usually they slam the shit out of us. There’s a lot of ways to be respected. We don’t mind not having it. We are not looking for it.

DX: A lot of people that matter respect you, though. Why do you think there is a disconnect where people think you aren’t respected, but you can turn around and get Redman, Method Man, Ice Cube and Tech N9ne to collaborate with you and appear at The Gathering?

Violent J: People are misinformed about us. They don’t know that we have worked with those artists. They don’t know what we’ve done because we are not on a major label and we don’t have the connections of a major machine, so people aren’t aware. We don’t have the press machine that they have. We aren’t on the radio. Deejays don’t spin us. We don’t have the coverage in the magazines that they have. It’s the way of the world. Some people are like, “Fuck them clowns.” Other people are like, “Respect, man. They’ve been holding it down for 22 years.” It’s kind of a mixed situation. It’s really weird, and I don’t have my finger on it. I’m thinking that we’re just not part of the machine. We kind of made our own road to success and it’s a tunnel underground. When you take the other route, people see you, but when you take our route, it’s underground and it’s dirty. We took our own path through the woods. We didn’t take the paved highway.

DX: What did you learn from your time on a major label?

Violent J: We learned that we don’t like to be told how to do things. It’s so weird, our relationship when we were on the majors. The first group we signed with was Jive. We told them we’d never do another album with them. At the same time Hollywood Records was trying to sign us and we had signed to Jive, and Hollywood Records made an arrangement with Jive, and we ended up leaving Jive after one album. We were off to Hollywood Records, and Jive still got paid off of our shit. The debut album came out on Hollywood records, and it got pulled out of stores. So then there was a giant bidding war, and we ended up going to Island Records. So we didn’t get dropped; we kept getting bigger and bigger. Everything was straight at Island records. We have two platinum albums, then they merged with Def Jam, and they don’t want anything to do with us. So they sell us off to an independent label called D3 for a year, and they go out of business. So then we were free to go with Pyschopathic.

We’ve never been dropped from a major label. We kept going with the major labels until they started passing us like a Frisbee. We had been signing artists all along. Suddenly we were on Pyschopathic, which we started on, and we had all of this nationwide success that we could work with, and it’s been a blessing ever since. We experienced life at a major label. We hated it. But we never fell off. We never got dumped. We just got passed around because nobody knew how to work us. Where do you work something like Insane Clown Posse? What radio station do you take that to? Nobody understood it but us. We knew how to work us, which was hand samplers out and work it underground style. Work it grassroots style. That’s what we have been doing ever since.

Shaggy 2 Dope Calls Lil Wayne’s Leotard Pants Corny As Fuck

DX: Your grassroots success helped land you your Insane Clown Posse Theater program on Fuse. One thing that stood out to me about the show is that you aren’t afraid to bash big artists. What made you take that angle?

Shaggy 2 Dope: It all started because they had contacted us to do an Internet show, or something on the Internet for them. I don’t remember the name of the chick, some pop chick. I can’t remember her name. But we did a video—you know like how we ended up doing it for everyone else—that was the first time we did it, and it got mad views on YouTube or however they worked it. We went back and did it again for like three more. We didn’t know it, but that was like a pilot for it almost. Then after that they were like, “What’s up with doing a show on this all the time?” and we were like, “Hell yeah. We’re down.” The thing is, it doesn’t matter who we talk shit about because what kind of bridge is that going to burn with us? We don’t say nothing on that show that everybody ain’t thinking anyways. Some people aren’t in the position to say that shit. We tear into people that need it. If it’s people that are big and seriously dope shit, you know what I’m saying, we don’t say nothing bad about it. If it’s wack, we’re gonna be like, “Who really likes this shit?” You know some corny-ass like, especially when you throw in stuff like Florida Georgia Line, some country shit with Nelly, something like that.

DX: You’re dissing Lil Wayne stood out to me on many levels. On the one hand, people don’t really criticize him. You also did it in a way that was real condescending. Now more than ever people don’t want to diss anyone, but you went in there and said your opinion. Why?

Shaggy 2 Dope: It’s done in a comedian fashion. How can you be mad if a comedian is making jokes about you? With Lil Wayne, of course nobody talks shit about him because everyone wants to work with him. Can you picture ICP and Lil Wayne doing a song together? It’s never going to happen. Everybody thinks it’s wack, it’s corny, the skintight pants he wears and shit. Nobody gonna say shit about it because everybody don’t want to burn no bridge with him and Cash Money. It’s like, “Come on, man. Everyone knows your swag is corny as fuck.” Just nobody want to say it.

DX: What made you want to say it?

Shaggy 2 Dope: Because it’s corny as fuck. Come on, man. Look how stupid he looks. How can you be rockin’ leotards, you know? It’s like, “Come on, man. You can’t do that.” It’s also tongue-in-cheek, too. He probably knows he’s corny for wearing it, but he’s like, “I can wear whatever the fuck I want to wear and people will respect it.” It’s just silly.

DX: You also diss Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus. I thought the comedy was hilarious. How much is off the top of your head?

Shaggy 2 Dope: All of that shit is 100 percent off the dome, man. We don’t watch this shit first. We don’t come up with nothing. They roll the shit twice in a row, and we just watch it, and whatever comes out of our mouth comes out of our mouth. That’s the formula for it. If we were writing for some of the stuff, it would just turn out corny. Stuff like that, you can’t really write jokes for; it’s not like one of those panels on VH1. Everything we do on that show is off the dome, 100 percent.

DX: You said that you were never going to do a track with Lil Wayne.

Shaggy 2 Dope: I’m saying that probabilities of that are low. If Lil Wayne says, “Hey. We are doing a track,” I wouldn’t be like, “Fuck you.” I would be like, “Let’s do this.” But we both know that’s never going to happen.


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  • Anonymous

    Not that I dont think Lil Wayne dresses corny, but how are 2 dudes in clown paint gonna talk about someone dressing corny?

  • Justin Thorne

    So Im happy about this article just because it pisses people off to see it here. Even more so that people are pissed they are calling it hip hop. Eat it you wack bitches. ICP just told you how fucking lame they were so you could copy and paste it into your comment, and still got interviewed. And theyve been doing it for years. Do they sell as many records as the mainstream? Fuck no not even close, and yet 22 years later they are still pissing off you pussies. And all you can do about it is cry in the comments, because youre pussies. Whats even funnier is the assumption that all juggalos are stupid pieces of shit. Because I know a lot of successful juggalos, myself included. So sit and think about how with the world against them they are still making money 22 years later, and your weak ass can only diss them in a comment section.

  • adam

    To all niggas out there who are hating on I.C.P order a pizza with all the trimmings you hate, all the trimmings you allergic to and swallow it. If you don't like it, don't order it. To the educated niggas out there, if you don't like it don't come. with all regards,JOKER

  • adam

    I think that violence pretence violence. If you're all about the negative, keep it to yourself. Sure all artists preach about their lives or other lives, if you relate to it then you will either accept it or negate it. If all you (negative) people wish to come,then come. If you're unsatisfied, oops.

  • Juggalo

    The worst thing about being a juggalo is other juggalos. There are a few really bad apples that fuck shit up for everyone. Other than that, enjoy what you enjoy, and stop giving a fuck about what other people choose to listen to, spend their money on, or do in their free time. Especially if it doesn't affect you. What's the point?

  • Anonymous

    So funny reading all the lil Wayne fans comments. How the fuck u gonna call ICP gay when lil kissing bird man on the mouth!!!!!!!!! Too much kids lol

  • James

    They don't care what people think? That's nonsense. Their whole gimmick is being as weird and off-putting as possible. If they didn't care about what people thought, they wouldn't try so hard to piss everyone off.

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    fucking clowns!!

  • Because The Internet

    "Faggot2Dope and Silent Gay / Claimin' Detroit, when y'all live twenty miles away" - Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP

  • Anonymous

    honestly, I know ICP stans that won't go to gathering, I'm not hating or knocking what the juggalos do, just saying maybe they need to work on that because they're scaring off their own brethren in rhyme

  • anonymous

    I swear these guys tried to bum a smoke off of me the other day. Try taking a shower once in a while. You look like garbage. I mean trash. Trash from the trailer park. Trailer park trash.



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  • Run Logan Run

    What really distracts from ANY good music ICP may have is their fans. Period. Contrary to what many believe, there are actually some good songs out there by these two (i.e. The Tower, and all the songs from their The Calm EP). But damn man, those "juggalos". Their behavior and childish belief of "family" and all that shit is just downright silly and asinine. It trult distracts from what ICP and their label(s) has and have accomplished. These are the guys that have bought guys Twiztid (c'mon, Madrox is a beast), Myzery, Blaze, and the barely heard of Jumpsteady. But again, those asshole fans bring them down a bunch. If anyone had at least 40% respect for ICP, their fans would bring that respect down to 19%. Anytime you have to have a name for your fans, it ain't gonna be pretty.

  • dentaldamboy

    If you are an ICP fan, you are either: a terrorist sympathizer, feminist, pedophile, crackhead or welfare recipient.

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    lmao @ all the lil wayne fans getting their panties in a bunch over this

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    Here's the thing. Nobody forces you to see them, like them or listen to them. ICP is something that you will not come across in your every day live if you choose not to look for it. Yeah they kinda corny so don't look them up and thats it. If you still comment an things ICP and you do so just to insult others or to spread your hate, seems like there is something wrong with you too. I wouldn't waste any freakin minute of my life to go to a lets say Justin Bieber forum and diss the guy. It has something to do with self respect. You can't have any if you diss in a way like most of you did here. It's just pityful and shows what kind of stupid person you are. The world is full of things you might not like or support. Feel free to hate on all of them....must be fulfilling

  • Anonymous

    weezy about to slaughter these nigguz

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  • Anonymous man you must watch this classic shit from ICP before you say anything. this is... really... a timeless classic. ICP for Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

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    All this shit yall talkin on juggalos, but yall.came here to.see.this?. Get the fuck outta herr with esham and These guys brought something to rap n hip.hop, that has never been brought.before By anyone, with dark demented.lyrics, and they worked their So fuck u lifeless haters

  • Anonymous

    when was this Wayne diss done? that's was 2011, and not only did Wayne's fans laugh, rappers had legging diss bars, notably Pusha T, who's been going at Wayne for a while. so if ICP did this recently, you guys are far behind the curve saying no one spoke up to him because they're scared, you're wrong beyond that we cool, enjoy the music

    • Anonymous

      that's why I asked the question, the article didn't provide a timeline or referral point for the headline, it's misleading to attract viewership I suppose

    • PsychoPatrick

      Take it as a diss if you want to. But if you ask me it was merely observational humor. It wasn't in a track so they didn't "drop bars". They were simply stating that while doing their TV show that included comments from ICP that were of the top of their heads

  • da Mayor of MN

    wtf hhdx...icp interview. all the school shooter icp fans are commenting about how ignorant people like me idgaf!!!! icp is trash and hhdx can eat a fat dick for wasting time with this bs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • da Mayor of MN

      Wtf goin on man that dude up there ain't me, why he using me name idk but guess what ice do in fact have a place in hip hop and that's on the fringe..I'm 22 lil buddy appreciate the hate tho!! And y'all jug jugalos are just losers all grown up know that !!!

    • PsychoPatrick

      Apparently not. You don't make that call. You have an opinion.

    • da Mayor of MN

      "What do you know about HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" enough to know that icp is not part of it

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      What do you know about HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      All the school shooter ICP fans? Really what are you 12? with your "idgaf!!!!" get real

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    I find it funny how far people with hatred will go to diss a group of people. As per the comments in this very section as proof that people hate what they don't understand. They don't want to understand it. They just want it to be completely obliterated. Why? because we just don't give a fuck about what people think of our taste in music and it pains them to see us so fucking happy that it drives THEM insane. Look at the comment section in here. The lengths these insane people who don't listen, and don;'t like ICP will go. I bet within 1 day of this very comment I will get more hate than the entire article for posting something like this. Why? Because they can't stand it. They can't stand the fact that they can't get into our heads to drive us away from this. They are extremely gay. Because Gay people are extremely JEALOUS all of the time. It is hilarious seeing the comments and in fact we juggalos encourage you to keep posting your hate because we waste your time by doing so. Posting any more negative comments against us shows us that you yourself at our own home computer have nothing else better to do than to try and drive us away. That is hate on a level never before seen. I wonder if they will suddenly turn into Jason Holmes on us at one point. Maybe try to pull something similar to the Alrosa Villa shooting back in 2004? These people drive themselves insane by sticking to this comment section with their hatred.

    • Anonymous

      You crying like a baby, son. Seriously. Go wipe the tears off your fucking face and shut up, I can hear you crying from miles alway. ICP is just CORNY, get over it.

  • the worst rap group i ever heard

    The music is just fuckin awful forget the weird make-up they cannot rap the chorus n hooks are beyond lame and corny and they have no flow at all juggalos must force them selves to pretend its great cause they have no choice

  • PsychoPatrick

    Funny everyone wants to dog the fans for being trash and hillbillies when they are clearly not the ones buying and supporting the music. They are not the ones elevating ICP to what they are now. Their is a a lot of trash that tries to pick it up and do it sloppily. That don't say sh*t about me or for me. You be you don't worry about who is eating over here. It don't get any better then the truth. They took a comedic approach to say something about lil wayne. Because it was truth and none of these suck a*s other rappers are going to say sh*t just for the opportunity to one day brown nose this dude for some albums sales. (lil Wayne does have some good tracks and albums I have to admit. Misunderstood *cough cough) The way people try to diss ICP has to be the worst though. You have absolutely 0 knowledge of who ICP is other then the obvious. "They Dress like clowns" But the face paint is the only similarity. "They have a lot of out spoken fans" Witch mind you, they don't have much knowledge of who ICP is either. "They're white" (Its 2014 get over it. they been putting in heavy work since the early 90s) "No one really likes them" But yet big names in the industry give them a bunch of props. Keep it moving with your own life and worry about you and your success. what the f*ck do you care? You hoes been watching too much love and hip hop with all this gossip sh*t.

    • PsychoPatrick

      They are completely independent, So they are doing a lot better then you would probably ever give them credit for.

    • Anonymous

      "Funny everyone wants to dog the fans for being trash and hillbillies when they are clearly not the ones buying and supporting the music." LMAO you make it seem like these devils are the best selling group ever

  • Anonymous

    Lol love the last line?.really makes it seem like they diss wayne because he wont collabe with them. So you say youll never work with wayne? Well i wouldnt tell him fuck no...but hes never gona call so fuck no lmfao.

  • HipHopNation-NoImpostorsAllowed

    Who gives a fuck about these idiots? and why are they on a HipHop website? Isn't there a trailer park somewhere missing two rednecks?

  • Juggalo Joe

    Fuck ya who saying shit. most ya dont even know fucking music. how u gonna hate on a group whos been in the game over 20 years and still dropping bomb ass music and are on top of there game. give me 5 other artists who been in the game for over 20 years and still making bomb ass music??? Im waiting.... oh u cant think of anyone.. well Fuk ya! we dont care wat none of ya think u can hop off our nuts and go listen to ur homo guy kissing lil fag wayne. Peace! and 1 more thing MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP!! Juggalo 4 Life!

  • IROC

    These wack clowns cant rap album went WOOD, im not a Lil Wayne fan but his numbers good

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    Shaggy 2 Dope: Because its corny as fuck. Come on, man. Look how stupid he looks. Does this 2 Dope nigga ever looked into a mirror?

  • fuck wayne khaled young thug

    I don't care bout juggalos to me wearing jeans as tight as wiz khalifa is a far worse look than what they do but its the ICP music I hate seriously fuckin lame corny music them 2 cannot rap for shit lmao

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    If juggalos are all bums that live with their parents. Then how come I (a juggalo) have a college degree. I have a job and work my ass off so does my hisband we also own our own home and have several juggalo friends who work within the medical community. One is a doctor. Thats right bitches Juggalos are writing your prescriptions and fixing you broken arms. Yeah we are real bums and losers. WHOOP WHOOP MUTHA FAUKU!!!!

    • Faggy 2 Dope

      Yeah, right, sure. The day I see a juggalo with a Doctorate is the day Pac turns over in his grave. You and your husband probably take turns working the night shift at the local gas station. All jugalos are bums.

    • Anonymous

      BECAUSE YOU ARE DOCTORS OR HAVE JOBS DOESN'T CHANGE THAT YOU ARE LAME.. YOU CALL YOUR SELF A JUGGALO AND WATCH A CLOWN GROUP? It's best to just not type and your a juggalo with a hisband? Ok.. Guess no feminine there.

  • L1L ShAnK

    Regardless of who is cornier we are the ones buying the albums we are the ones reading the interviews and commenting on them the world shows interest in what it does not understand. Would any of honestly say you would not do the same exact thing if you were making millions to make up fairy tale songs about carnivals and wear some straight up nut huggers talking bout lick me like a lollipop; there is no artistic creation in either but it works because of each one of us shelling out our money for this garbage called Music.

  • Anonymous

    Lil' Wayne may be corny, and a horrible "artist" these days. But for two grown men who wear clown face-paint to call someone else corny... well that's just ridiculous.

    • Well

      People are talking about "grown men wearing clown facepaint" as if clowns are normally little kids or some shit. Most clowns ARE grown men.

  • R.Pgh

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why people love this shit. The music is horrible. Not in a funny way either. It's just awful. Yet, 10's of thousands of weirdo's swear their allegiance to them. Good for them, I guess. I just don't get it.

  • Truth Hurts

    ICP, and their fans, are rejects. I've never in my entire life seen a "juggallo" that had it together. They're always bums living in their parent's basement. An "empire" you say? Yeah, an empire of bums and rejects.

  • genocide_cutter

    ICP are right Lil Wayne is corny

    • PsychoPatrick

      Your logic is retarded. "They're clowns they can't make fun of anyone" they are clowns wtf fuck else do they do? Also talk all that faggot sh*t on here but you wont come around to a show saying anything like that. tough guy

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Maybe because I'm not a rapper??? Lol you fags kill me with that logic "booo hooo ooh at least they are being interviewed there's no interviews with you" so what? That don't make them any less of a bunch of faggots

    • Anonymous

      Yeah they're clowns dick head you think anyone cares about your opinion? I don't see any interviews with you.

    • Anonymous

      but ICP can never make fun of anybody. they dress up like clowns. there's really no coming back from that.

  • Peezy

    You ain't gotta be a fan of ICP to respect their hustle. I'm not a fan either, and juggalos are just about the worst....but they're not lying. Those dudes built a straight up underground empire in the face of relentless mainstream hatred without any radio play whatsoever. Like em or not, that deserves respect.

  • What

    All i got to say Lord Jamal

  • Anonymous

    So a couple of trailer trash white boys who dress up as clowns think someone else is corny? HA

  • Gabriella Meghan

    So glad to see Whitney Peyton, Hopsin, Tech and many others at The Gathering this year!

  • Verbal Tim

    icp sucks whale dick. the worst wayne songs is way better than the best production by these fucktards

  • Anonymous

    They should stop making any music, since they haven't evolved a bit over the years. I've heard only a one decent song and it's 'Halloween On Military Street'. Other than that, their music really, really sucks. And yes, I've heard the new albums too. HORRIBLE!

  • Anonymous

    Of course there will be hating ass bitches talking shit about ICP. I mean what else do people have better to do? You don't like it, don't listen. It's simple. But also if you don't like it, then you can fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    Why would wayne want to do a song with those hillbillies

    • Anonymous

      hillbillies from Michigan? lil Wayne's style is corny, gay, and stale. these niggas icp got real style.

  • Anonymous

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  • j

    Ages 39 and 42 with makeup on. Your ability to comment on swag is revoked

  • Anonymous

    how the fuq do magnets work

  • Anonymous

    i dont like lil wayne ut these dumb ass white boys are fcking wack as it gets and they think vanila ice is a legend fucking retarded clowns