Papoose Discusses The Release Of "Nacirema Dream," Illuminati Symbols In The Media

Exclusive: The patiently-waiting Brooklyn veteran points to this year's Super Bowl halftime show as evidence on how bad things have gotten, and says that the core of "Nacirema Dream" is still there.

To a degree, it feels like Papoose went from Bed Stuy to Hollywood and back again. The one-time lyrical phenomenon snatched Hip Hop’s attention with his classic exhibition, “Alphabetical Slaughter” and pimped that wave to all sorts of independent accolades and a reportedly million dollar deal with Jive Records by the mid 2000s. Then, when the deal no longer felt ideal, Pap backed out, ejecting himself from a constraint-laced major label machine, landing again in the creative comfort of independence. It’s the type of ebb and flow that can cripple a career, let alone confidence. But rather than take a hiatus, Papoose kept doing what he does best: churning out mixtapes.

With the release of his much ballyhooed commercial debut, Nacirema Dream finally approaching, HipHopDX spoke with Papoose about his thoughts on the evolution of New York City Hip Hop, the twists and turns of his career, Illuminati symbols in the media, the state of the Nation Of Gods And Earths, and what still surprises him about Hip Hop.    

Papoose Breaks Down An Evolution In New York City Hip Hop

HipHopDX: As an emcee, when you think about New York City Hip Hop, what comes to your mind first?

Papoose: When I think of New York City Hip Hop as an emcee, I think of lyricism. I think of saying something innovating. I think of being different. I think of trendsetters, not followers. I think of enlightening. Not just speaking about the problem, but giving a solution to it - which I do through my music. I think of [The Notorious B.I.G.]. I think of Nas, [Kool G Rap], [Big Daddy Kane]. I just of think of greatness.

DX: Do you think New York City Hip Hop still represents innovation and lyricism?

Papoose: Sure it does. I think that’s the reason New York is not in the position that it’s supposed to be; that’s the reason why New York isn’t really on top of the game. Most of the success that’s coming out of the city is leaning on a southern artist or is through an artist that’s from the South. I can’t really knock that and I commend those artists from the South that are pulling artists out of New York and putting them on because the big artists from New York City wasn’t doing it. Back in the days, when there was a new artist coming out, the artists that were established did records with them. It was important for them to give the new artists a shot. I think that the last couple of successful artists out of New York, they didn’t do that, and that’s what kind of fucked the city up. Artists from the South started taking over, getting on top, and eventually they started coming to New York and pulling out artists from New York. And right now, that’s the only way that artists is really going mainstream. To be honest, an artist hasn’t come out of New York - I’m talking about straight up on his own two [feet] - in a long time. It hasn’t happened in a long time.

This is part of the reason why I’m really content with my album, [Nacirema Dream]. When you hear it, you feel New York City in the music. It don’t feel like a South record. I’m not knocking nobody because everybody’s gotta eat how they gotta eat. But at the same time, if we want to talk about Hip Hop and the essence of this music, New York is New York.

DX: You had a very lengthy independent career first, then went through a major bidding war in the middle of the last decade. What were those negotiations really like? What was it like sitting at a table with Jive Records and other major labels last decade when New York City Hip Hop was going through such drastic changes and artists weren’t putting each other, as you just mentioned?

Papoose: It was a good feeling. It was a great feeling to finally see my hard work pay off. I finally got that record deal at Jive [Records]. For me, I don’t get nothing easy. You’ve gotta understand something, an artist like myself that really does this - because some dudes are quick to say, “I’m not a rapper, I’ma gangster” - feels ashamed to be in this industry when we see things like that, but we wanna be there at the same time. That’s just an excuse to cover up for a lack of talent when dudes say that. I grew up in [Bedford Stuyvesant], Brooklyn. I came up hard. At the end of the day, Hip Hop is in my heart. I don’t have to equate the two and try to downplay one with the other.

Just to answer your question, I finally got that deal and it was a good feeling. I think the popularity of certain artists is based on politics. Every 10 to 15 years, an artist comes along that really has the talent to do this. Everybody else, they’re just doing it just because. If you really analyze it, they hate on lyricists. They hate on people who can really do this because, if an artist like Papoose makes it - and I can name a couple other guys - these guys won’t exist no more. It’s over. That’s why you see a barriers put in front of me. That’s why my project gets held back and I get hated on in some situations. People make it harder for me, but they can’t stop me because Hip Hop is in my blood. I’m always gonna produce that music as long as my lungs produce air. I’m always gonna spit that lyrical content. They’ll make every type of excuse [to explain] why a lyricist can’t be successful. But they don’t understand that we’re versatile and can adapt to any environment. Just don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour all the time. A lot of that is driven by politics.

Papoose Updates Fans On Nacirema Dream

DX: I think about Nacirema Dream in the same context that I thought about Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told: a highly buzzed about artist with a highly anticipated project that’s delayed much longer than seems fair to the fans. When Saigon finally was able to release Greatest Story Never Told, he kept the title. You’ve been talking about Nacirema Dream for five years. Did you ever think about changing the title?

Papoose: Hell no. I’ll change the title for my second album. But this isn’t just an album for me. This is my life story. This is how I grew up in this country. The title of my album is Nacirema Dream. “Nacirema” is the word “American” spelled backwards. Some people get up to go to work. Some people hustle. People come from all different corners of the Earth, risk their life getting here in search of that American dream. My struggle growing up in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, being successful in the music industry, and going through all the trials and tribulations I went through in my life - Nacirema Dream is a reflection of that. I can’t change my face when I look in the mirror. I can’t change my album title. This isn’t just an album title for entertainment. This is real! It won’t be changed. It’s definitely going to come out under that title.

But at the same time, what people fail to realize is through my mixtapes I reap all the benefits from all these dudes that was on major labels from day one. I was touring over seas - Amsterdam, London, Sweden, Russia. I did the whole of Canada. I toured through the [United States]. I reaped these benefits just putting out my mixtapes. To be honest with you, at that time, I didn’t really want to release the album because it was beneficial for me. There were a lot of different reasons why it didn’t come out. But at the same time, when it was time for it to come out, a lot of trickery and bullshit was put into the game. But I’ve got one of the hottest records in New York City right now. It started out at #8 on HOT97’s “Top 8 At 8.” It came in at #4 last night. It’s called [“Like That.”] I’m emotional. I’m independent. I’m doing everything on my own. We’re gonna be successful. We’re gonna deliver the album this year.

DX: Congratulations on that. I noticed the information to download “Like That” is on your voicemail, too. Twenty-seven mixtapes over eight years is a lot. And even though your mainstream light has shifted from where it was in the middle of the last decade, it’s not like you stopped rhyming. It’s not like you retired. Did it ever feel like your back was against the wall? I don’t believe a lot of artists would be able to push through those type of stalemates the way you did.

Papoose: Like I told you before, I would do music regardless because Hip Hop is in my blood. I would do it without lights, camera, action. I would do it in the street. Regardless of what the industry is doing or saying, I’m still gonna make music and get it to the people. That’s very important. That’s why I’m always consistent. My fans keep me going. I get contacted all the time [by people saying,] “Yo, I love what you’re doing. You’re library helped me come out of prison. It kept me alive.” Especially the jails, the penal system. I get a lot of responses from there. When I’m walking the street and someone tells me that my music helped them, that’s what keeps me going, man.

DX: How many different iterations have you gone through with Nacirema Dream?  For example, in 2007 you did an interview with Prefixmag and mentioned that you had DJ Premier, D/R Period, Pharrell, and Kanye West on production. Is that still consistent?

Papoose: The time frame and the wait added on to this being a great album. Basically, a couple of things had to be changed, but it’s a body of work. The heart and the major organs are still the same. There’s just a couple things on the outskirts that I had to change around here and there. But the core of the album is still the same, because, like I told you it’s a reflection of my life. I can’t change that. A few different things did happen in my life since then, so you’re going to hear even more of that on the album. I think the wait just added on to it. I’ve been working on this album my entire life. When people started hearing me in 2007; that fury that they were hearing, that was a body of work. [People will say] “Where’s the album? Where’s the album?” I dropped over 1,000 songs. What’s the format y’all want? CD? Cassette? Now the shit is digital, so it’s not even the same anymore. They want the album so they can possess it but they’re fucking downloading everything, so what are y’all really telling me? I just keep working because I enjoy the hate.

People are blinded by a lot of different things. There’s a lot of different things going on in Hip Hop with all the stuff they’re putting in videos. You have some of these guys that are saying, “Yo, the Illuminati ain’t real,” but they don’t have an understanding of it. They need to understand the definition of “Illuminati.” Once they understand it, then they need to take a look at some of the things their favorite artists are putting into these videos. What message are they sending to the people? You look at the [recent] Super Bowl [halftime show] and it’s all crazy, man.

Papoose Explains His Belief Of The Illuminati And Its Symbols

DX: KRS-One makes an interesting point in The Obama Deception. He says, it’s not who has the most money or the most power that wins the struggle. It’s the person who can endure the most and still continue. When you described your music’s impact and the feedback you receive from people going through the system, it makes sense because endurance and resilience are at the core of your music. Now you’re career has actually become a testament to those principles.

Papoose: Definitely, man. Definitely. And you know, just to be honest with you - and it’s not a race thing, because I don’t hate nobody. I hate evil. But growing up, when I looked into the back of the dictionary, man, and I looked at all of the Presidents, there was not one Black President. So me as a person, I refuse to say anything negative about [President Barack] Obama. Regardless to what lies they put out there, I was taught as a child that you would see a black President when pigs fly. My grandmother and our ancestors never lived to see that. They went to their grave thinking that they would never see a Black President and I think people today take that for granted. Sometimes when we want something, we praise it. But once it’s in our possession, we begin to downplay it and talk negative about it. I don’t like that. Me personally, I refuse to say something negative about that because I think it’s a blessing. I’m happy to be alive to see what that man accomplished.

On another scale, I think that media is one of the biggest outlets for evil. When you look at the Super Bowl [halftime performance]; when you look at Madonna with horns on her head, what type of message is that? I’m just curious about the message. I would like to know. I would like to ask, “Yo, what made you wear that?” They’re representing that whole Roman empire and all of that. And when you look at the Illuminati, it represents illumination to the people. Evil carries the light. Things like the Statue Of Liberty - they use popular people to send their messages out. That’s the whole definition of “Illuminati.” I don’t know if people know that. So, they will always find somebody that people believe in and people praise to send they messages out. These are things you’ve got to look at. Somebody like Whitney Houston who wasn’t with none of that. If you look at all of her videos and listen to her music, you never heard none of those type of messages. So she ends up having a mysterious death. We don’t know what happened yet, so we can’t say what really happened. It pauses the brain sometimes when you look at the consistency of it. Michael Jackson died from a suspicion of using drugs. Whitney Houston [died] with drugs in the vicinity. So you look at the consistency of that, and you look at some of the things Mike put out. He spoke out against the industry at times and against evil. [He said], “All I want to say is they don’t really care about us.” If you look at that video, he filmed it in jail. There’s different things you’ve got to look at before you speak on certain situation. But that’s what I’ve got a problem with: the evil and some of the things they’re depicting out there.

DX: You find clever ways to comment on these things lyrically. Your “Shot Caller Remix” relates [Muammar] Gadhafi being pegged as a terrorist while giving millions of dollars to the Nation Of Islam which helps black people in America. You make references to political ironies and inconsistencies, as you see them, regularly. I think that connects with people who have a lot of questions and/or a lot of skepticism.

Papoose: Yeah, because people wonder. Entertainment is geared towards a younger crowd. The majority of music, it’s the kids that are really in to it. In Hip Hop, you don’t see an old school rapper come out and do the Super Bowl. They had another large performance when Madonna came out with Britney Spears and she kissed her on the mouth. Not too long after that, Britney just lost it. She went crazy after that. And now, here we go again a couple years later and she comes out with another young artist: Nicki Minaj. Madonna’s wearing horns on her head. I just want to know. If it’s not nothing. If it’s just costume and just a performance, what is the concept? What is the message that you’re sending? When I say something, there’s a message to it.

DX: You’ve been running with the slogan “Thugication” for a long time. Let’s refresh the meaning of that for our readers. What do you mean specifically by “Thugication?”

Papoose: Growing up in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, I lost a lot of my people to the penitentiary system, a lot of my people to the grave yard. Knowing the law and knowing the technicality could be the difference between you doing five or ten years and you coming home. Everybody in prison is not guilty. Some people are really innocent. We have situations with guys doing 20, 25 years and now with technology and DNA, they’re finding these guys innocent. But if they had known the law back then, they might have been able to avoid that. Remy [Ma], for example, me losing a lot of my people to the penitentiary system, I started writing the “Law Library.” Through the “Law Library” saga, it breaks down the law to you. I started out with grand jury proceedings, warrant for arrests, different levels of the law. It’s not telling you to go out there and commit crimes, but if you find yourself in one of those situations, go into the “Law Library” and learn the law. Listening to the song can potentially help you regain your freedom. So when I say “Thugication” I’m basically representing the educated thug. Not saying go out there and be a thug. But if you are, or you do find yourself in one of those situations, be educated. Know your history. Have knowledge of self and where you came from so you can know where you’re going. That’s where “Thugication” came from and that’s what it’s about.

DX: I don’t think Hip Hop would be what it is today without the impact of Clarence 13X and how his messages shaped the perspective of some of the illest emcees ever. But now 5 Percenter ideology doesn’t seem as pervasive throughout Hip Hop. I got a chance to check out Show and Prove last year up in Harlem for the first time, and it felt like a beautiful display of unity. You quote the mathematics on a regular basis. What’s the state of 5 Percenters as you see it? What’s changed within the faith since the '70s, '80s, and '90s?

Papoose: You had some people that was in it for different reasons. But once it’s embedded in your heart it’s always going to remain there. You said it yourself, when you went to Show and Prove, you saw unity. It’s about knowing your history, having knowledge of self, knowing where you came from, and knowing the opposition on this planet. It’s very important. I think you said it better than I can myself: unity. Unifying the mind, unifying people, unifying freedom, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture/freedom, power, refinement, equality, god, build, destroy, born. Unifying everything and maintaining it. I think the state of it is very powerful. I don’t think it will ever die. You had a couple savages who was in it for reasons representing different things. The foundation of it is strong.

DX: You mentioned Remy Ma a moment ago while explaining “Thugication.” How is Remy doing? How are her spirits?

Papoose: [Remy Ma's] spirits are great. She went to college and accomplished a lot while there. She’s basically making a positive out of a negative situation. Remy’s a rebel. She doesn’t deserve to be where she’s at. I was in her life when the incident took place. I witnessed it day by day, and I know for a fact that she don’t deserve to be where she’s at. If somebody takes something from you, are you gonna sit there and allow that person to do that? If I’m standing next to you right now and I put my hand in your pocket, does that justify what I did if you react? Not to say that Remy is guilty. I’m just making an example. It’s a known fact that somebody took something from her and that was that initial act that caused that whole situation. She’s a rebel. She doesn’t deserve it. She’s a mother and she don’t deserve to be there. That’s one of the reasons why I stood by her side from day one. I refuse to be anywhere else.

But to answer your question, she’s doing well. Her time is getting short. She’s got four years left. She’s going in for another appeal this year. We’re waiting for it now. If it goes right, she can be home as early as this year. If not, she only has two years left. I feel sorry for artists. She’s had a lot of time to think of lyrics and ideas. The concepts she’s coming with: dangerous.

DX: That’s scary. She’s always been dangerous. That was our favorite thing about Remy Ma.   

Papoose: [Laughs] Yeah! She’s dangerous, my brother.

DX: I interviewed Nitty Scott MC in 2011. She’s a new artist with a rising profile out of NYC. She has a song that I believe is called “Alphabet Soup” where she’s playing off the letters of the alphabet. She probably just turned 21-years old, if that. In that interview she describes how to keep people from interrupting her while she was working on that song, she told them, “Excuse me, I’m writing my ‘Alphabetical Slaughter.’” She’s still young. Your “Alphabetical Slaughter” debuted in 1998. You literally have people who have been listening and checking for you since they were elementary schoolers. You have fans that grew up on Papoose...

Papoose: [Laughs] I ain’t gonna lie, I get that too and I’m like, “Damn!” That shit makes me feel old sometimes. [Laughs] Yo, I get a lot of praise, man. The support, the love, the admiration never stops. It’s never ending. You don’t understand the love that I get from the record every day of my life. It’s crazy. The reaction is crazy. I can’t wait to drop my album so people can hear part two where I run through it backwards. If you look at my video to “I’m Like That,” you’ll see a preview at the end of the video.

DX: Do you have any regrets? Are there any miscalculations that you feel you’ve made?

Papoose: You know, they say you’re not supposed to have any regrets. But sometimes you do. When I first came into the game, I was coming out of the hood and I had somewhat of a negative mentality. I’m a lot more mature now. But my mentality back then was if you disrespect me, there’s a problem. Not to say that that was my regret. What I regret is, when I looked at the music industry, I thought it was real. I thought it was all real. I was kind of warned that you can’t be like that in here. This is not real. If you do this, they’re gonna black ball you or hate on you. It’s a couple situations that I reacted to in a negative way that I would’ve handled a little differently if I was using my head. Thinking that the industry was real, when it’s really a fake place, man. I regret thinking that the music industry was real. I regret that.

DX: Rule 4080...

Papoose: Exactly. “Record company people are shady!”

DX: You have fans that have been fans for a decade now. You mentioned that Hip Hop has taken you all over the world, even without a major release. You’ve remained principled, even down to the title of your debut album, Nacirema Dream. With everything that you’ve experienced and everything you’ve witnessed, what still surprises you about Hip Hop?

Papoose: When somebody that can’t rap becomes successful. It shocks me every time. I’m like, “What in the fuck?” I grew up being excited over a hot line or a metaphor. A dope concept was so valuable to me at that time. I valued it. I’d play it so much that it made my blood rush. It gave me goosebumps when I heard an emcee say something on the mic. That’s what I looked forward to, that, “Oh, did you hear what he said,” feeling. That shit was like a big deal at one time. That’s really what it’s about. But the people that lack talent, they like to blind the public and make you think that it’s about how much money you got; how many cars you got; how much jewelry you got; how many records you sold; what record label you on? Hip Hop is not about that. With Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Biggie - we didn’t care how many records they sold. Shit, they’re lyrics were hot! I ain’t gonna call these dudes names out, but I can point them out. [I can point out when they first started pointing out] Soundscans. That messed the game up because they took the audiences attention and focus off of what Hip Hop is really about and put it on something totally different. So when people started looking at Soundscan, people stopped looking at talent and lyricism and that’s when all the less talented motherfuckers snuck in with the bullshit. When people were looking the other way, they snuck in through the back door and flooded the gates with that shit. So, to answer your question, that’s what surprises me about that shit! Every time I see a motherfucker who can’t rap be successful, I’m shocked! It never fails.  

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  • Anonymous

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  • mu

    Thank you for ur interviews.... You speak much truth. I am a target because of things I know. Occult things.... So I hope u can use my poetry since I will probably die before I get a chance to make anything out of it. As you said, I am one of the so-called "less desireable", but only because I was engineered to be that way. I was sold into slavery via adoption. Notice how Lil Wayne has a tattoo of "Mu" on his chest. Mu is the 12th letter of greek alphabet. We are in 2012, and the 12th trump of the thoth deck is the so-called, "Dying God".

  • Jazz

    Pap is one of the most thoro dudes in the game right now and always been. This dude is Brooklyn forreal. Much respect 5!

  • Mack

    Minus the illuminati shit with MJ and whitney. Cool Read.

  • AgentAce2050

    Much respect to Papoose, man. You have to have persistence and resilience in order to succeed and his seeds will def. bear fruit. As far as the Illuminati, people know what the game is and it's intentions, and a lot of artists need to step up and stop being puppets and speak out against the atrocities that are actually destroying the culture. But, nevertheless, Papoose, keep putting out messages that are thought provoking and help the next man be a better man.

  • christ child

    The inanimate war with Iran is no about the nuclear program its about the huge oil deposit which was found in the casbain sea, and the multilateral pipeline deal with Iran russia and turkey. Do i agree with the whole who killed Whitney and mike talk?..heck no, but for those who are awake know that this ship is way off course(and this is by design). Listen to JFK's last speech, listen to Eisenhower's speech (military industrial complex). Google Raytheon, Lockheed martin, GE (which paid no taxes in 2010), what they all have in common. your governments bills which are now law. You maybe shocked at what you read.

  • christ child

    The days of borrowing money from China, England, Japan and Opec and selling them US treasury bond is finally coming to an end. The world is moving to another trade currencies, and when this happens the dollar, and the false American (credit)lifestyle is over. USA will have no choice but to balance there books. And the world's wealth will still remain in 3%'s hands, while we beg them for a new system. How does this apply to you..well we all need money to survive, and hyperinflation will come upon us like armed gunman. You can take that to the bank.

  • christ child

    (Read the NDAA bill and it's dangers, HR 347 and your right to protest, read the first draft of the US healthcare bill mandatory microchip implants (which didn't make passage, thank GOD) No, not the mayan calendar end of the world crap. No lets look at Uncle Ben (Ben Bernanke and the FED paying of their buddies 500 billion none knows who where it went. The worst part of this story is, why hasn't congress got the state department involved...O sorry, the FED can't be audited. The crooks control the amount of money in circulation. America (which you loved) is finish people. Sadly the pillaging is happening all over the world not just here, look around.

  • christ child

    So many people are miss informed and it is sad. Lets drops drop the word illuminati and use the term "think tanks". If you don't believe our media, banking industry, agriculture, Hollywood, and government (whether federal or state) has been corporately taken over then you are asleep, and I'm not talking to you. But for those who actually read the laws that our president and trust congressmen and women have recently past then you would know that there are dark day ahead namely by the end of november.

    • AgentAce2050

      @christchild I totally understand and know all of what you are your saying. The Fed, NWO, World Govt., Chemtrails, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, etc. The list goes on. Everything is being destroyed by design. Obama is def. a puppet with his hand in destroying the country as well. I just left a comment about Papoose and I like Papoose, but for all of his perception on life and politics he doesn't want to hear the negative about the president. Because he's black. I don't know, knowledge of self means having an open mind to all subjects. But anyway, we're just 2 of millions of others who know the score.

  • Jus10

    It's cool that we have a mixed-race president (notice I didn't say black), but that doesn't mean you have to like Barack.

  • Jus10

    wow. That was some biased shit pap said about the illuminati symbolism. He pointed at Madonna for having horns, but defended MJ and ignored the "Thriller" video. What about Nicki Minaj? Speak on that symbolism in the hiphop community. And they killed Whitney for not selling out? Why didn't they kill her years ago (when she was a mega-star)?

    • yo mom

      Nicki's Grammy performance has a lot of negative messages. It received a lot criticism from the Catholic Church. And I heard MJ was in all the Illuminatie and stuff and wanted out which in the song They Don't Care About Us he says (I think can't really remember the lyrics) "Will me, Trill me, You can never kill me" and in the video he says it in front of a pyramid with an eye on it.

  • Thoughtb4action

    This guy is clearly out for attention. Why is it that he tried to blame Whitney's death on the Illuminati??? Really??? No disrespect, but Whitney had a long history with drugs... And why is this dude even commenting on people like Madonna and Michael? Like I said, plea for attention. He wanted to be a hater so bad in this interview, he just held his tongue. He claims its not about how many records you sell... If his album doesn't sell at all, how many more albums do you think he will make?! People love to criticize other people, but fail to realize what is wrong about themselves. B.O.B said in the cypher how people call his music pop. But he's successful!!! Tech N9ne even gave Soulja Boi props on being successful! And to me, Soulja sucks, but he's successful. So why does this guy hate to see someone else make it??? Jealousy?!

    • yo mom

      O'right but take a look at Nicki Minaj and all the trash she's doing, at the Grammy's did you see her performance. And imma a fan if B.o.B. if people think its pop then people who have a taste for pop (the big audience Papoose is talking about, the one most of cash money,who rap about their money, cars, label, aims their music towards) will listen to it. Besides where i live the only song they play of him on the radio is strange clouds which features lil wayne (coincidence?) Look at the message they're sending saying it's alright to be homosexual, Nicki's song Stupid Hoe and some other lame ones i've heard saying it's alright to be whore. God does not approve of any of this.

    • Anonymous

      shit the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Here is my question. How does Madonna wearing horns on here head affect me? If their is the Illuminati which i don't believe, but lets say their is. Their media control doesn't effect daily choices made by anyone. Whether their is or isn't this so called group I am pretty sure that they have don't have mind control this isn't marvel comics. So I wish people would stop acting like their life is affected by Madonna wearing horns at Superbowl, or any other artist wearing t-shirts or holding up symbols. If you aren't living the life you want their is a good chance it has a lot more to do with you than with Illuminati.

  • IROC

    i support our First Black President why people on here never question the election of white presidents so sad

    • Thoughtb4action

      True enough, Obama nowhere closely lives up to our black leaders of the past, and some of the war decisions that he has made are pretty stupid, but people don't actually give the man credit for what he tried to do. The fact is that the other politicians didn't support him. And the fact that he came into office after the actual worst president in history made his job no easy task. Our country's been in debt because of the 10 years we poured money into the unexplainable Iraq War! Think about it in a business sense. If you just took over a company that was going down the drain before you took over, and the rest of the board didn't support the new plans you wanted to implement, and the company just continued to plummet, is it correct to throw all the blame on you??? The military is cutting back because of troop withdrawal, but why did we initially go over there, and why could Bush not get Osama like initially intended??? Or were we just fools for supporting this idiot in his attempt to control oil overseas??? I didn't vote for Obama because he is black. I voted because McCain was a far worst choice, and the upcoming elections I will vote for him again... Have you seen how the GOP candidates keep changing stories to fit what we want to hear. It all goes back to us making decisions for ourselves. Not the Illuminati, or the President, or some crazy soldier. We watch people steal millions from companies, and they get slaps on the wrist. But Johnny down the street get 10 to 15 for robbing a grocery store for $236. The country as a whole has sunken itself into a whole, and I give some props to Obama for at least trying to turn it around.

    • incredible ^ the average american above

      thats what they want you little house negro. give barry a pass as he runs you and your family right into the buzz saw. corporate puppet with strings attached. country losing money, sinking into debt, everyone going broke, and who's getting richer? it takes a real moron to defend obama at this point in time. he's funny on the view though, right? signed the NDAA bill, beefed up the patriot act, invaded lybia for god knows what, he's committing war crimes just like your man george walker. got shit brewing with afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, and iran. another war monger suit that doesn't give a damn about you, out to please the fellas that got him elected. american war machine. cash for kills. worst president of all time, a disgrace to real black heroes like MLK jr, malcom x, and minister louis f.

    • Anonymous

      Funny ass nigga! Obama is more white than black dummy... I WHITE WOMEN brought him into the world... thats the ONLY reason hes president... these racist Illuminatti puppets would never allow a real black man in!

  • IROC

    Big Ups PAPOOSE i have a lot of respect for after reading this article i hope Remy get out soon ! Gotta cop some of mix cds now !

  • Zwans

    Yeah he seems able to tell right from wrong, but then he turns around and says he will praise a black president regardless of his actions. Can't he see that's exactly the reason a black president was placed in office?

    • chronwell

      After he said that. I couldnt read no more. Black and white ppl is in the elite gang ruling our world. If the evildoer is black, hes good tho? NaH.

  • Moscow's Finest

    good interview! Pap's smart guy

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it's real, not for people that don't matter like this wannabe.

  • Anonymous

    Illuminati is real you dumb fucks some of yall prolly getting ram shacked up the ass

  • jeff

    He seems like he really doesnt have much knowledge of the illuminati outside of what hes seen on the history channel.

  • D East

    D East:!/stateofchaosECE D East (State Of Chaos) Stay Bitchin (Stay Schemin REMIX) Lets get some likes going! SOC in the buildin!

  • dz77

    First of all... If that song "Like That" is being played on ANY radio stations as a TOP anything in New York then I feel sorry HipHop heads in New York... NOW... I scroll through the comments to find more Illuminati debates than Papoose talk. This is why Papoose will always remain at the bottom. PROMOTE. YOUR. SELF. Talk about Papoose and the moves Papoose is making. And whenever the person asks a question... ALWAYS find a way to bring it back to YOUR movement, YOUR music, YOUR status. And last, I hate when artist seem to be on the "fighting against the machine" campaign. The same artist that try to join "the machine" but for whatever reason fail... Now its evil and corrupt??? Aspiring actors dont lose out on roles and suddenly go "man the film industry is evil and i dont like the imagery of Werewolves and vampires in Twilight" GET ON YOUR FUCKING GRIND. THERE IS NO EVIL PLOT TO KEEP YOU OUT THE GAME. Tupac was about killing the mindframe of thinking there is some superior organization to keep you down. That is what keeps you down! That is a form of fear. And fear does not equal success. You want to succeed Pap??? Record better records and discard the "Like That" track ASAP

  • Fish

    I dont give a shit about any of the illuminati bullshit in the interview, the most important thing i read is that my favourite rapper Trigger Happy pappy is finally releasing an album!!! Shoot Pap a fair one!

  • Anonymous

    : uhhh papoose you fucking idiot. do you wear nikes? cause i guess you support sweatshops if you do, and if so i do too cause i wear nikes, but i dont support sweat shops. Allister was a nutcase wanna be freemason whos lodges he supposedly belonged to werent even recognized by the united grand lodge of london who basically says whos official and who isnt. allister wasnt. he was an author and a drug user. he was influential all over because he preached "do what you want to do fuck societal norms". voted as the 73 greatest briton ever by BBC. but i bet you knew all that. Homie wasnt even a real free mason and now jay is in the illumanti because he wears shirts named after the guy? hahah riiiight.

  • YoungCosby

    If you want to see that what Pap is talking about is not any type of conspiracy, check out www(dot)knowledgefiles(dot)com. You'll find all the books you would NEVER find in your local library on Arcane Schools of Magic, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Theosophy, Illuminatism, Masonry, and all other Occult philosophies. There's a world of thought out there that FAR exceed what's being publicized in our media, and it's hidden for a reason. Frederick Douglas said it best, " Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

  • Anonymous

    Listen Papoose. When you sell 200 million records worldwide like Madonna has, you could wear a condom over your head and nobody would find that strange.

    • Anonymous

      Madonna didnt sell 200 million nigga... she sold her soul to the Devil for fame and fortune... you sir are not smart

  • Anonymous

    Excellent interview, huge thanks for that! Been a big Papoose fan since first he came out, thats why I'm a little bit disappointed with that Nacirema Dream situation. That shit supposed to come out around 2k6-7, considering those days atmoshpere and the buzz he had back then it would gone platinum in a minute. (Even sales don't mean a thing when it comes to the product's quality.) Nevertheless, Papoose is still one of the nicest lyrically in the game, even if I didn't enjoyed his last mixtapes as much as the ones before. So I'm pretty sure Nacirema Dream will be a top quality independent release when it drops, but it won't be a classic. To make a classic album, I think the big part of it is being in the right place at the right time. Illmatic showed the equation: a hungry, God gifted lyricsist (Nas) + the some of the era's best beatsmiths (Primo / Large Pro / Q-Tip / Pete Rock) = classic If everbody bring his A-game, shit will be undeniable. As it was worked for Nas, it would be worked for Papoose. Imho Pap's "that" moment was in the forementioned period, roughly 5-6 years ago. To make a long story shorter: maybe one day we can put our hands to a copy of Nacirema Dream, but it won't be same one what it was supposed to be back in the day.

  • Anonymous

    Can't Imagry just be used for looks? Not everything needs a message smh Just like my nigga Tyler said in an interview about the Imagry in Yonkers, people are always trying to dig shit up, when it just looks fucking cool.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like you are dead.

  • Anonymous

    What a stupid dumbass. whitney and michael had drug problems. thats what led to their deaths. and hopefully his.

  • Pegasus Flow

    I don't necessarily believe in the Illuminati in modern day as some people portray them to be. What I do believe is that mass media and music is used as a tool to get people to think and act the way certain people want them to. To go as far as saying there is a sinister plot to take over the world is going a bit far. But do I believe there is a group using music, media, and symbols to profit off of the public, absolutely. But let's keep our ground feet on the ground and remember that nothing is ever what it seems so take it all with a grain of salt.

  • OC

    Sounds to me like Papoose has watched one too many fucked up Illuminati videos on YouTube. Did you guys know that George Bush is actually a humanoid lizard alien from ancient Egypt?

    • you are ignorant

      You are really fucking ignorant. I bet you've never really read a book in yo life. You make the illuminati proud haha!

  • Anonymous

    dumb mother fuckers..half of these idiots wouldnt even know who the illumanti were if it werent for those jay rumors. the illumanti were a group of scientists and philosophers way back in the renaissance days in italy. they spoke out and were against the church due to their scientific beliefs so they were painted as devil worshiping evil people so the church could sway public oppinion against them therefore putting an end to their ideology. People forget how much power the church had for thousands of years. calm down everyone. the illuminati did not kill whitney houston, crack did.

    • Thoughtb4action

      To the second Anonymous dude... Oh my God! Really dude?! You are controlled by whatever it is that you believe is controlling you. If they want to wear baphomet articles, who cares????? I have a taurus tattooed on my arm. That doesn't mean I read my horoscopes and live my life by what it means to be a taurus. I do whatever it pleases me to do. Do I believe people at work will plot to get my position? YES. Do i think any secret organization is controlling how I live? I don't think about it, and neither do I care! Have you ever criticized the goth kid that wears all black and doesn't believe in God? If you have, you should be ashamed of yourself. But did you go on a rant about what he wore being some kind of symbol. The bottom line with musicians is this. If they make good music, people will listen. If they don't, no one will know who they are. If Kanye and Jay-Z and Beyonce and Rihanna and whoever else worships something other than God, who cares????? I bet the next Kanye album will be good though. So I will get it because it will be good. Not because I'm conforming to whatever he believes in. And the Halftime Show was just that, a Halftime Show! I payed more attention to MIA flashing a middle finger than I did to what Madonna had on her head.....

    • Anonymous

      : uhhh papoose you fucking idiot. do you wear nikes? cause i guess you support sweatshops if you do, and if so i do too cause i wear nikes, but i dont support sweat shops. Allister was a nutcase wanna be freemason whos lodges he supposedly belonged to werent even recognized by the united grand lodge of london who basically says whos official and who isnt. allister wasnt. he was an author and a drug user. he was influential all over because he preached "do what you want to do fuck societal norms". voted as the 73 greatest briton ever by BBC. but i bet you knew all that. Homie wasnt even a real free mason and now jay is in the illumanti because he wears shirts named after the guy? hahah riiiight. im not saying that there arent powerful groups that conrol shit greater than whats perceived. what i am saying is that they dont give 2 fucks about nicki minaj, madonna, or whitney crack head houston. youre all retarded if you think the HALF TIME SHOW AT THE FUCKING SUPERBOWL IS SOME SORT OF DEMONIC, SATANIC COMMUNICATIVE BROADCAST BY ANY MEANS. YOUR A FUCKING IDDDIIOOTTTT.

    • Anonymous

      whos talking whitney houston like thats the entire scope of it? the music industry is just a drop of it's influence. film, music, just some of the tools they use. same with the media. but please answer me this, why is jay-z running around wearing alister crowley shirts? do you know who alister crowley is? there's no justifying that. he's doing it in the wide open and he can shut it all down by simply playing it off because ppl like you accept that. military industrial complex. american war machine. john f kennedy wanted to expose and end secret societies inside government. thats not made up bullshit, you can find actual quotes from the last US president to get assasinated. read up on it. almost every president in US history has been a master mason. study the trilateral commission. bilderberg group. the federal reserve is an independent entity operating outside of the US government. world bankers and globalists run the world. this isnt satanic fairy tale talk pal. stay ignorant. i don't have the solutions, but a solution will come when smarter ppl start waking up and get the message. would you let your kids listen to rihanna sing about S&M? nikki minaj sing/rap about "stupid hoes"? lady gaga killing herself on stage, using all kinds of demonic imagery, is that cool and creative? kanye wearing the baphomet on his shirt and it's just a cool design? wake the fuck up man. politicans are in, entertainers are in, high business power is in. obama aint your buddy. there's no free press, so if you wanna get a clue as to whats really going on you're going to have to decipher what you see and piece it together the best you can. smart people are waking up though. don't be so quick to shoot it down as bullshit. it's just as ignorant as assuming every high level entertainer is on some devil shit.

  • Anonymous

    this album will never come out!

  • Skeletor

    Fuck all who believe in the Illuminati bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    you BITCHES trying to discredit the Illuminati... are either as ignorant as fuck, blind, or dissinfo agents... I believe we have trolls on HHDX that try to downplay the ILLUMINATI SATNIC CULTURE... Madonna had horns on her head because she's the "HIGH Priest" of the music industry... WAKEUP people.. the illumnati is real, is satanic, and in the words of 2PAC----- KILLUMINATTI!

    • Anonymous

      ANON----are you that fucking dumb dude... Tupac talked all about the Illuminati,,, cus he was educated unlike you...Dre talks about "aint tryen to stick around to see Illuminati" on been there done that... Stop your bullshit... if you worship the Devil than thats your soul homey, but dont be a litlle bitch and try to speak on something you dont know about... Gandhi said it best "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win" YOU nigga... are on phase two.. stupid ass

    • Rzarector

      Sure he did, and im sure that Michael Jackson just happen to take all them pill by himself. Sarcasm doesn't work when your typing. He said that he was smart enough to keep it quite when he found out, indirectly attracting attention to it by having it as an album title. Tupac found out about Dr Gay and Quincy Jones being fags but didn't want to get mixed up in that so decied to tell people, and thats when he died just like Pimp C. If Tupac didn't believe in the illuminati then why call the album killuminati in 1996 to kill the talk when niggas aint even heard about it back then. That was his public excuss so people would do the research once he had died. Think about it he knew he was marked for death, that is why he the picture shows him on the cross and the album is called Killuminati. You stupid niggas need to read between the lines.

    • anon

      2pac did not believe in the illuminati, stupid. By "Killuminati", he wants to kill the talk about it.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you and die slow.

  • read

    been thinking that half time performance was crazy. they get bolder and bolder because ppl get dumber and dumber. keep saying all this luciferian shit doesn't exist in hollywood/life. entertainment is a great way to get to your kids, brainwashing in full effect. satanic rituals. what was nikki minaj doing making a mokcery of god and religion at the grammys? you think that was interesting/fun/creative? these ppl are under some kinda spell, they're hungry for the spot light and taking orders. britney spears was a disney kid. MK ultra victim. sexually abused. drugged up. multiple personalities. nikki minaj uses the multiple personalities and accents at strange times, just speaking, went on tour with spears. do you ever wonder how britney remains such a big star regardless of what shes doing? whetehr shes making music or looking sloppy on starbucks runs. christina ag is losing it now too. madonna is always pushing kabalaahism. research that. zionist black magic. jay-z rocking alister crowley shirts, and his fans dont even know who alister crowley is. shit is crazy man. then you got these kids that never picked up a book saying its all conspiracy bullshit thats fairy tale talk. nikki minaj, lady gaga, rihanna, all ruining your kids. what positives do they bring your kids? rihanna singing about whips and chains, throwing the horns up. lady gaga pulling mock suicides on stage, reborn in blood symbolism. whitney houston gets killed and they put jennifer hudson front and center. what happened to jennifer hudsons family again? same thing that made her a mega star over night. patterns. look into the origins of disney, they use entertainment to get at your kids.

  • date?

    Sooo this article hinted that the album is finally about to drop but theres no mention of a date whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who believes that Illuminati shit is a clown, and Pap is saying alot of one sided shit "As soon as Britney joins Madonna she goes crazy" Yet he says Whitney was never involved with that shit What was her excuse for going crazy then, a conspiracy right?? So, Britney joined the Illuminati and went crazy, while Whitney refuse to join the Illuminati and still went crazy They coined the term "Educated Idiot" to describe people like this, acts like he's figured shit out but in reality doesnt know shit

    • Anonymous

      No-no, separate this two things. 1) Madonna + Britney/Nicki: Madonna plays the industry's game, of course, she performs with somebody who does (or about to do) the same. It was Britney back in the day, the teen star, the new generations idol. After her feature with Madonna, she went crazy. Now its the same pattern: the media's actual favourite songstress is Nicki, so Madonna performs with her. The question is if Nicki's way will be the same as Britney's, or not. 2) Whitney and Jacko refused to play the game, and both of life's ended in almost the same way. While Britney (who been through a lot of shit too) is still successfull, despite her downs both in personal life and career.

    • Anonymous

      I don't believe in that Illuminati bullshit. Even 2Pac said the Illuminati is fake. But some of that shit makes you think.

    • Swordz

      100 % CO-SIGN... "look at Madonna with horns on her head, what type of message is that? Im just curious about the message. I would like to know. I would like to ask, Yo, what made you wear that? Theyre representing that whole Roman empire and all of that. And when you look at the Illuminati, it represents illumination to the people. Evil carries the light. Things like the Statue Of Liberty - they use popular people to send their messages out." PAP = Uneducated fool.

  • anon

    so underrated its sad. one of new yorks best easily.

    • Datruth

      Papoose is the truth.. All these people hating on Pap are just a bunch of Illuminati supporters. They be living in denial. Wake up and go read a book or something. "I dropped over 1,000 songs. Whats the format yall want? CD? Cassette? Now the shit is digital, so its not even the same anymore. They want the album so they can possess it but theyre fucking downloading everything, so what are yall really telling me?" This is what I've been saying all the tame.. I don't even need the album! Keep dropping them mixtapes Pap. At the end of the day it's all about your music. Not about how much you sold. People will only wake up and see the dream when you're gone.

  • interesting read

    I'm pretty shocked Papoose spoke so confidently about that Illuminati shit. Not sure I agree with him, but M.I.A., Madonna and Minaj surely sucked. I wish he would have actually answered that question about Kanye and Premier's tracks remaining. That shit is what decides how interested I am, after six years. No shots, but it's what made Saigon's album timeless.

    • NateGee

      First off, to comment on papoose... he was doing an interview. Just talking. Ain't like he was giving a speech. Sometimes you gotta put ideas out so you can decipher them later. Sometimes you don't even know what YOU just said. As far as him working with Kanye and Premier, I'd skip both those tracks. Premier ain't been doing shit dope since back in the 90's really. When he was a young blood. That's why all that OLD Premier shit is dope. Kanye, well he's just a complete narcissist. He ain't hungry anymore either. He still got some dope beats, but he bites from underground shit. How many styles did he steal from D.C. Go-Go? Who's he rapping with that put him on to that? Who did it first (not Sean Carter... but Sean C....)? Papoose got ill rhymes last I heard, but he needs to get with the young ones on the production side. Not the established. Cost less, worth more... As far as Illuminati goes: If you were to go so far as to use it as an umbrella term for the collective of people pushing in a certain direction I can see that. However, man isn't that organized. We like to think we are. Ain't no illuminati, just God and the devil. People who belong to God, do God's work whether they are aware of it or not. Same goes with the devil. Subtlety. You wanna talk about Jay and other peoples imagery, well part of it is their passive acceptance in something they don't believe in. Another BIG part of the imagery is it's making them MONEY. People hate on Jay, say he's illuminati, and then promote/buy his album cause they got nothing better to do than to examine why this brother is evil. By listening to the same "brain-washing" record over and over. Your driving YOURSELF crazy. The only ones weak enough to truly fall for it, are kids. Kids are supposed to have their parents to teach them to think and see that. Yet kids have an innocence too. They haven't fully come to understand all the evil in the world. They can love the devil which just creates more hate in the devil. As as adult I listen to a lot of the old hip-hop I grew up on and love, and hear messages I never noticed before. Cause I only heard the positive, I didn't hear the negative. I thought they stood for the same thing as me. Now I see their politics fully, I'm not about to say everything I loved and taught me coming up was of the devil. I'm gonna continue to try to understand and love my brother, even if he don't love me...