French Montana Confirms That Kanye West Tried To Sign Him Just Hours Before Diddy, Believes He Will Make Hundreds Of Millions At Bad Boy

The prolific rapper explains how has found peace to be far more lucrative than beef. He also states, "90% of the music that ever came out of New York by artists that were successful was the gangsta."

Don’t underestimate French Montana. The Uptown emcee has been running for nearly 10 years, making money off of music through his pioneering Cocaine City DVD series. He’s been through the trenches, beefing with major artists and still came away clean. Since 2008, he’s released 13 mixtapes, put the conflict behind him, and just recently signed to Diddy’s vaulted Bad Boy imprint. French Montana has logged his 10,000 hours and accumulated boundless insight. Now he’s primed for the limelight.  

In this interview, HipHopDX spoke with Coke Boys captain about New York City’s “gutter music,” collaborating with down South rappers, why beefing in the industry is never a good thing, and what surprises him about Hip Hop.

French Montana Explains Evolution From Cocaine City DVDs

HipHopDX: To many, French Montana is a newer name on the scene. But you started the Cocaine City DVDs in 2002 as a platform for you to get your music out. You’re almost a decade in. You’ve clocked your 10,000 hours. Do you feel like a new artist?

French Montana: Yeah, I feel like the old me died and the new me came out. I feel like that happens with a lot of artists.

DX: What would you consider the old you?

French Montana: The old me is just the person who’s trying get on; who’s doing everything and touching everything. The position I’m at now is like you’re on and you’ve got to prove yourself. So the old me that was trying to get on died. The new me that’s trying to prove himself is active right now.

DX: You have a level of prolificness that I think is difficult for a lot of artists to maintain. You’ve dropped 13 mixtapes since 2008. Your hustle is apparent. How do you continue to stay creative?

French Montana: Just keeping my ear to the street and staying updated with everything. Keeping with people that’s grounded. There’s always new fashion, there’s new music, there’s new styles. Styles don’t stop coming out. If you’re a kid growing up, there’s always gonna be new jackets, new sneakers, new everything. So I switch my style. When the styles change, I change with it.

DX: That’s like that line in the Social Network: "fashion never ends. Style never ends."

French Montana: Yeah, style never ends so you have to keep with people that are still in style. I’ve got the best of the best with me. My team is just everybody that’s down with everything.  

DX: At the end of the “Shot Callers” video, there’s a scene where you’re sitting down in the back of a bodega with a mop in your hand. You’re kind of daydreaming. It feels like you’re daydreaming about what life will be like when you get on. Then the manager comes over to you and questions why you’re sleeping on the job, asking, “You still trying to be a rapper?”

French Montana: That scene right there kind of reflects for everybody that’s trying to rap but still has a regular job and they keep telling people, “I’ma start rapping,” but they’re still working there. They’re still trying to prosper. I felt like that [scene] right there touched a lot of people. I feel like, just because you have a regular job and Hip Hop music ain’t paying yet, you shouldn’t quit because it can kick in when you least expect it. As far as me, for the time that I was grinding, I feel like some people get it the easy way and some people get it the hard way. I was one of those people that had to work hard. I don’t mind it because I appreciate it. I ain’t gonna make the same mistakes that I would’ve made if I had got on two years in. I feel like everything played out the way it was supposed to play out. Nothing ever happens when you want it. It happens when it’s supposed to.

DX: You did an interview with and they asked you if life is getting easier for you. Here’s what you said: “Life started getting easier for me when I found my hustle. I feel like once you find your hustle and you stick to your grind, life will get easier. It may not get easier right away depending on your hustle, but it will get easier as long as you stay consistent in persistent in whatever you do.” That’s a pretty motivational statement. It’s an unrelenting way to look at progress as a whole.

French Montana: Definitely, man. You shouldn’t do nothing you don’t love for the rest of your life. As long as you find something that you love out there and you just do it and stay consistent, you might reach levels that you never thought you would reach. I’m sure Kobe Bryant wouldn’t be Kobe Bryant if basketball wasn’t his first love. I feel like when people force you to do something or work somewhere that you don’t feel like doing you’re never going to reach your full potential. That’s how I look at. That’s my whole personal experience and I’m sure that’s your experience, too.

French Montana Claims That New York's Success Is Because Of Gangsta Rap

DX: Absolutely. I think you’re a lot more insightful than people give you credit for. Especially with street music, I don’t think people appreciate the insight that goes into the music first. Especially right now. If you look at Billboard’s Top 20 HipHop/R&B songs, there are not many artists that are confined to the street music space. You said this next statement in an interview with Good Fellas Media: “I never knew no music to come out of New York except for the gutter music. So I was raised on that. If you look at everyone from Big Pun to Wu-Tang [Clan] to Fat Joe, I don’t think we’ve ever had Pop music in New York. So it’s kind of like I’m just following that same step.” You forced me to really think about that one. You have artists like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest for example, who are certainly not Pop, but I wouldn’t classify them as “gutter” either. But for the past 15 years or so - especially when considering new artists from New York who broke on a national level - you make a solid point. Is that a handicap to a degree?

French Montana: Yeah of course. Ninety percent of the music that ever came out of New York by artists that were successful was the gangsta music. The other 10% might be Pop, but just look at it, man. Even if you go back to KRS-One to Rakim, everything that came out till now, you can probably name two groups that were Pop. And now they try to say that you have to be more than one thing. You’ve got to be Pop and Hip Hop. I don’t agree with that. I think that if ain’t broke don’t fix it. That’s history. All you’ve got to do is rewrite history with something new - new styles, new material, new movement. That’s what I think about it.

DX: You’re getting a lot of traction collaborating with artists from the South. You’re managed by Mizay Entertainment with Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane. New York was initially cold on the South’s prominence in mainstream music. But now it seems like New York artists are having more success coming with a Down South sound. A$AP Rocky for example, or yourself, or even The Diplomats. Dipset made a joint in 2004 called “Crunk Muzic.” Even Nicki Minaj, who’s probably your closest contemporary from a strategic standpoint --

French Montana: -- I mean, I enjoy it. I don’t know how everybody else feels about collaborating with "down South" artists. I enjoyed doing a whole [Lock Out ] mixtape with Waka Flocka [Flame]. I enjoyed doing the whole [Cocaine Mafia] mixtape with Three 6 Mafia. I feel like all you’re doing is exercising your hustle, exercising your rhymes, exercising your style. I can’t see certain rappers from New York doing a whole down South mixtape. There’s not a lot of artists that could drop a mixtape with Waka Flocka together or with Three 6 Mafia together. I like doing shit out of left field, that people will be like, “Oh, he really just did this?” I think that’s what keeps it exciting. If that don’t keep it exciting, the closest thing you’re gonna come to that is dissing somebody to get attention. I came from a long history of doing that so I ain’t gonna do that no more. Everything’s working good.

DX: Is that really left field, though? It it really left field to gravitate to a sound that’s popular everywhere?

French Montana: Of course. That’s like if you saw a blog that said, “French Montana and E-40 are doing a mixtape together.” That would be crazy! I just like trying different things, tapping into everybody’s market. I still look at it as a hustle. I don’t look at it like how everybody else looks at it: if you’re nice you get on, if you’re wack you don’t get on. It don’t happen like that. Talent is one thing, but if you work hard, you can beat that challenge.

DX: Does that equal longevity in your opinion? Is hustle the formula for longevity? There are a lot of rappers who have a nice run and I think if there is a “new” artist that has the potential to achieve longevity in this environment it would be you because you’ve already achieved it. You’ve got ten years already. But is hustle alone the new formula for longevity?

French Montana: You have to understand, a lot of these rappers get comfortable. The reason why a lot of these niggas ain’t hot is because [they aren’t consistent]. When’s the last time you’ve seen some of these cats drop mixtapes? Now there’s one like every six months. Everybody that’s on right now, you don’t see nothing about them on the Internet. There’s nothing. People aren’t following you. For me, I never stopped; they just grew with me.

DX: It is refreshing to see your strategy. I can’t think of another New York artist off top that’s done a mixtape with Three 6 Mafia or tracks with Trae Tha Truth.

French Montana: Nah. And then every time I do anything, everybody try to do it right after. I ain’t tryna throw no shots at anybody, but I come out of 106 & Park with the mink vest. I look on the Internet a week after and everybody got a mink vest on.

French Montana Says Beef Makes You Less Money

DX: So what happened to drama king French Montana? You spent a lot of time in the middle of last decade beefing with artists, fighting in clubs. What prompted the change?

French Montana: Beefing is always gonna slow your money up. When you start beefing, everybody is gonna stop trying to spend money with you. You scare people away. It’s a lot of things that happen when you start beefing with people.

DX: Were there any positive effects? From a distance, it seems like many people were introduced to you when your conflict with Jim Jones and Hell Rell started.

French Montana: I think a lot of people were introduced to me through beefing, but when did I get more popular?

DX: Right. It makes sense. You did an interview with Jenny Boom Boom before you announced the Bad Boy Records signing. In that interview you said you wouldn’t sign to a rapper. You said: “I’m hotter than them right now. If you really look at it, you might have more money than me, but if you really look at the Coke Boy movement, it is what it is.” You were talking to a number of labels. You had the shopping deal with Akon that didn’t go the way that it could have. What was the defining reason that solidified you getting down with Bad Boy?

French Montana: [Diddy] is a billionaire. Let me brush shoulders up with a billionaire. Let me make a quick 300-500 million. If you’re smart enough, you might make more than that. I don’t look at Puff as a rapper. I look at him as a brand. He’s gonna guide me in the right way, let me know where the money’s at. He’s got time. He’s hands on with everything. He be on top of everything all the time. I felt comfortable. I just felt comfortable and didn’t care what people were saying.

DX: Have you been in the studio with Puff yet?

French Montana: Yeah, definitely. We did the “Shot Caller Remix” together.

DX: Have you had one of those Diddy moments where he just starts screaming on his artists like The Band or something?         
French Montana: Man, hell no! [Laughs] I think me and Diddy got a different relationship, you know. I think me and him got a different relationship.

DX: You mentioned that Kanye West called you up before you signed. Was he trying to sign you or was that just a temperature check?

French Montana: Nah, he was trying to sign me. Every label was trying to sign me before I got with Puff. So that goes to tell you that I was really comfortable with what he had on the table for me.

DX: You’ve got the album, Pardon My French on the way. You’ve mentioned previously that you’d love to work with “weird characters” like Cee-Lo and Coldplay. What is the album going to sound like, and how will it compare to those 13 mixtapes over the past three years?

French Montana: My thing is that it doesn’t matter who I work with. I could work with anybody. Carrie Underwood, anybody. As long as I keep the music the way it sounds, that gutter music, I don’t feel like I’ll ever disappoint my fans.

DX: This weekend, tragically, Slim Dunkin was murdered down in Atlanta. How has that affected you and how are things in the Mizay camp?

French Montana: I think it affected everybody. He was our bro. I think that’s a real emotional subject. I think it’s affecting everybody.      

DX: That was a real solemn announcement in such a big week for you; in such a big week for the camp. I was sad to hear that and my condolences go out to you, Waka, to the crew, and to his family of course. It’s also been a really big year politically speaking in North Africa and in the Middle East with the Arab Spring uprisings. You’re from Morocco originally. You moved here when you were 13-years-old. Has any of that had any effect on Morocco from what you know of or from any of your family that’s there?

French Montana: That ain’t got no effect on me.

DX: You did an interview with The Village Voice and Philip Mlynar asked you what’s the biggest surprise between Morocco and New York. And you said, “The drugs.”

French Montana: [Laughs] Yeah, it is. Over there, it’s not as much. Over here they’re more loose with it. Over here it’s crazy.

DX: Now you’re officially mainstream now. You’re signed to a major label. You’ve got all the access that only four or five companies can offer. You’ve got investment, which is one of the biggest part to solidifying your hustle. You’ll have national access to radio play. You’ll have access to Carrie Underwood. Does going major have any role at all in Cocaine City or Coke Boys or French Montana? Do you expect have as much control as you’ve been able to flex over the past 10 years?

French Montana: Yeah. That was part of my contract. I have to have the same thing.

DX: You don’t expect any concessions? You hear the story of the independent artist made good gets signed then all of a sudden the music’s changed.

French Montana: It always be like that, but that goes to getting signed and they put whatever it is they want on your contract. It comes with a lot. But I don’t expect that.

DX: Are you signing Uncle Murda to Coke Boys?

French Montana: Me and [Uncle Murda] is talking. Definitely, he’s like my brother. So I definitely want him in the movement. We’ll pull it together.  

DX: This last question is a standard question I ask anyone with perspective. I think perspective comes when you’ve had a career and have actually had a chance to do this. Regardless of whether this is the first time people are hearing you, you absolutely have perspective. You understand all of this from an angle that you’ve kind of pioneered: the DVD as a platform for the album. You’ve been through the trenches and now you’re signed. With everything that you’ve seen, what still surprises you about Hip Hop?

French Montana: I don’t really think nothing, really. I think it’s exactly what I found out about it. I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that it took me however long to get on just to realize that the machine is what really controls this whole shit. It was no way that I missed out on a lot of shit that I missed out on last year or the year before that. It makes you think that you’re not good enough. But you are good enough. You’re just not with the right people. That’s what I think.

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  • Nadine

    I guess you'll go where everyone else has gone thats signed to Diddy - NOWHERE!!!!

  • nice

    put this artist on bad boy or your website

  • nice

    put this artist on bad or your website

  • Acesun

    He's so FKIN dumb, you trying to scale up and get gwap then sign with Puff? WTF? What makes him think PD will take care of him? You can do shows by yourself, Diddy must have gave him a box of ciroc and called it a deal. What A DUMMY.

  • Acesun

    He's dumb, you trying to scale up and get gwap then sign with Puff? WTF? What makes him think PD will take care of him? You can do shows by yourself, Diddy must have gave him a box of ciroc and called it a deal. What A DUMMY.

  • Daz

    I dont think french montana is that good of a rapper at all. He isn't any better than the average city rappers from those rap dvds. He talks about drugs, guns, drinking, killings, blah blah. Rappers like him making it big are rare unless your skilled like rick ross or lil wayne. (or not). I mean come on, even the lox, who raps about the same content, are way better than french and were ironically were signed to badboy, can't get over that hump. But then again I find that a lot of these labels are tryin to find artist that can create their own buzz and market themselves (ah la wiz khlifa). With that said, French does hustle with his music and he gets alotta rappers co-signs so...I guess it makes some sense. But, good for him. Its good to see rappers that work hard get rewarded. As for him making hundreds of millions...uhhh not so

  • hahaha

    he wont make any money at badboy. puff is a crook who has robbed every artist that he signed. Craig mack, total, 112, g dep, black rob, mase...all those people have never had major follow up albums. French montanta will be no different. By the way he is certified trash.

    • Anonymous

      most accurate comment on this website. if this dude can get looks from 3 of the hottest rap labels and bad boy (lol) anyone can



  • Sean O'Loughlin

    I fuck with French. He's dope. I also fuck with Diddy as a brand and as a businessman. But, I'm sorry, French. I have to correct you on one thing. Diddy is not a billionaire. He is a multi-millionaire and maybe possibly in the future he might become a billionaire. But no. Until I see Sean Combs' name on Forbes 400 he is no billionaire.

  • Anonymous

    i guarantee this guy has snorted more coke than he's sold

  • bklynsfynest2000

    sorry French but you get a massive L for signing anything with Diddy. Montana ain't got the best flow but dude was alriht and he was on the way to blowing major...getting with Diddy is gona get you on HOT 97 crying in about half a year. Ain't you watching the slow death of Red cafe at bad Boy? That alone should be enough to have you stay clear of the shiny suit man ut once again niggas see a little show money from Puff and he get's them everytime....I give this one year before he talking about how he should have stayed independent...

  • omg

    Quote: "So I switch my style. When the styles change, I change with it." about doing some OWN styles?? Quote: "make 300-500 million"!? lol! he must have tried from the wrong pouder! i wanna spit this wack fuck in his dumb face for talking such bullshit in this interview!! and i'm a really peaceful person. French Bumtana is the prototype of a wack-mc: no brain, no taste and completely talent-less. all the money in this world doesen't make him a better rapper. he can make 100 mixtapes a month. wo cares if it's bullshit.?? fuck him and everything he stands for! go listen to Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne or Pharoahe Monch... that's what i call real MC's!! and not this clone-ass-hoe!

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    The only this dude could have done on G.O.O.D. Music is rap with Pusha-T. SMH. You're not missing much, Yeezy.

  • steven

    stop hating on the wave! coke boys worldwide! french be the hottest out of NYC!

  • Jesus

    Dude French is dumb, this is how the Kanye "signing" went Kanye:ima call this nigga French French picks up phone "hello" Kanye:I heard that cocaine mafia mixtape. French:and lemme guess you wanna sign me? Kanye:is that what they call it. Okay yeah i wanna sign you just bring that dope shit. French:can't I'm signing with Didst. Kanye:Man that nigga always beats me to the Coke

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dont Hate The Player. Hate The Game. French Built His Own Movement. He went from Cocaine City To Gettin Maad Views On Worldstar to doing songs with the top dudes in the game. Dope Interview. Good Questions By TCM. French Was Surprisingly Insightful when talking about how he persevered thru the doubt and hard times.

  • jhuntdaprodigy

    Why Kanye would try to sign this clown is beyond me. His verse on "Stay Schemin" was garbage, as are the other verses that I've heard from him. I'm normally not one to hate, but this guy just really isn't good. He sounds/looks retarded to me for some reason. And if he actually did go to Puff over Kanye, then he might just be as dumb as he looks. NOBODY has ever kept a career under Puff, they all fell off. The only one with staying power was Biggie and he's dead. At least Ye's put on Cudi & Big Sean so far

    • Real Talk

      co-fuckin-sign!! he's one of the wackest out right now for sure. waka is a beast compared to this clown!

    • CrappyRappers

      French isn't the best rapper, but he's got a decent flow and people like his sound. He makes songs better. And his songs have a hood appeal, which is slowly turning to mass appeal. Watch out. CrappyRappers[dot]com

  • klkloo

    Man why so many haters on French? I personally like his style but i don't think he's a superb rapper...his flow and voice are what makes him and i like for him signing with Bad Boy instead of GOOD I think that was a dumb decision because we all know what happens to Puff's artists....i mean look at Red Cafe, when the fuck is he ever going to drop an album on that label and he has been there FOREVER...and don't get me started on that machine gun kelly frootloop who is straight trash...But French smells the money and he knows where its at so he probably knew something we didnt and he did say him and DIddy have a great relationship...good luck to dude

  • Anonymous

    French is weak af I highly doubt kanye would offer him a deal

  • Anonymous

    Well, after sampling plenty of his tracks, I'm glad he signed on with Pee Pee Diddy and not Kanye. This guy has no talent to be on G.O.O.D. And yeah, enjoy the 10 minutes of fame before Diddy is on to the next one and you're another disgruntled Bad Boy employee...

  • yerrrr

    dummy shhould have went w kayne. Diddy be raping niggas. Rapping you records lol So now diddy has two drug dealing rapping dudes in french and Red Cafe

  • hellno

    he is not really making gutter music its pretty poppy and if he did he shouldn't be he's from morocco

  • Nazir

    This guy is Arab, Why's he trying to act black? Didnt wanna talk about his background think hes embarrassed. Wassup with using the nword as well ?

  • Marx1684

    So he basically confirmed he made a dumb decision. As far as those who don't get why he's getting the attention he's getting - He knows how to ride a track well & he chooses bangers. He doesn't sound awkward w/his choice of beats. New York will always need a gritty representative & he is currently publicly filling that void w/his buzz. I wasn't a fan at first but that slurred speach dun language that Mobb Deep brought to the fore front gets people going. Especially in clubs. I get it if you can't listen all the time but sometimes you just have to embrace that lil ignorant fool inside of you & sing along to Stay Schemin w/this man even if you're behind a computer working that 9-5.

    • Marx1684

      After saying all of that i must state that Fat Joe track that they posted was straight trash. That was one of the worst Hip Hop songs i have heard in a long time & i listen to a lot of music. I'm almost mad that i came in this post to listen to that trash but glad that i could warn anyone not to hit that play button & waste a moment of your time on that genre tarnishing tom foolery.

  • Swordz

    This guy has been hustling forever. He has over 10,000 hours of kusic out in last 10 years?? Please, someone name one fucking track of his that is actually good???

  • GTFO

    Introspective? That shit was gibberish....did he make any sense to you?

  • Anonymous

    have no beef with this dude, but do we really need another rapper? i sewar half these dudes should be lumped into groups. this is like every memebr from naughty by nature and onxy going solo and starting a clothing line.

  • Nico 3

    Diddy is gonna rape his pockets faster than Charlie Sheen kicks out a hooker come morning. Listening to these guys talk like they're going to make hundreds of millions and have such an impact is hilarious. If he's lucky, he makes between $5-10 million... Assuming that's a span of 2-3 albums, and consistently touring.

  • Force FeedbacK

    Can someone please explain to me why this dude is causing bidding wars and shit? I'm confused because: 1. Gangster rap doesn't sell anymore 2. He barely has a buzz even in the NY 3. He's sleezy, chessy, greedy and greezy 4. There's nothing unique about him 5. His brand involves the word "coke" and that's not marketable 6. HE CAN'T RAP!! Why the fuck would Kanye want someone like this?

    • Jack Compton

      Agreed. Kanye wouldn't/doesn't/didn't... rumors.

    • Anonymous

      kanye is a hack faggot, thats why niggas really need to stop gassing kanye dude works with LMFAO big sean and katy perry hes not a genius hes a flaming homo with diva qualities that being said, french is lying, 10 years and no album no buzz no fans? nigga ride the bench

    • Anonymous

      All I have To say about French is in the club the party goes nuts when they throw him on... Flex was on the ones & two over the weekend and i most admit I wasn't sold at first but know i am a fan... MONTANA

  • same old

    this cat got a lot of nerve. first off you came from Morroco to new york at 13 yrs old, what the hell would you know about hit rappers that weren't gangsters: big daddy kane, slick rick, leaders of the new school, salt n pepper, mc lyte, LL, run dmc,fat boys, biz markie, pete rock and cl smooth, jungle brothers, and the list goes on and on. none of them were gangstas but got mad love. its a slap in the face when you say new york got famous because gangsta music. this the problem with a lot of theae young cats in the game with big egos and little knowledge that misrepresent hiphop because they dont know shit anout the culture, go back to morroco you fake wangsta!!!!

    • D-Train

      Well said famo, I'm 41 yrs old and a real head of hip hop....He just insulted a large amount of artists that are not close to gansta, that is a West Coast term, East Coast cats like Mobb and Wu & Nas are thug.Brand Nubian, KMD, MF Doom, OC, Gangstarr,Chub Rock Kid n Play, Whodini, Funky 4, Mantronx, INI, Boogie monsters all got props.. NY use to set the standard and now they follow the trend.. NY still has good undergrounds cats but they are falling behind Detroit, Boston & Cali.... This mug is a commercal corn ball...

  • Mohammad

    "Its also been a really big year politically speaking in North Africa and in the Middle East with the Arab Spring uprisings. Youre from Morocco originally. You moved here when you were 13-years-old. Has any of that had any effect on Morocco from what you know of or from any of your family thats there?" French kiss or whatever the clown's name is: "That aint got no effect on me." I'm from Iraq, and all my family still out there. This girl can't wait to sell out and get raped by Diddy, and doesn't even acknowledge his roots. He's a fag and so is "DJ" Khaled. Real Arabs and Middle-Easterners don't respect y'all.

    • Bom919

      hahah well Im sure neither of them givafuk. Neither does anybody else so shut up. Anyways French is starting to grow on me but he needs to rhyme a lil bit better, I mean dont say cat and then throw out car. He does that shit but still good tho

    • bWs

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA " Real Arabs and Middle-Easterners don't respect y'all."

  • trooth

    i like french but i'll be honest with you...if it wasn't for Max B we wouldn't even be talking about this nigga

  • Anonymous

    french montana is a fag lissen to real gambino gangster rap RAEKWON GHOSTFACE MOBB DEEP so on who the fuck does this guy think he is lol French mustard



  • Anonymous


    • J-Yo

      HAHAHA u come on here trying to act all hard talking about some other dudes money and chain...nigga plzzz HAHAHA jump off the must be ignorant if u listeing to ppl bcuz of their money and not their talent. French Montana dont got no talent whatsoever and to top it all off he aint never gonna give u his chain. loser ass nigga

    • Why You Mad?

      You another ignorant ass hole, LMFAO. listen to his tracks, he know what he doing lyrically, if not artist and entrepenuers wouldnt be dying to sign with the nigga or make tracks. He got money and talent, and hatas like yall is what make his empire grow. !

  • Anonymous

    More proof that Hip Hop is brain dead


    Frenchie where u from in Marocco? The Drugs is mad big and crazy loose over there...maybe more underground but damn, even in the Royal Fam they like to shuffle that pure snow. Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat man you lost your roots, I've been there way to many times to know you're just yappin that mouth, damn shame dont go and talk that village talk dude I thought you where real!! I just had to get this one of my chest for my North African peeps. God Bless

    • Rdd

      WTF is you talking about? And you a lame for trying to talk about them "shuffling snow" over there like that means something. That shit aint good you know that right? Maybe why them arab heads be raping and molesting kids and women alot over there.

  • Anonymous

    french makes better songs than pappoose pappoose got a 1.5 million doollar deal and aint drop yet he need to hang it up


      Nah dude dont get your panties wet, Pap is total trash, his 1st tape whas aight but after the Fat Joe punch he didnt put one descent song out....Frenchie is not that much better but Pap???? you heard his last few songs LMAO

    • Anonymous

      alphabetical slaughter >>> any stench joint any pap tape >>> any stench tape the ability to rap >>> being a wack nigga pap >> stench hip hop >>> whatever u faggots turned it into


      Lol...funny but tru

  • Anonymous

    stench montana liked exclusively by idiots and NY city trash this dude is NY rap in 2012? nigga been out since 05 still aint shit no album nothing just out sucking dick looking for a deal nigga was riding the max b wave, crashed akon wave, crashed rick ross wave, crashed nigga is a follower and a terrible rapper NY rap used to be home of the artists yall niggas really gonna let papoose dry up and support THIS bum? pap aint got no albums either but his mixtapes crush this bum niggas and he goes for delph he aint looking for a handout or a life raft this nigga will never blow hes a sloppy rican drunk with no talent looking to make a buck off something hes not good at and NY gives him a pass LOL hip hop is garbage nowdays all these suck rappers booking interviews, talking talking, drop some good music you fucking bums twitter, blogs, and retarded rap fans that woulda never been into rap before it got sleezy killed the art form my nigga BIG L caught a slug and this bum still stinking up the streets stench montana industry dick rider low life cheeseball if this nigga is making cake it just goes to show you how embarrassing rap is now you cant defend this niggas music its trash

    • Why You Mad

      Suck A Dick. Mark the date. You too will soon be bumpin to French. Mainstream Dick Rider. You Pussy, Thats That. It Is What It Is. Got A Problem. Hit Me Up. Lets Resolve It. Good For Nothing Piece of Shit, Taking Up Oxygen, Die Nigga!

    • Anonymous

      LOL this nigga Why You Mad got his masters for riding dick have you no shame? what kind of terrible shit must've happened in your life that has you sitting here, stanning stench montana? wouldn't wish that kind of existence on any man. i dont even wanna approximate how many letters u just dedicated to this delusional, never will be, dickriding grease ball. pull your skirt up, your pussys showing, faggot.

    • Anonymous

      use spell check before you tell people u have a masters in your "proffesion" u faggot

    • Anonymous

      Did they teach you to use paragraph breaks in grad school?

    • Why You Mad?

      First things first, stop mentioning these old heads, we give them they respect, but they washed up,we in 2012 not 1998, Akons deal fell through cause Akon couldnt handle on his own, & he doesnt want a handout, thus it took him long to get a deal, but 10 yrs later and you got niggas like Good music, mayback,sony, rocnation trying to sign him. you a joke my dude, im not from new york, and i have a masters in my proffesion, thus my iq will abolish yours in a heartbeat. remember it isnt how many records you sell but your fan base, go to NY or anywhere for that matter and ask about french, you mad cause you corny ass or corny ass clique prolly trynna make a rap album and looking for the recognition. What is your obssesion with NY? music is everywhere, and French catches ears everywhere of those who appreciate hip hop, not those who turn to MTV's top 20 or fuse's top 20 to decide what they listen to, Its funny you mention nas and jay, cause he was in his teens during that era, and making thousands with the coke game, watch cocain city volume 7, dude skinny as fuck with piles of money, you prolly to stupid to count that high, Nas dying to make a track for the nigga, cause he gettin no play, and Jay trynna sign him, HOW IRONIC!. obviously Mr. West, Ross, Jay, & Sony have a better ear than you, cause they were ready to cough up millions for him, is that hate in your blood my dude, get over it. He the hottest thing out, Flow, unique, who else sound like him? you mad cause you cant understand his rhymes? dont hate JUST LISTEN! lyrics ON POINT, and you mad cause you cant once again appreciate real music, i bet you one of these old heads still rocking gold chains and karl kani jeans, dude we grown from that, appreciate change, GET WITH IT OR GET LOST.PERSONA? real nigga out and fresh to death. you got niggas trynna dress like him and you prolly one of them niggas googglin his pics to get swag. quality projects? you got everyone trynna make a track with French and once again you mad? he got tracks with EVERYBODY for the most part, and you still mad? hit and classical records?? arent you from NY? he all over the radio, he the talk of NY, and classiscal? he just got a few in the game, he developed himself as an artist, and you still mad? cause he going to be greater than most, and most importantly remain original. HATA ASS NIGGA!!!

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      ask yourself this. would french montana catch NY's ear when jay-z and nas were coming up? fat joe now >>> this nigga french has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. please name one thing he excells at musically. flow? trash lyrics? garbage persona? rican drunk dickriding loser quality projects? 0 hit records? 0 classic records? 0 rap is dead because all the old niggas are the only ones repping it right. this bum is awful, and a born loser. signed to akon, and couldnt make it work. nobody can make french a success, or a quality artist. hes a born loser with a loser fanbase. FACT: if you listen to french montana you have horrible taste in music, know nothing about quality hip hop, and have a very low IQ his shit appeals to the lowest common denominator, non thinkers and low lifes have another bottle stench and put it on the wack niggas that have u feelin like your hot out here NY used to be home of the lyricists. now it has no identiy. every new NY rapper is trryin to sound like gucci mane or whatever southern artist is popping, grow a set of balls, learn how to rap, then talk. dx lost for interviewing this loser. what a deep mind, mustve been an honor to pick his pea brain. dick suck nigga blows

    • Why You Mad?

      Please elighten me, who you listen to? that is alive, dont mention any legends that are no longer present. You listen to Rihanna? Weezy? Lets be serious you as bird, you obviously have no idea what music is or French Montana at that, youll be rapping along sooner or later Hater. Dick Rider. Get off this website, its for hip hop heads. If you wanna listen to Rihanna or Nick Cannon go elsewhere BUM ASS NIGAA!

  • Why You Mad?

    I Laugh at all your corny ass niggas below this comment, you dont appreciate real music. Ive been listening to French since about 05'...REAL HIP HOP. Ya dont appreciate real music until it goes mainstream before ya start dick riding. The other half are too stupid to realize the messages behind the raps. You want to talk Nuersery Rhymes, lets mention the entire YMCMB clique and they corny ass rhymes that make no sense whatsoever. Appreciate real music, not to mention a real nigga, trying to make a statement. French Montana/ Coke Boyz is wheres its at. 2012 is theirs. Stop being ignorant, same ones making these negative comments are the ones singing along to French at the clubs/ radio a few months from now. like he said in Cocaine Mafia mixtape "YOU NEED HATERS!!"

  • Anonymous

    I can't name one song from this guy..

  • Anonymous

    he already got 5 mil look it up

  • mike from BR

    i really dont see the hype. honestly i dont.

  • Anonymous

    French Montana Confirms That Kanye West Tried To Sign Him Just Hours Before Diddy, Believes He Will Make Hundreds Of Millions At Bad Boy with a comment like that i truly believe he is a retard he will be lucky to make 5 mill Lol

  • jj

    What's the big deal about this nigga? He ain't saying or doing nothing new. All he did was spit some typical shit over a hot ass beat. Wtf

    • Anonymous

      yeah, that is rap these days. and how can you have respect for Kanye when he is looking to sign guys like this and big sean. Rap is pathetic these days if that's what ambassadors are chasing.

  • 011781

    Hokey-Pokey rap, as I call it, has it's own lane now. It was created by lazy listeners that need records that are easy to remember and sing a long to -- just like nursery rhymes that were made for the brains of toddlers and infants. Frenchy's verse in "Stay Schemin" might be one of the worst verses ever recorded for a major label.

  • J-Yo

    This guy is a joke, hes gonna need more than diddy to make him hot. W.A.C.K. MUSIC, that's what he should be called. This guy is a joke, hes worse than Waka Flaka...Pathetic

  • Anonymous

    anyone can be a rapper if this guy can make it in the industry!

  • wu4lyf

    I honestly don't get the hype. I listened to this dude's Cocaine City trash back in the day and he hasn't improved AT ALL. The fact that he's signed with Diddy shows his utter lack of business acumen, aligning yourself with a snake like him only leads to trouble. Why do people like his fool?

  • Whew

    Thank God man, if he joined G.O.O.D. I would be forced to listen to him, now that he's on Bad Boy, I can keep on avoiding him since I don't listen to any artist signed to that shit.

    • Anonymous

      and cant forget mason betha diddy is a man eating faggot and im actually happy hes going to be destroying machine gun kelly and frenchs life

    • Anonymous

      every aritst diddy ever signed is either dead, in prison, or stuck in living hell. craig mack biggie shyne g-dep black rob young joc da band daddity kane lox (stuck in the hood broke with deals) machine gun kelly french its a evergoing process and none of these idiots can resist the little sack of cash diddy throws to sign their life over see ya french, ya greasy, corny, wack piece of shit

    • J-Yo

      HAHHAHHAH Ummmm Diddy, thats about it lmao

    • mgeeze

      I agree, but has anyone answered which Bad Boy artist has ever made hundred of millions of dollars..somebody name one??

    • Anonymous

      haha so true

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly...

  • murdock

    he picked the wrong team nothing good has come out of diddy in years and he dont focus on music anymore.kanye would have took him to a new level..but really who cares hes not dope anyway

  • Mylie

    This ugly faggot is not going to make it. and hes lying saying Knaye West tryed to sign him. i doubt that very much!!

  • DickDastardly

    I will never understand what is supposed to be so special about this guy.

  • Anonymous

    Unless Diddy records in a vault (not out of the question), I think you mean Diddy's vaunted label

  • Anonymous

    coke rap is dead.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    He said hundreds of He's a very delusional and wack rapper. I don't get why these artists sign to a label that is known to hype folks up, put out one album and in the process diddy is the main person who gets the boost, since he likes to put his face on everything and has his head firmly stuck up his own ass. You may not even get to put an album out, cuz many artists on the label don't and then try to leave. Once diddy is finished using him to boost his own career and make his money stacks higher, then this guy is finished. Signing to most of these artists' labels is a bad move, cuz they are just using you to keep themselves relevant and make the label look good. They make money off of you and then leave you wondering 'why the fuck did I sign here'..

  • Anonymous

    This dude is absolutely terrible...This coke wave he is riding is so unoriginal and the clipse do it a 100 times better than he does...How in the fuck does he get so much attention?oh that's right he is a Moroccan national who can launder I see why Diddy would fuck with him because it damn sure isn't because of his brilliant and insightful rhymes...fuck outta her with this bullshit..

  • casper21

    I read the headline and wanted to read why this guy thinks that kind of money is even possible or remotely attainable, but right after he said I change with the styles to stay relevant I lost interest. If you change with every style that comes out in order to stay relevant, than there's nothing about you that's special or worth paying attention to, your the worst kind of rapper, just flop and go away please.

    • thafranchise

      You looking at him only from a fans standpoint. Now try taking what he said from an artist standpoint. In order to make it in the rap game you have to stay relevant. If that means he has to swith up with the trends then so be it. Back in the early 90's the fans was way more loyal and there wasnt that many rappers. Now you can be called old school after your first 2 albums.

  • Student/Listener

    Mad respect to you French Montana, you're very smart and have a winning perspective of the game, more importantly the music is hot too this combination should take you far, good luck. I could see you as a very successful executive in the future. Also major props to the interviewer, asked the right questions to get good answers and let the artist express all the great things he had to say, very good job.

  • Anonymous

    ATCQ's success says otherwise.

  • Puffy

    Diddy isn't a billionaire.

  • O_o

    Yeah, 'cause Red Cafe made hundreds of millions too. So did Yung Joc.

  • Anonymous

    lol "the prolific rapper" i wouldnt call this guy prolific, hes garbage signing a deal with diddy when you had other options seems kind of dumb if you know the history bad boy has

  • Anonymous

    hurry up and flop already

  • Destroy The Wackness

    This clown nigga is out of his mind. This whole interview & no mention to the people that put up a ton of free studio time, blood & sweat to get him where he is today. This nigga is wack and no hundred million anything will not be happening any time soon. Dame Grease better not give this clown another beat I swear. Free Max B!

    • Why You Mad?

      Only thing i agree with is FREE MAX-B, other than that you a hata, you mad you couldnt sit in in the studio?! This nigga got money, havent you seen cocaine city series? He dont take nothing from no one he supply his own. I see youve done your homework, Dame Grease is a beast on the beats, and French is the best thing to happen to them, Get off listening to these mainstream artist that pay their way in, if you got every label fighting for this dude, do the math, if you can. HATA!!!!!

  • bigmfaz313

    guys the worst in the game....

  • lonso

    This motherfucker is the worst. Thank G.O.D. Kanye didn't sign him; Big Sean sucks enough.