In a an industry filled with coastal bias, it's about time someone from the West Coast, more importantly the Bay Area, was given the opportunity to shed light on our side of things. Welcome to a West Coast State of Mind, where I'm only bias sometimes, but at least I'll admit it. - ill Will (

I've been gone for a hella long time but I'm back with the Jump-off. Everything's a go!!! I've got some funny jokes, but first, I've got a story to tell...

So Cam'ron and the Dip Shits, my bad, Dip Set were in San Francisco promoting their Diplomatic Immunity album. And the road life is long, hard, boring work, so what did the crew do...invent their own game to help pass the time. What a bunch of smart guys. The game mind you is called "Kill The Hat" and the objective is to knock someone's hat off of his or her head and stomp it a bunch of times. Follow me. Now the game was probably stolen from a few three year olds, but don't tell Jimmy Jones that because he was so into the game that when he went to stomp one of the entourage's hat, he kicked so hard that he lost his footing, kicked his feet out from under him, and hit the pavement HARD!

While I'm in story-telling mode, let me shout out some dude in Self Scientific, I forgot his name-my bad bro. But he's the marketing guy at Artist Direct-yup, that's right y'all, my favorite label. Anyways, after reading the kind words I had for their wack-ass artists, him and the publicists put 9 and 12 together, got 21 and called me at Showcase Magazine (my day job). At first, he was tryna school me ways of the music business, which I'm already well-versed in, but HERE, in West Coast State Of Mind, FUCK THE MUSIC BUSINESS!!!! But it soon turned into a pitch for his rap group Self Scientific. It got so funny that he spelled out his name for me so I could put him in the column.

In other news, Rapstlemania is rapidly approaching and the main event is a steel cage tag team match. Ja Rule and Murder Inc against Eminem, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Busta Rhymes, D12, Obie Trice. I ain't mad at 'em though, they sure made the mixtape game boom, I still spending money from the Em & Benzino disses. (LOL!)

Now, I'm all for kicking a man when he's down, but if there's one thing that really bothers me, it's when the man who's getting kicked refuses to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Take it like a man and gracefully bow out. Lil J obviously has no more clout in the industry, nor does he care. Suge, now matter how gangsta he is, is being shunned from the real industry. No one can save you. Murder INC. is the Titanic. (I just had

Tiffany) They had a hit, got real confident and set off to sea thinking that they're invincible. Well Dr. Dre started this gangsta shit and as gay as he truly is, his organization is the iceberg that sent Ja and Irv's career to their respective graves.

I do find it real funny that everyone