Scarface Clarifies Position On White Rappers, Compares Hip Hop To Rock & Roll

Exclusive: Scarface explains the similarities between Hip Hop, Jazz and Rock & Roll and says that White rappers are presented as "smarter" than Black rappers.

Spoiler Alert: This conversation ends on an ironic note. After nearly 13 minutes of discussing the perils of Hip Hop’s shifting ownership while clarifying his position on White emcees, Rap luminary, Scarface delivers this quotable:

“When you got someone else over Black music, that’s like me going and trying to control the Rock department…”

The macro behind the comparison is detailed within the interview, but the perspective is one that resonated throughout 2013. Lord Jamar, for example, used seemingly every available microphone to highlight his view of racial inequality in contemporary Urban music. Lost in Kanye West’s gaggle of fashion-focused visionary streams of consciousnesses were several intriguing sound bites on how musicians are held to a lesser regard than artists in other mediums. “If there’s a high level of artist—like visual artist or a high level clothing artist,” he told Zane Lowe. “They’ll be held at a higher level of genius points than a musician because the things in music that are selling the most are the least inspired…and the least genius. It confuses things.” Even Nipsey Hussle attacked Complex’s representation of Hip Hop, while being interviewed by Complex. At every income bracket, emcees are challenging the power structure.

Scarface loves dope White rappers joining the cypher, though. He says so in his second sentence below. His qualm is with the way White rappers, with and without talent, are presented with investment opportunities and treated more intelligently than “MC Urban.” In a sense, his opinion represents a logical progression from what many considered a contextually dumbed-down decade: The 2000s. It’s like Real Estate. Wait for the property values to drop low enough, cheaply acquire all the assets then erect what you’d rather see in its place.  

The Internet may have gave way for more Hip Hop diversity, but with a consolidated industry, breaking into the mainstream without signing to a major is still highly unlikely. A significant reason Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were able to explode while remaining indie was because of a pioneering one-off singles deal allowing Warner Bros.’ distributor, ADA to service “Thrift Shop” to key alternative markets. The song is great and the duo absolutely put in their 10,000 hours over the past decade. They earned their spot, but they are an outlier.

This conversation isn’t an old man screaming at clouds. This is a wise sage passing perspective forward. Few have seen and accomplished as much as Brad Jordan, Hip Hop or otherwise. Ignorance isn't bliss. It's prison. Whether in agreement or disagreement, this is a discussion that Hip Hop has always fostered and one that should continue. Following Game’s recent show at Nokia Live in Downtown, Los Angeles (December 28), Scarface clarifies his position.

Scarface Says White Rappers Are Dope

Scarface: I don’t know why people try and make it seem like I’m against what the White boys is doing in Hip Hop. I dig that shit. At the same time, the fucking “boss man” make a nigga look stupid and y’all look smarter. They’ll make a nigga look terrible and y’all look better. Don’t do us like that. We fuckin’ dope. You got muthafuckas like Black Thought, Lupe Fiasco. [Lil Wayne] is dope. And there’s niggas that don’t get a spotlight that’s cold as fuck. It really disappoints me that they’re trying to say that I’m against the White boys in Hip Hop. I’m not against the White boys in Hip Hop. That shit is fuckin’ dope. But at the same time, “Big Boy” and them—whoever’s running this shit—make us look dope, too. Don’t make us look fuckin’ stupid like we ain’t got a junior high school education. Give a nigga some shine that’s dope.

HipHopDX: How do you change “the Big Boy” that’s running things from making one group look smarter and the other look ignorant?

Scarface: That’s the image that they’re portraying to the world, though. I don’t give a fuck about what’s happening here. We know what’s happening here. But when you go to Sweden or Russia, they’re looking at niggas in Hip Hop like “What the fuck is this?” If they ain’t hearing the dopest rappers that’s coming out of the United States then they’re hearing what’s not dope. I would really like some muthafuckas that are some real spitters to represent us abroad. Just give us a fair shake. I’ll bet you any amount of money that the contracts read different, too. I’m serious, man.

DX: But how do we change this? What’s the path forward?

Scarface: You get to sit and watch helplessly. Ain’t nothing you can do. You’ve already been tapped into and capitalized on and now they’re getting ready to ration that shit out. You don’t believe me, do you?

DX: I understand exactly what you’re saying, but I wonder how many options there are now…

Scarface: There ain’t none. You seen the Hip Hop Models and all that shit?

DX: Yeah.

Scarface: Ain’t none of them Black. Sorry. All the Hip Hop Models, they ain’t Black. We about to get pushed out of this muthafucka. Don’t take my word for it. Just watch the show.

DX: I think what you’re saying is something that should be talked about [continuously]. I don’t know if the average person sees the difference in the same light. Kanye West came away looking crazy while talking about [artist exploitation and wealth inequality].

Scarface: Yeah! But you can’t make me look crazy because I’m the muthafuckin’ neighborhood. What I say in the neighborhood is fucking law. I’m looking at it. I seen what happened to the Blues. I seen what happened to Jazz. I seen what happened Rock & Roll and Disco, you know what I mean. I saw it happen to Soul. Now name some Soul groups that’s out right now. That shit gone! That shit gone! What happened? Why is it gone? Now, I ask the question again: Who stole the soul?

DX: So there’s nothing we can do? Is it futile like that?

Scarface: Enjoy it. Enjoy it. You seen the mom & pops [record stores] got fucked. You ain’t paying attention to it? They’re knocking your ass out the game.

DX: Five Points was just demolished in New York City. We lost a legendary visual representation.

Scarface: You getting ready to get fucked. You getting ready to fade that D, bruh. I’m tellin’ you. Watch what I tell you. There ain’t nothing you can do but watch it helplessly. That shit didn’t throw some red flags when all the mom & pops disappeared? They gone! What that do? It takes all the niggas out the game. It takes any chance of a muthafucka coming out the fucking ghetto slinging tapes out of the equation.

DX: I had the chance to run around with OG Ron C in Houston this year. One of the things he mentioned that he leans on is something called the A.L.O.T.—which stands for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. He describes it as one of the main reasons why Houston’s sound was able to travel so far because the scene was literally built off hustling from person to person. Is that aspect still viable? Does that not have impact anymore?

Scarface: OG Ron C is a good friend of mine. If that’s the way he sees it, I’m with it. I like that idea: Hand to hand. The A.L.O.T., I’m with that. I can see that happening. The A.L.O.T., I’m down with that.

DX: I think about artists like Tech N9ne. He’s a millionaire but he’s not on television. I believe it is possible to be successful, to be a millionaire, to have ownership even without being a superstar.

Scarface: When you a millionaire, you are a superstar. I love that. And [Tech N9ne] can get across to people without offending them. At the end of the day, when you take an artist like me, Beanie Siegel, whoever’s not going to have a whole lot of crossover appeal—think about it. I feel like if you can go and rock a fucking stadium full of everybody, then you a bad muthafucka.

DX: You have a unique perspective because when you were running Def Jam South, they didn’t want to sign artists like Rick Ross—which you attempted to bring to the label.

Scarface: I had him first. Look at Ross now. Look at Teflon now. He the nigga. I love what the game is doing. I love what Hip Hop is doing but I would rather somebody be in control of that shit that really give a fuck about the craft; not just the dollar. Respect the integrity of that shit. Don’t fucking put MC Suburb and put all that money behind him and make MC Suburb look like he the shit when you got muthafuckas out here that’s way colder than him. You’ve got MC Urban that’s cold as fuck and he can’t get 20 dollars put behind him. And MC Suburb is talking about fucking ketamine and cat tranquilizer and meth like he the dude. But when you got a muthafucka talking about what it is and uplifting the history of us and they don’t want to hear that shit, man. Our only method of communicating is through our music, bro, and with our drums. When you take that away from us, what the fuck we got?

DX: David Banner has talked about this extensively as well.

Scarface: I love Dave.

DX: The last time you and I spoke, you were talking about the secret to longevity. And one of the things that you said was that Big KRIT has the secret because he makes the same sound and doesn’t try to switch it up. And when you switch it up, you lose your fans. Do you still feel that way?

Scarface: I do. You’ll never hear me on that muthafucka talking about nothing but what I know, and I do not know how to dance. I do not know how to throw money in the strip club. [Laughs]

I’ll tell you some dope shit, man. Put some people in control of this craft that really give a fuck about it. I think when you go and talk about the culture of Hip Hop or Urban music or Black music or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, I really think it should be a Black dude that’s over that shit. When you got someone else over Black music, that’s like me going and trying to control the Rock department—even though I do know the music. But don’t get me fucked up. White rappers, I love it. They fucking dope as fuck. But at the same time, don’t make the niggas look stupid. 

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  • mat betterelli

    White boys all all da shots. 88 SS 111111. Fuck negros

  • TheON

    White guy here. If Big L was alive we wouldn't have to deal with bullshit in hip hop, because Jay Z's empire of bullshit never would of happened. Hopefully people will give respect to the artists that are still alive today that are putting in work, especially Lupe Fiasco and Big KRIT. And black people need to have more faith in Macklemore, because when he comes back, hes going to switch shit up on white people in a big way.

  • jt

    In the early 90's rap exploded and yes it was 100 percent blacks in it. I went thru my teens listening to greats such as wu tang biggie Pac nas jay z. Scarface was never thought of even being close to their level. The rap today I wouldn't call it "white" I would call it mainstream. The rap nowadays is total garbage. I lost alot of respect from scarface for saying this. Im a white boy and I would never call any of this shit rap. I can just see pac and big rolling in their graves over all this. The race card is over stop blaming white people for this. Trust me I show my kids what real rap is thanks to YouTube..

  • john

    let me say this , white people want to say to black people " stop playing the race card when it comes to hip hop its an artform its for everybody" its bullshit, when hip hop first started whites didn't want to have nothing to do with it , they thought it was garbage a bunch of black people saying nonsense over a beat, and many still do believe that's the case, but white people and im not saying all but the majority will have you believe there shouldn't be any racial connotation associated with hip hop culture so that later on down the road when its conducive they will make one. White people will make hip hop white. I absolutely 1000% believe that, white people are not as good as black people at the artform, Eminem is ok, but he still cant fuck with nas or a jay or a rakim. no way. its not a dig at them saying that its just an observation. white people don't have the right to tell black people how or what the artform should be . We invented it. So that nonsense white people are saying about " oh black people talk about guns, drugs, etc too much" who are you to say whats too much ?..... right , you don't like it don't buy. but your steadily buying it though,as far as consumers are concerned the majority of consumers of hip hop are white, they influence the artists that come out along with the label heads. Granted black people need to purchase more to dictate whats played but its like Grand Puba said in a interview recently : the example applies even though grand puba is an old artist : " he put out his music which was street conscious/gangster rap , music with a message, which was about white people stealing blacks music , he called them the white devil in his music. Under no circumstances would the labels put any money behind his music despite its popularity and marketability. There was a audience for it , majority black people. It was profitable . So why wouldn't the whites be all about the dollar and it coming down to the business ? cuz its not all about the business and black person who thinks it is, is afucking fool.

  • Anonymous

    white rappers are presented as idiots who dont know who they are please..

  • cbrown

    FSU we back baby fuck the sec ps fuck the gators

  • Anonymous

    hip hop dx don't like white people neither thats why they have a hard on this guy and lord jamar!

  • Anonymous

    I knew white fucks would get offended by this. White people must control everything, the moment someone of color tries to do their own thing, white people get offended. Mac Miller, Macklemore, Eminem, they're all faggot label pawns anyway. White people have destroyed everything, this world is nothing but a giant skyscraper, full of white devils.

    • Anonymous

      and i find it quite hilarious you call mac miller a label do realize that guy is not signed, right? hes independent...fucking simpletons just dont get it

    • Anonymous

      how? im a white dude and im not offended at all. i agree with everything dude said. more people should fucking listen...idc if theres more or less people in hip hop, its all about the quality

  • Frank

  • Bob

    You name yourself Scarface but the big, bad "white man" took your music and won't give it back? Boo hoo. Every other word you speak is "nigga" but you are one of the intelligent..."niggas"? How about starting your own record label, production company, advertising company, radio station, TV station so your smart "nigga" shit can live on? The "white man" has do that for you, huh? "Scarface" says the "white man" holds all the cards...G your uncle tom a$$ T F O H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tim

      Who says that the most gifted emcees are always the ones who have the most intelligent things to say? Look at Scarface, he is probably one of the best storytellers who ever did this, he is also a hell of a musician and producer and he has had a hand in running labels. But still, 60% of his lyrics are about "niggas" get killed. 30% of his lyrics are about "bitches". There's a 10% where he tries to take a wider approach to politics. But that's still an overwhelming majority of his output that gives listeners the impression that black people in Scarface's life are up to no good. And yes, that sounds kind of dumb and self-defeating and self-destructive. Gangsta rappers lost the right to complain about being portrayed as dumb self destructive "niggas and bitches". "Bling bling" rappers lost the right to complain about coming across as shallow and materialisic. Party rappers lost the right to complain about being seen as superficial and with nothing to say. Is Prince complaining about being seen as obsessed with sex and women? Is Lady Gaga complaining bout being associated with crazy outfits? Stop blaming everyone else for the inevitable reaction to your actions. Grow the fuk up

    • Lol

      Obviously you have never heard his music and are extremely ignorant to how this world works.

  • Anonymous

    i fuck with face & agree with him. but the nigga needs to more careful with his remarks because the cats over the rap game are gonna use his remarks to discredit him (and others) preventing niggas from taking the culture back

  • Nick

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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Scarface, but the the things is...niggas got to start taking care of our creations. We create shit, but fail to market and make business out of things we create. Then the white or whatever other color businessman comes in and capitalizes. In all fairness, many times they have the money and access to things we do not so shit gets removed from our hands that way. At the same time, its a lot of ignorant niggas that will do anything for a dollar and a lot of black people who support aspects of our culture that is all about materialism and wasteful spending of money. This shit has to be corrected so the right mentality will be born that will see opportunity in the things we create and also have the interest in the business side of it besides letting someone else handle it only to complain when its ripped from our hands in the end. We got to stop putting money in everybody else fucking pockets and giving away shit to everyone else and put that shit into ourselves. Peace.

    • MoSu

      I agree with you. I think you touched on money and resources, which is a really important aspect of this. The rich are getting richer and getting more and more access to resources (financing, information, connections, markets, inspiration, etc.) and most everyone else is struggling to maintain. That said, the urban (we're getting gentrified out of cities, so we're becoming more suburban) black and brown people who make up the original core audience of hip hop can definitely make better use of the resources we have. More importantly, our mentality and understanding of media, economics, etc. needs to change badly. Too many people think that TV and radio accurately represent the world. People don't question who controls the programming or who owns the networks. Just because the "hip hop" station stays playing wack shit doesn't mean that hip hop got wack. It means that there are people deliberately making decisions to play the wack shit over the ill shit. Conventional wisdom says that what sells is what gets played. I disagree. The garbage on radio and tv is clearly aimed for teenagers (or people with young minds) who spend less money on music than adult consumers. Meanwhile hip hop has now been around for like 40 years, so the adult hip hop market should be WAAAY bigger than the teenage market. Plus, adults have more $ to spend than kids, so why target music to the young heads? I don't have the answer, and I'll keep my own conspiracy theories to myself for now. Shout to Scarface for making this a public conversation. I hope this conversation continues and expands. Despite what some commenters might think, this is a healthy conversation for hip hop.

  • Audrey Bucci

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  • Anonymous

    The type of headlines on dx are obviously trying to get people to argue about race in Hip Hop. If you want racism to die, stop talking about it.

    • Chem

      I don`t agree.. If you want racism to stop, act when there`s a reason to act..

    • Anonymous

      its lots of money in racism... it will not disappear by ignoring the mark its already created

    • foolproof

      You can't run from the truth. Simply not talking about it has got to be the dumbest fucking thing I've ever if it's just going to disappear or some shit. Critical analysis and open dialogue are the ONLY true remedies. SMH

  • Jay Dubb

    HIP HOP, like all great music, is Universal & Colorblind! TALENT has no age, race, religion or color! White people were instrumental in turning Hip Hop into the global business it is today! From Rick Rubin starting DEF JAM & signing LL COOL J to PUBLIC ENEMY, from Barry Weiss & Clive Calder starting JIVE & signing KRS-ONE, KOOL MOE DEE, UTFO, WHODINI, TRIBE CALLED QUEST; Tommy Silverman starting TOMMYBOY & signing NAUGHTY BY NATURE, COOLIO, LATIFAH; Eddie O'Laughlin starting NEXT PLATEAU & signing SALT 'n PEPA; Fred Muneo launching SELECT & signing KID 'n PLAY; Bryan Turner & Marc Cerami starting PRIORITY & signing N.W.A, EAZY-E, ICE CUBE, MASTER P; Jimmy Iovine & Ted Field starting INTERSCOPE & signing DR.DRE, SNOOP, 2PAC; & on & on..... these are ALL white guys & INSTRUMENTAL in building Hip Hop from the parks to the arena & ears of the World! It has ALWAYS been Black & White, it didn't 'turn White'- ALWAYS been UNITED in creativity, business & passion! Without one the other would NEVER had happened as it has! KEEP IT POSITIVE & ABOUT TALENT NOT COLOR!

    • Anonymous

      so chief keef aint black? because im pretty sure he is and he is the most simplistic rapper ive ever heard. and i forgot that extremely intricate rappers like aesop rock werent white..oh wait he is, so that means your opinion has been proved wrong....btw aesop aint close to one of my favorite rappers, but he does have the most complex rhymes ive ever heard black or white

    • Anonymous

      You said it right there, white people turned it into a global business. They turned art into a dollar sign, reason they dumbed it down is so they can sell it to white people, because white people are simple as fuck and can't understand multies or concepts. What a dumbass fucking comment.

    • rideonemjixxer

      well put!

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  • Anonymous

    its a known fact in history, once whites takeover you fucked!

    • Sigh

      To the person that claimed whites invented all of the cures for diseases ask yourself why none of these diseases that now need cures existed in Africa. How did they survive? Who did the Romans and Greek learn from? Egypt.

    • Anonymous

      hoard resources? Like you guys are unable to get in to a studio or grab a mic? You just suck and you're more concerned about coppin' the new Jordan shoes than you are about being successful at something.

    • Anonymous

      u dont take over u just hoard resources

    • Anonymous

      That must be why black people invented all those cures for diseases and technology and cool shit.

  • Anonymous

    If you call yourself a fan of hip hop why would you direspect the legends and try to keep and age limit on the game. Hip hop is not about billboard 100, do some homework and learn the history. Not a clue about whats been going down through the years and launching off comments about whats hot. Learn why and how shit is hot an be sure within your own self, search for talent and see why this thing still exists today and how it became a world wide phenomenon

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  • tru known

    I agree with scarface, them white boys took over. I still think hip hop is good, but these niggaz too stupid to see where face is comming from.

  • J.Garvi

    I'm an artist and I usually never comment, but the fact that yall disrespect Scarface the way yall do further lets me know that he is right and the users on this site have absolutely no credibility. Yall don't even know why you should respect what Face is saying so it is impossible for you to understand the position he is coming from. It's sad that these so call "fans of hip hop" know nothing about the culture. They're just infatuated and going through a phase.

    • HNIC

      Exactly. It's both willful and blind ignorance. No respect at all. The most frustrating thing about it is Face and LJ are speaking about things that are painfully obvious. These white boys are living in a world of oblivion.

  • Chuckwick

    Why does race still make ya'll come running out the woodwork? Shit is getting old... Also, shout out to 'Face, I get what your saying but the young dudes gonna see it as racial. Stop trying to explain yourself.

  • Anonymous

    who fucking cares.... shut up scarface you ugly fat jealous prick......... shady would lyrically eat you alive fat racist wanker

    • Sad Day

      And MF DOOM would eat shady alive, so would Nas. Shit even Kendrick might put a dent in Eminem at the level he is now.

  • Miles

    I agree..I remember when my supposedly liberal English professor had us discussing similarities between Eminem's Lose Yourself and Ezra Pound & Thoreau..I was like they're so excited that there's a white rapper so they can bring hip hop into the academic world..he didn't know any of Pac's music or Rakim..Another angle is white people just relate to white rappers more..they aren't as scary looking..but he was talking about the emotions that he conveys with his words and how it's so powerful..and I just kept thinking ..that he felt like saying.."thanks for a smart white boy coming a long and finally making rap an artform"

  • Andre Da Giant

    That's what I was screaming about on the air here in Baltimore. I went on the mic acting like I was talking to a few Bmore homeboys but I was really talking to way more peoples than I knew of. I came on that radio show not as a host, but as a fan of the music. Ain't nothing like having some variety in music like we had back in the day. Now all we get is trap music, all we get is trap music, all we get is trap music, maan I said all we get is trap music! It's enough room on the air as it was in the 80's, 90's, and the 2000's. Now it's like we're getting force fed the same ol thing, the same ol thing, maan I said the same ol thing!!! I'm not against hustlin or trap music but if that's all, it's like watching nothing but reality shows on and never watching some martin.

  • Anonymous


  • chillthrillz

    thanks hiphopdx,,for deleting my comment you will probably delete this one too,,,,censoring ass clowns,,,,as much shit ass motherfuckers talk on here,,,,you might win some but you just lost one,,, IM A START A CAMPAIGN TO SHIT ON YOUR SITE FUCK YOUR SITE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      they delete my comments all the time too funny how people on here can say all kinds of fucked up racist shit about blacks and it's ok with HHDX but any negative comments about white people get deleted

  • Colb Jakob

    He's not saying their shouldn't be white rappers or that he doesn't like white rappers. He is just saying that "boss man(old white exec)" is pushing and promoting all the dope white rappers while a majority of the coldest black rappers get no push, adv, promo ect...reason why their ain't shyt but a bunch of weak ass music in today's game. If you got his words twisted...I suggest you read it again thoroughly! COLB

  • nasirjones

    scarface, more like gayface.. hip hops a business fool

  • jburnz

    -If white people never got into rap, there would be no millionaire rappers. -Rap is shaped by "black culture," of course, but the world has changed since rap was created by black folks in the Bronx, years ago. Culture does not live in a vacuum, the world around it interacts with it and changes what it is over time. -Non-black rappers and rap fans should respect history. Being someone who does rap music does not make you part of hip hop culture, necessarily. See white family doing Christmas rap. Corny as fuck. -White label executives exploiting rap is the issue. If talented young artists had a better sense of when they were "selling out" or being exploited, or not doing what's in their best interest to represent themselves, there would be much more independence and black leadership when it comes to black leadership in the music industry. -All this Lord Jamar/DJ Vlad stirring shit up is appealing to the lowest common denominator or rap commenters on the internet who feel some kind of thrill out of talking racist bullshit on the internet. -If you are not doing anything to progress the movement, you are part of the problem.

    • chiilthrillz

      i know thats right,,,,but how many,,,,companies have become richer because of hiphop white people love to hate us but make money of us,,,so if it wasnt for hiphop,,,there wouldnt be white rappers talking about same love, or white executive co signing their version of shit,,,everytime the white establishment get there hands on something it get distorted and the message get twisted,,, if anything the white establishment should be thanking the ebony,,for creating something they can latch on too as usual and making a profit of it too,,,, white girls twerking,,,white boys rapping,,,white boys singing r&b,,,which aint nothing new,,,,,white people just need to know that they are lost without the ebony,,,,,like i said THEY LOVE OUR STYLE,,,,AND THIS IS NOT RACIST,,,ITS A FACT!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Hip hop is black music" So? Jimi Hendrix was an amazing rock artist, but I suppose rock should only be restricted to whites, right? Good music is good music, doesn't matter whose behind the mic or what color they are.

  • Michael SP

    This man is seriously spittin real shit. And while most may think he's ranting the truth is that he completely right. A few days back I was talking to this kid who thought that the track "Pink cookies in a plastic bag..." was written by macklamore instead of LL Cool J.

  • chillthrillz

    Yall white Boys been on our dick,,,yall love our style,,,,admit it,,,,if it wasnt for hiphop yall would be some long haired faggots playing a guitar,,,talking about becky or some bullshit,,, yall cant deny it,,,,and for every response to this comment will prove what the fuck im saying and by the way there are a lot of wack ass black rappers too,,,so this aint about race

    • offensive

      hip hop dx deleting comments talking about offensive comment,,,,,yeah ok ,,,,,hiphop is being diluted yall,,,by fossi bois who have sex with men but cant handle,,,,,,free speech you can fuck who you want but you cant say shit,,,,,,i will be shitting on hiphopdx in my travels,,,,,,


      i didnt say jealous,,,i said yall love our style,,,,,,so fuck you and this censoring ass website,,,i know some butt hurt,,,fossi boy deleted my comment,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      > *rants about white people being gay and long-haired and being jealous of blacks* > " this aint about race" You dumbass nigga.

  • MOORish

    maybe the culture is dumb, scarface. ever think of that?

    • Try Again

      Joey Badass, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica, Earl Sweatshirt, Big K.R.I.T, Childish Gambino.

  • shadyari

    white rap black rap blah blah blah fuck you Scarface... if you have balls go one on one mic with Eminem or Action Bronson they eat you alive, you dick sucker..... and in Kosovo we don't have black people so the rap game its in white duds hands :) I call that shit rap no matter what, black or white as long as is rap :)

    • Lol

      Go listen to Ghostface Killah on Supreme Clientele and tell me how good you think Action Bronson still is.

    • shadyari

      @chillthrillz really do you think I give a fuck what you have to say :) bitch please.... let me tell you something, I watch a movie 12 years slave and I felt bad how the black was treated right, but in other hand I say fuck it because as soon as white rapper shine you motherfuckers hating so yeah I say fuck em and yes you bitch showed your colours :) happy new fucking year and stop listen to rap cis it belong to us WHITE :)

    • Anonymous

      lmao at kosovo do you have any idea how much of a faggot you sound right now, euro pussy?

    • ETK

      "and in Kosovo we don't have black people so the rap game its in white duds hands" LMAAAAO like WE give a shit about Kosovo. Anyway, why is it so hard for you to swallow the truth? We invented this shit, and y'all took it from us. If it wasn't for us, Kosovo boy, you wouldn't have your oh so precious Eminem/Action Bronson or any "white duds" from your goddamn city, Kosovo boy.

    • chillthrillz

      why you mad?,why you gotta dis this man cause he speaking some truth,,, kosov really? sound like yall love this rap shit created by the original ,,,if you feel offended tough break nigga,,,suck it up,,,white boys got a voice now becuase of this internet shit,,,now yall can show yall true color oh my bad,,,yall dont have color,,,now yall got something else to be mad about,,,,

  • The_Observer

    Rick Ross is fucking hip hop up with all that money, and maybach talk

  • Fuck Scarface/Cube

    "So I'm at the crossroads in my life, for a moment there were no speaking engagements, for a moment black people who pretended to be close to me started running from me; Ice Cube started melting on me. These Negros who play hard; pretend they're gangsters but when the real gangster, the devil, comes on the scene they punk out. Scared to do an album with me now, scared of what the white people gonna say and scared of what the Jews gonna say. In the new video that just came out with Scarface he said "Put my gun in your mouth and make you vomit/Im down with Khalid Muhammad" but when it's time to be down with Khalid Muhammad, shot in both legs, assassination attempt on his life ain't no god damn Ice Cube; hes a melting on the sidelines punk!"

  • Daddyfatsaccs

    Face is one of the best ever but the discussion of this black vs white rapper debate need to end... only then will there be equality. Cannot hate on a couple white rappers just cause they are hot. Don't be Jealous and stop taking the race card cop out if your wack! its jjust music people!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • smh

      No but my father was brought up in segregated schools which had an obvious impact on my up bringing, correct? You do realize they were still lynching blacks in the 70's right?

    • Anonymous

      and i guess jews should just "get over it" whenever they remember the holocaust right?

    • Anonymous

      Right? Doesn't matter who started hip hop, the important thing is that it constantly expands, diversifies and grows in a good way. These race talks are irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    People saying that these retards have a point and how hip hop is about the struggle and segregation and living on the streets and it should stay that was is ridiculous. You would rather stay in the struggle? You would rather everything segregated? You cant pick and choose everyone is equal. I think Tiger woods needs to be more respectful to other golfers and not take all the advertisements because it was started by white people and he is a guest in golf. Sounds a bit racist that doesn't it!

    • Lol

      Do you not understand he's saying that black rappers who do not spit ignorance are purposely not signed, hence staying in struggle and poverty. Everyone is not treated equal. Ignorant blacks are invested in before the intelligent which continue these stereotypes a lot of you love you believe.

  • Anonymous

    Trinidad James,Gucci Mane,Rick Ross,2 Chainz,Lil Wayne,Big Sean, Waka Flocka,T-Pain, Meek Mill or Mac Miller,Eminem,Yelawolf,Action Bronson,Immortal Technique,Asher Roth,Atmosphere yes it's clear who the fucking guests are ! who's the guests in Baseball ? Basketball ? I'd rather listen to the white boys than any of them Fuck Lord Jamar and Fuck Scarface saying you're not racist but always mentioning the colour of a person skin. It should be about who's dope not the colour of there skin ! but we got old ass black niggas butt hurt blacks aren't putting out bs and got 100million times platinum like in the 80's and 90's. Why is it only blacks talking about whites being guests in Hip-Hop ? fuck that shit there are more wack black rappers than white rappers !

    • HNIC

      @anonymous 3.......immortal technique is not white. He's hispanic (peruvian)

    • trill281

      The record companies put out what the young mothafuckas wanna hear, wack shit, but most of the wack shit on the radio is coming from black rappers, I fucks with freddie Gibbs, Danny Brown, Krit, Black hippie, Yelawolf, Action Bronson, just to name a few, but its the bullshit niggaz like Ross and Trinidad James be puttin out that the radio plays, all that poppin molly bullshit, niggaz rappin bout they lambos, and irrelevant shit, so the problem lies with the public bruh not just with the Big Boys in the record companies, face is right when he says the urban aspect in hip hop is dying, but we cant just point the finger at the white rappers.

    • Anonymous

      Mac Miller,Eminem,Yelawolf,Action Bronson,Immortal Technique,Asher Roth,Atmosphere or Rakim,Kool G Rap,Big Daddy Kane,Ras Kass,Big Pun,Wu-Tang Clan,Nas,Black Moon,MF DOOM yes it's clear who the fucking guests are!

    • Anonymous

      Nigga dont name generic corny niggas then the best white rappers you could think of and try to use that for your case. If I hit you with Kendrick, Schoolboy, Ab Soul, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Earl Sweatshirt, Jay Electronica, Andre 3k. Obviously in a Black dominated genre (numbers wise) there are going to be more wack black artists because there are way more black rappers then there are white ones. This is what Scarface was saying when he said people make the black artists look stupid and act like there arent black artists that are dope as fuck, but all the white rappers are viewed as more intelligent. What about Riff Raff, Vanilla Ice, Insane Clown Posse? They aint dope nigga sorry

  • jive

    Now this i can agree with. Lord Jamar comments exposed himself as a racist/prejudice individual. I'm not black but I can agree with Scar. Black people are presented to the media by being violent and not by their talent. It's safe to say majority of blacks are violent though but not all are. Whites are presented as the non violent talented species about 99% of the time.

  • anonymous

    fuck jamar fuck scarface

  • anonymous

    finally someone logical

  • the advocate

    its seems like these days when ur color u think its okay to oppress whites for their history....well fuck u you don't have the right. a blind man never complains about the color of artists it always those that think they can see who make that judgement

  • the advocate

    you racist ppl just wait till Indians take over hiphop fuck u jamar and scarface

  • Shana E. Correa

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  • Anonymous

    fuck what all yall say i ride with scarface and brand nubian fuck yall talkin bout fuck scarface and lord jamar.. make albums like them and impact the culture then say something otherwise respect the architech.

  • Ricoooo

    its easy for us naitives (blacks) of hiphop to protect what we created, support the dope ones keep buying their albums, even if they arent being promoted in your face like a mac miller or eminem or who ever, you go out and look for them support them, soon they'll be a lot of white boys running around but in the public eye and even to the white boys themselves they'll only be able to rap about silly shit, or parents on drugs like eminem hiphop will always be black, see im not worried because like rock came from the rhythm n blues and the white boys took that, we'll find something new as far as im concerned hiphop aint shit nowdays anyways have you heard the shit that these rappers are making these days basically whats happened is hiphop has stopped being music niggas aren't structuring their lyrics the story telling aspect is gone now you got a bunch of cypher verses to a beat, if your aim as a rapper is to make songs show casing how good you are at rapping and aint saying shit my nigga its late for you hiphop died in the 90's baby what we have is a shadow of the genre that use to be

  • Anonymous

    Yep, we don't need more Elvises in hiphop. Although his comments is prejudiced, remember hiphop was not accepted by white america and it still isn't. So for white rappers to try and force their agenda on hiphop doesn't sit well with me. They are guests and they should respect the foundation. Hiphop was created out of repression, we were not accepted and therefore we needed a medium - thus HIPHOP. If white america accepted us as their own hiphop would have never existed. So, yes therefore white rappers are guests.....

  • CmonFace

    Don't be posting about Mac Miller, MGK, or Yelawolf. Nobody thinks these are top level MC's. That would be like sayin the best black rappers are Waka, Lil B, and Chief Keef. For every Kweli and Black Thought there is an Action Bronson and Slug that should be doing WAAAY more units. But them dumb mfs would rather listen to somethin about lovin Sosa.

  • CmonFace

    Really Face? #1: the rap game is a young man's game. Unless you Jay, Em, Nas, Andre3K, or Dre - after 40 - Nigguhs ain't tryin to fox wit you. Period. 2nd - they give you President of a damn company. That's like MJ coming up from the Bulls to ownin the Bobcats. Can MJ still play at 50? Yeah he'd be alright but ain't nobody tryin to watch MJ out his prime.. just like my man Brad Jordan. Next - fxck all this white rapper bs. The only two cats that get any love are Em and Macklemore and errbody know Macklemore is a one-and-done. Maybe he's tryin to throw Drake on board but I got him in the light-skinned nig category.

  • Hilary Harris

    til I saw the bank draft for $4718, I be certain that my neighbour woz realy bringing in money part time from there pretty old laptop.. there great aunt started doing this for under eleven months and by now cleard the morgage on their place and purchased a brand new Ford Focus. find more information... www.Tec80.Com Meanwhile, white Jews like Lyor Cohen & Jerry Heller sit back and watch the money pile up as their slave rappers do a little jig for them.

  • Anonymous

    your only mad TO LOOK DUMB IF ARE DUMB.

  • Anonymous

    This shit make white rapper want stay underground or experimental

  • Anonymous

    who's bad basketball? it used be all white players.

  • Anonymous

    Big Meech and Larry Hoover should sue his fat posterior.

  • A Trillionaire

    To me, a racist comment is one that generalizes an entire group of people as a stereotype that doesn't apply to all whom you have labeled. Is Riff Raff ever presented in an intelligent way? How is Talib Kweli made to look stupid in the media? Scarface is just another racist dude from the deep south. One day he'll die and the world will be a better place.

    • A Trillionaire

      Then you aren't looking at the whole entire picture and you're selectively listening to what you want to hear that only serves your purpose. You're like all the mainstream news outlets, you disregard what the actual truth of the matter is to help glorify and further your own selfish cause.

    • Anonymous

      look at the mainstream an see how rappers are represented, and were not talkin about the kweli's of this world,

    • A Trillionaire

      As a matter of fact, you misquoted me by saying that I wished death upon Scarface. You are an even worse troll than I am.

    • A Trillionaire

      I'm not wishing death on him. I'm just stating the inevitable fact that he, like all of us, will one day die. And being that he is a racist the world will be a better place when he and all other racist like him are gone. And how is this story misquoted? It's an interview, he can say whatever he wants to say and it's all in his own words.

    • Time Of The Month ?

      Get a fucking grip wishing death on another person because hip hop dx is winding you up like a toy soldier with misquoted story's

  • Anonymous

    black people been making themselves look stupid though and black people keep on supporting it....???????

    • Zzzzz

      O.K anonymous whatever you say because poor blacks are the main buyers/consumers of paid music and not white kid's from the suburbs



  • Slumerican

    I get his point out of all of jamars and scarfaces racist ass comments they made one that actually makes since. They do make black people look stupid cause they are if they are still talking about dancing....Bitchs...or drugs. Thats why white people look smarter cause we make good music without all of that. You guys could too but you wont cause your hamsters stuck on a fucking wheel.

    • The World We Live in

      It's funny how a large population of white people "jokingly" support Chief Keef but so many are unaware of Joey Badass, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica, Earl Sweatshirt, Big K.R.I.T, Childish Gambino, etc. It's insulting that you even feel you're in a position to criticize black music when you only have a toe dipped in the ocean of variety and diversity within subject matter and artistic delivery that exists below the surface of what the major labels push down your throat. Guess who own these major labels and control the budgets which determine who you hear on the local "Hip-Hop" radio station? I suggest that you Google a few of the names suggested above and return with a less uninformed response to this subject.

    • Heart Of Dixie

      It's won't not wont learn to spell stupid peasant before attempting to kick knowledge . P.S, For the record not every black rapper is called Ross or Trinidad James . And for every great white rapper namely Eminem their is a Riff Raff waiting just around the corner

  • blackbeltbreeze

    Bruh Face is a genius, probably the GOAT, and often is conflicted with how he feels about stuff. He has expressed that confliction throughout his whole career of music. That's why he is so compelling; he's honest. His honesty is not always articulated with precision that helps him be profound without alienating people, similar to a Bun B or Talib Kweli. It's raw and sometimes offensive. But it's always honest. I think he's saying something in this interview that should be explored in more depth, especially given all the other quotes from other artists that the writer put in the intro. There is alot here about the politics of cultural identity for ethnic majority and minority groups within a multicultural society. This conversation becomes even more interesting when i think about countries like Russia, China, and India, and other places with large numbers of different ethnic groups but one main dominant group in political and economic power. It's not unique to the USA. Looking at it comparatively might help us understand our experiences here more clearly and not feel threatened by the conversation.

  • Thes1948

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  • johnjohnphenom

    Dudes a legend, no matter how you look at it. He's transcended decades and eras and he's top ten all time for sure. But damn face mob I think it's quite the opposite. The "big boys" been trying to make white rappers look like dumbass trailer trash thinking that is the equivalent to black rappers, uneducated. After Eminem they went to bubba sparxx, Paul wall, yelawolf, mgk and (for the love of god) riff raff to name a few. Meanwhile you still got the black thoughts, mos defs and commons but how well are they selling? The big heads are thinking that "well shit this Lil Jon guy is selling records let's get an Eminem Lil Jon hybred". Jay said it best "if skills sold truth be told, I'd probably be, lyrically talib kweli"

    • Anonymous

      You just proved my point. Jay would go plat if he did some kweli shit but that's cause now, dudes a fuckin empire and still, as gifted as he abviously is (or was) even he thinks he should dumb it down. He knows what sells and how to sell it. They had mc hammer, they made vannila, they had biggie, they made Eminem, they had killer mike they made bubba sparxx, they had Lil jon, they made Paul wall, they had rick Ross they made action Bronson, they had jay electronica they made mac Miller...... So yeah I don't think they trying to make white or black rappers look smart or dumb or fat or indie. There just trying to sell what works at the time.

    • Youdumbazz

      Jay's worst line ever was the Kweli line. This nigguh was president of Def Jam, married to Beyonce, and has hella endorsements. You can't put out a decent album if you're Jay? Naw that nigguh makes crap like "Tom Ford" tryin to pretend like he is 20 even though he's worth a billi. If no talent azz Jay put out a decent album like Kweli, it's guaranteed to go double plat so that nigguh a punk for actin like he has to put out shxt.

  • hahaha

    He talks about black rappers being made to look dumb, then he puts Lil Wayne in the same sentence as Lupe and Black Thought? Seriously? Lupe got white fans, black people think he's corny...dumb black rappers are famous becuz they make the type of music that black people wanna hear and "turn up" to. One day black peple are gonna stop blaming white people for their struggles and magically the community will improve

    • Good Kid Shit City

      ^ Do you know every white person or black person . Why the fuck would you use such a blanket statement ? i.e 'Black people avoid white people on the streets these days' Furthermore what the fuck are you talking about getting bigger and stronger and rapping better than black rappers . You are obviously new to hip hop and think all black rappers are rick ross clones ! If you step away from the commercial radio stations you will realize their is a wide spectrum of rappers from Cudi to Homeboy Sandman to Drake to Slaughterhouse to Jay Electronica . But i suppose in your small blinkered world they all rap the same and all rap about the same subject matter . For the record the world economy is fucked poor and middle class whites are all being fucked by the 1% . But hey if it makes you feel better that all black and brown people are running around fantasizing that they are ross or gucci mane good luck to you buddy

    • Slumerican

      The point is he is labeling rap as black people music only when its not. Its street music. whoever was raised on the street. Black people avoid white people on the streets these days its not the 90s...of course we are going to get bigger smarter and start rapping better. esspecially when we are losing money just like yall and more white people are growing up in the ghetto then ever before.


      Pathetic idiot dweebs from the burbs have always been the main consumers of hip hop i.e they are the fools who pay money for shitty hip hop artists ...If hip hop artists had to rely solely on black consumers they would have went broke a longtime ...Son you are one of many keyboard warriors on this shit i mean site who always full for hip hop dx race baiting articles ...lolz

  • Anonymous

    stop it...just stop... Scarface

  • Joey

    He's not really blasting race....he even said white rappers were dope. He speaks of how the industry is trying to fuck things up. Focusing more on who can make the money versus true talent. It turns racy because the industry would rather pick a rich kid or the rich kid just has the ability to go farther with less talent while a poor kid has no chance of even paying for the cab ride to get there. Hip hop was founded by blacks so I see no problem with a black man overseeing quality control as long as he himself is open minded/unbiased. And he's plays into bigger picture of keeping EVERYONE DOWN by taking away alternative sources of revenue, so that we all stay poor and can never resist the power structure. -the white boy

    • That's Love

      Thank you for having a brain.

    • Justin

      You are wasting your time this site is no different than bossip girl ,and all the other gossip sites that the lames/dames flock to . The reason this site always regurgitates storys like this are because the white boy's love a bit of gossip and race baiting . Everyone is a tuff guy behind the screen and in mom's basement . Effeminate bitches



  • JJ


  • Anonymous

    Face gave it up to black thought!


    You know why white rappers seem smarter than white rappers? It's because black rappers know their place. White rappers, on the other hand, have to do nothing except be nearly squeaky clean and act corny. Black rappers have to act like jig***** and spades in front of a white audience and in turn, the white man tosses them a reparation every now and then for their good deeds. Like a monkey to a banana, or a moth to the flame, the black rappers will do anything to appease their master just to get a wad of cash. Meanwhile, white Jews like Lyor Cohen & Jerry Heller sit back and watch the money pile up as their slave rappers do a little jig for them.

  • DJ E DOT

    Thx Scarface you said it the best.

  • eBRO

    Oh... My... GOD. Please, can someone put this old washed up rapper out of his fucking misery? He's even worse than Lord Jamar. Yes, we get the fact that you're old and bitter and your records aren't selling, so that pretty much gives you the "right" to say whatever the fuck you want. Just PLEASE shut the fuck UP! I'm getting plenty sick of these 40 something rappers barking about this generation and blah blah blah blah! Get over yourselves already! My god. It's time to accept the fact that this new breed of rappers is taking over and ironically you passed these dudes the torch. YOU influenced them to start rapping. This is partially YOUR doing. It's time to take some responsibility for the way things are going, "Scarface". Your time has came and went, Methuselah. Let the young live and breathe life into this genre and let the old and decrepit wither slowly, while having buzzards await their imminent death.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      No those guys you listed are dope macklemore's shit is boring and only butthurt people type in capitals who was it who made your asshole bleed?

  • Anonymous

    Stupid niggaz look stupid and smart niggaz look smart. Plain and simple. White artists like macklemore are in the publics face more often because they make pop music. You're not going to hear street music being played on a top 50 station. It's common sense. Nas is looked at as a smart man and Gucci mane is looked at as a dumb nigga. What more do people want from hip hop culture ????? Stop complaining and enjoy the music. There is not enough white artists in hip hop anyway. You can count on 1 hand how many successful white artists exist in hip hop anyway, so why make this issue a big deal ?. This topic is irrelevant and makes the human race look stupid. Stop taking steps back otherwise different races will never co-exist.

  • Philo Sophizer

    "Real power is taken not given." - even if the problem is real, what's Face want? No one is stopping him or anyone else from opening a label, a distributor, or anything else.

    • CN

      That is the reason why Kanye blew up at sway. Self-empowering is great, you gain a lot of respect, but the impact is a slow growth over time. If you're worried that you're going to be swept away before your new imprint or brand is able to gain any traction, you'd like to make the same product and put it out through proven channels. In the case of hip hop, proven channels are major labels etc. For Ye and fashion, proven channels are the big design houses . If you've got access to their connects, things will get done a lot faster than trying to build a new house and establish your own. It really depends on how quickly you're trying to change things.

  • dope

    Scarface was dope back in the day

  • Anonymous

    UGH! enough of this shit, not you too Brad