Royce Da 5'9 Acknowledges Personal Growth, Trend-Setting, Ignoring Canibus

Nickel Nine says that he is trying to treat Canibus with respect, and explains what jail, beef and bad record contracts taught him as he vows to deliver his last indie solo in "Success Is Certain."

Once the hottest prospect in Hip Hop, that is until his highly anticipated Rock City album suffered a major setback at the hands of bootleggers back in 2002, Royce Da 5’9 has been to hell and back twice over. Things that have stalled the emcee’s progress include a much publicized falling out with close friend and confidante Eminem, a small stint in prison for a DUI, and label politics resulting in him, much to his disliking, landing on Koch Records.

Back on the straight and narrow, Royce has not only repaired his friendship with the real Slim Shady, the pair also rekindled their Rap alter-egos, Bad Meets Evil, for Hell: The Sequel. Besides this, Royce is also flying high off of the success of the famous foursome, Slaughterhouse, where alongside Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I, he has helped create one of the most talked about collectives of recent years. With new album, Success Is Certain, out this week, HipHopDX catches up with the wordsmith to discuss the new and old...

HipHopDX: How did you and Eminem rekindle your friendship?

Royce Da 5’9: He just called me one day. He called me one day out of the blue. I think we were both at that point in our lives. I guess it was just a conscious decision that he made. He felt like he was gonna call me. We lost Proof and we realized that the [beef] was stupid. He called me and we just took it from there. It was a slow process. There were a lot of long gaps in time where we didn’t speak, and then we’d get back on the phone and things just happened from there.

DX: You’ve recently come off of some serious success, courtesy of Hell: The Sequel with Eminem. Did you ever think you would be riding the top of the charts with your longtime friend doing tracks with massive Pop stars such as Bruno Mars?

Royce Da 5’9: Never, and that’s one of the greatest rewards. For something like that to come as a surprise makes it even greater. It’s nothing I could have ever predicted. It just happened how it happened. That’s just how it is when things happen naturally and organically. Just allow things to happen and let nature run its course. Remain a good person; make the right decisions, and good things come out of it. I never would have predicted it.

DX: Break down the new album, Success Is Certain, for us…

Royce Da 5’9: It’s just as introspective as Death Is Certain, but it’s not angry by any means. It’s speaking about a lot of things that I’ve been through. I obviously didn’t have the same amount of time to put in to it as I did with Death Is Certain, or [my other previous albums], because I was working on that as well as Slaughterhouse's [sophomore album], as well as [Hell: The Sequel] with Em, all at the same time. I tried to maintain the same darkness, and there’s some great production on there, and the lyrics are always gonna be on a certain level. If anything, it’s one of my most cohesive albums. All the songs really blend well together. I think people are really gonna be surprised. They’re really gonna like it. It’s my last indie album, as a solo artist. It’s with Gracie Productions. It’s my last solo obligation as an independent artist.

DX: You mentioned Death Is Certain. Many say it’s your best album to date. You were in a dark place, unhappy at Koch Records, and upset with life in general. Your new album concentrates on success as opposed to death, so what’s changed?

Royce Da 5’9: I think the career path is just different. I’m keeping mistakes to a minimum. Things just started working out for me in terms of my career. I was able to make myself a lot more visible. I was blessed enough, and fortunate enough, to start a group and start a trend [of making super-groups] in Hip Hop. I actually feel like we started two trends in Hip Hop. I think the whole two people doing an album together is really catching on, and the whole four-man group thing is catching on too. It’s really contributing something to Hip Hop, which is what I always wanted to do, what Joe Budden has always wanted to do, what Crooked I has always wanted to do, and what Joell Ortiz has always wanted to do. It’s something Eminem has always done, and is continuing to do. So I’m just glad to be a part of something positive in Hip Hop, which is something I have not always been.

Thinking about it, Death Is Certain probably is my best work to date, album-wise anyway. For some reason I’m good at angry-Rap. I’m very good at rapping about things when I’m angry. It’s really easy to get things off of your chest when they’re right there, when they’re right there on top of your heart. You know what I’m saying? You don’t have to dig too deep because it’s right there. I wear my heart on my sleeve. That’s probably why that album came out sounding how it sounded. I can’t do another one of those albums because I’m not angry anymore.

DX: Your debut album, Rock City, was released twice. You were tipped to be the next big thing but your album was heavily bootlegged and so you had to release it again with some new material on it as well as some big league production credits, courtesy of The Neptunes. Would you say the bootlegging stalled your attack on the industry and would you say that if it had never happened then you would have been a huge commercial success earlier?

Royce Da 5’9: I'm not so sure of that. It's hard to call. Obviously it was a different climate as far as Hip Hop goes back then. The bootlegging really affected album sales back then, whereas now it's a little bit different. Albums leaking a week or two before the release date can actually help now because it gives people the chance to preview the goods. It helps them want to make the decision whether or not to go and buy the album. Back then, I don't know. If I go back and listen to that stuff I go back retrospectively and give my personal opinion of it. I don't like any of it. I'm my own worst critic. I can listen to it and pick it apart and hear where I sound young… you know what I'm saying? I'd just go crazy. It's hard for me, especially being my own worst critic, to determine whether it would have been a huge success or not. There are a lot of variables thinking that way. What would the record label have done with it? I really have no way of knowing at all.

DX: Briefly touching upon your time in prison, would you say your small stint opened your eyes to your true potential?

Royce Da 5’9: You know what? I wouldn’t say it opened my eyes to my true potential. The only thing me going to jail did was open my eyes to how easily things can be taken away from you, how hard other people work to take things away from you, and how much of your downfall people pray for. It became a reality. You hear it on other peoples' records, you hear them going through it, and then you listen to your own parents and you listen to certain people that care about you tell you these things but you don’t really get it until you have to go through it. That was a time in my life where it became a reality check for me. My potential in my eyes has never really been in question. I never questioned whether or not I had the potential to be successful in Hip Hop. I always felt like I had the potential to be successful but there are things contained in my personality and things going on in the universe that can prevent me from achieving it, and jail was one of those things. It really made me realize that. I’m glad it was just a year because it gave me enough time to reflect and come back with a new game plan.

DX: Do you ever look back and regret any of the paths you have taken, or do you think that it has made you a stronger emcee?

Royce Da 5’9: It just made me stronger. There were times in my life where I looked back and felt like, "Damn, I wish I hadn't have done that," and, "I wish I had done this differently." However, now that things are the way that they are I'm pretty happy with where I am and where things are going, as well as the possibility of where things can go. So it kinda makes me feel like all of those things happened for a reason. If I had taken any of those things off of the table things might be different now. It makes me now a firm believer that things do in fact happen for a reason. It's just about bouncing back from mistakes, you know? I pride myself on the way I bounce back from mistakes.

DX: We briefly mentioned that The Neptunes had a lot to do with Rock City 2.0. What's your relationship like with Pharrell these days being that you haven't really worked together since then, and that was 2002?

Royce Da 5’9: You know what? I bump in to Pharrell every now and then. There have been a couple festival shows that I did with Em where I bumped in to him. We spoke about working together. The relationship is the same. I'm the type of person where if we have a tight relationship but then for whatever reason both get busy, if you bump in to me two, three, or even 10 years later, our relationship in my mind is gonna be exactly the same as it was the last time I saw you. Nothing changes in my mind as long as we part ways on good terms. Me and Pharrell have always been cool. So I guess I can say our relationship is pretty much the same as it was.

DX: Another producer who you have formed a great friendship with over the years is DJ Premier. He's not only given you some of your biggest underground hits – “Boom” and “Hip Hop”, he also stood by you while you were in prison and has since continued to work with you. How did you guys form the relationship and what's it like being a part of the Premier family which also consists of the likes of Skyzoo, Termanology, and REKS?

Royce Da 5’9: It's definitely an honor to be a part of the [DJ] Premier circle. It's an honor to be his friend. I definitely love and appreciate him. We met… shit; I don't even remember what year it was. We met a long time ago. If you've been in Hip Hop 10, 11, or even 12 years then you've been in the studio with a lot of producers. So what happens is that you get in there with them, you do work with them, you meet them, some of them you end up being friends with, some of them you remain associates, some of them you don't care where they are. It's just the art of meeting people. Premo just happened to be one of those people who ended up being one of my friends. When you can work with somebody, make great music, and end up gaining a friend at the same time it's just a plus. He's a real nigga. I'm a real nigga. We just connected like that.

DX: Over the years it's fair to say that you've had your fair share of lyrical beefs - D12, Mistah F.A.B, Joe Budden, and more recently Canibus, why do you think these guys come after you, and do you think trouble follows you?

Royce Da 5’9: I don't think trouble follows me anymore. There might have been a point in my career where it felt like it did, but I think Canibus is trouble. He has his own problems and he's angry. He's more angry with me than I am with him. He does these things out of nowhere. For the record, I never went back and forth on a record with Canibus. I said what I wanted to say about him, and then there was a long gap in time. Now here he comes with all these records consecutively expecting me to respond to them, but I didn't respond to any of them. I'd roast him if I felt like it. It would only take 50-100 bars to wreck his whole movement. I'm trying to keep away from doing that. When I ignore Canibus, I'm just trying to treat him with the respect that he deserves for being a legend in the game. If I had to give him any advice it would be to just stay away from me. This is not what he wants.

DX:  Many fans claim that your style is one that inspires confidence, and maybe the way you spit sometimes confuses people in to thinking that you're dissin' them. You even cleared up the fact you weren't dissin' Drake on your “Forever” freestyle on the Bar Exam 3 mixtape. Would you agree?

Royce Da 5’9: Yeah, I think that people think everything that comes out of my mouth is some type of subliminal or diss to somebody. I've never been subliminal. It's hard for me to be subliminal. I've never been much of a subliminal dude. I've always been a blunt and direct brut force say-your-name kinda guy. I shoot straight from the hip. When people accuse me of sneak dissin' it's rather offensive to me because why do I have to sneak and diss you when if I want to diss you then I'm gonna diss you? But if I'm not dissin' you and I respect you, in the same token I'm gonna make that bluntly known – “I respect this person and I would never diss this person,” exactly like I did with Drake. There are a lot of bitter emcees out there who sit around hating on the younger guys. I've never been one of those guys. I love to see these younger guys coming up and doing their thing. I still have my same movement. I have nothing to be bitter about. So when people accuse me of that, they're thinking of the Canibuses of the world, the guys that are sat around mad at everybody because shit didn't go how they wanted it to go for themselves.

DX: As a part of Slaughterhouse, you guys are now being considered the realest rap group of today’s music listening generation, which in turn has personally allowed you to feature on a load of tracks as guest emcee – Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch, and Travis Barker to name just a few. How’s the spotlight treating you?

Royce Da 5’9: You know what? So far so good. I’m real busy, which is what I always aspired to be. When I’m busy I stay out of trouble. In terms of the spotlight, it’s good. It has its pros and its cons just like anything else. I just deal with it accordingly. I look at it as a blessing and I’ll worry about it when it stops.

DX: During your career you’ve done everything from ghost writing for P. Diddy and Dr. Dre to having a track – “Renegade,” taken by Jay-Z and used for his own album, so some believe there’s no question you deserve your success. What does the future hold for Royce Da 5’9?

Royce Da 5’9: A lot of great things hopefully, and a lot of positive things. I’m going to stay on my positive path, keep doing what I’ve been doing, and not let any negativity sway me from what I’m supposed to be doing. I got the Slaughterhouse album in the pipeline; it’s coming along very well. The guys are in great shape. Morale is high, they’re at the top of their game. They’re pushing me and inspiring me to be at the top of my game. Em is very excited about it. I’ve got my next solo album, which I don’t know where it’s gonna be, but the fact that I’m a free agent after the release of Success Is Certain is exciting. It’s like a whole new career for me. Sky is the limit right now.


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  • d,j,natureboy

    Ahhh Haaaa! I didnt even have to read it, I just skipped down to say the 5'9" da SHIT! Em is the dopest MC alive right now, in the hype of hiphop; the hottest genre right now. And, he co-signss the FUCK out of Royce. So, doesnt that automatically make him dope?! Em isnt even behind 50 like that. Im proud of Royce, watching his career n see him still fight to do it for the love, not the check. NOw with the publicity, ppl gone have to be about something to get fans if he influences more artists of his caliber to get large contracts.

  • John-Boy

    Royce makes your favorite lyricist look like Gucci Mane. And if your favorite lyricist is Gucci Mane, go kill yourself.

    • Elvis

      Sorry but my fav lyricist is Nas. If anything, Nas makes Royce look like LL Cool J. And thats no disrespect to Royce. Dude's more than nice on the mic.

  • Los

    Royce would BODY Canibus... He already did... 1st, you cant respond to somebody months after the diss... What part of the game is that... 2nd, You cant ask niggas to write your verse on Bar Exam 2 then diss that nigga... the joey n the royce diss will be heard by EVERYBODY... Canibus shit will get ignored... yall are defendin a man thats been dead for 10 years... hes the first ja rule

  • Rocc

    does he acknowledge that his wack ass album didn't sell?

  • Swerving Classics

    Go Show Some Love, hit the like button

  • thegreatiandi

    Yo...I just came back to see what has transpired since i wrote a day ago. And the more i read what 5'9 said about Canibus...and im really thinking he is delusional. This dude did a song with bis like an album ago. Then he dislikes him because your signed back with E...and your trying to make it sound like you didn't diss bis because of him taking shots at Shady. Like be real 5'9. It pisses me off because there both nice on the mic...but the days of getting a track where you get two Hot mc's ripping it are long gone. The days of getting big pun, dmx, Canibus and N.O.R.E on a track are gone. No more N.O.R.E, Cuban link an G Rap on a's gone. Every once in a while you can get a track with an Immortal Tech, Chino Xl and Canibus....but it's so rare. Besides siding with Canibus on this one...i just think were losing what we love guys. And no one can see it. From us bootlegging every damn thing that comes artist paying radio stations to not play there competitors tracks. To caring about who boast about money more than the next guy. It's dying man. And were going to be left with your Gucci and Wacka Flacka wack ass crossover distant reminders of what once was a great thing... Think about it... It's more than just music to some...

    • N@TuRn3r

      Why "take sides" when neither one of those dudes could give a fuck about you? If you die tomorrow, do you think Royce or Canibus will send flowers? Fans need to stop getting so emotionally involved with the lives of their favorite artists and just appreciate the musc they're putting out. Forget about "what might have been" and focus on "what is".

    • slaughter

      I agree 100% Its dying in every aspect. This sucks :(

  • M. Bison

    Royce is unaware of the fact that Canibus has been infused with my psycho power to make him stronger and push Royce in to giving in to the dark hadou. After I recruit Royce in Shadaloo I will have some of the world's strongest warriors. I have orders for you Sagat, bring me Ryu, this will be your chance to have your rematch with him. I want to see the true extent of his power!

  • Anonymous

    Royce makes much better music. End of.

  • Anonymous

    Yall defending Canibus saying yall got no respect for Royce but Canibus had another rapper record a track w/ D12 and gave him the vocals so he could diss Eminem on the track and make it seem like D12 was dissing Em. If that isn't pathetic and worthy of losing respect I don't know what is.

    • N@TuRn3r

      Damn...Y'all are like a bunch of bitches. Maybe you need to stop listening to music and stick to watching soap operas because you love the drama. How many readers are laughing at these fools for arguing over the details of somebody ELSE'S beef? LOL!!

    • I stay high....not really, but you know

      BAM! Eat that, analbead

    • beezlebud

      wrong clown BIZARRE is talking bullshit jus coz D12 and Em had made up after the airstrike track Canibus address it all on this and Eminem HIMSELF did state on BME that there was internal beef between him and D12 that should of been dealt with inhouse and NOT by reaching out to Canibus know what the fuck your talkin about next time

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      @Anonymous, the 2nd one, you are the one just making stuff up.

    • Anonymous

      wrong D12 approached Canibus and ASKED him to address Em coz they hadnt spoken to Em in nearly a year and Em hadnt been paying them money and they where all broke so Canibus stepped up and did the track with them Em has also admitted there was beef with D12 and him on BME when he speaks about internal beef, so try knowin wtf your talkin about before postin dumb fuckin lies

  • Anonymous

    love royce but saying he could easily roast canibus without doing so is bitch shit. if you get shit on, fire back, or you're scared. period. this i'm too big to respond shit is wack, thanks jay-z, you scared billionaire bitch. canibus wrote one of the best diss tracks ever and shit on a LEGEND. royce and budddens diss niggas on twitter, that's bitch shit. that being said, royce is an animal, love his style, love his flow.

  • DMAX

    He's a straight real nigga.

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Why do I see Nickel Nine's eyes in this pic?! Put your sunglasses back on, WTF, Ruins the image without 'em.

  • Slick

    Canibus and Royce are both great emcees,I wish canibus would squash the beef. But i dunno man. Hip hop needs guys like this to work together.Sometimes as a hip hop artist you have to put your own problems aside for the sake of the rap game.We have wack rappers working with eachother while the good ones going against each other. It's absolutely the wrong formulae.

    • Anonymous

      canibus squashed it its royce emotional ass who cant keep canibus name outta his fuckin mouth, swear if its not Canibus name in his mouth its Eminems dick

  • Samuel Snead

    I like both mc's. They r both hip hop 2 me. I would like 2 c beef between more popular artists. Like royce vs drake or something. instead of slaughterhouse vs wu-tang, etc

    • Anonymous

      thats a REMIX Deck hasnt worked with anyone in slaughterhouse

    • war22

      dude...there's no beef between Wu and Slaughterhouse...why yall making shit for no reason...its over...after that incident Royce and Inspectah Deck jumped on a track called Year of the gun...its all cool now...damn i hate trolls

  • ka-as

    haha i cant believe people put canibus in the same sentence as royce and em, if it wasnt for them we would be stuck listen to shitty ass albums like watch the throne

    • Canibus

      You must be white if u dont know canibus is a legend and he is great.Even eminem and royce admit that he is good.

  • thegreatiandi

    Just to make this brief... For everyone talking about how Canibus only sold this and that... No matter this point in the game...he has STILL sold more than 5'9. Just with both his 1'st and second albums going gold. 5'9 is...and has always been since he came out...certified wood in sales you dumb asses. Now that hes eating from the masta's table again, he will push more units...but as a group. His solo albums have...and never will push a mill. So relax on the next mans sales. If were just talking about skill...he has it...but so does a many other rappers. If were talking a battle cat on the Mic...ide say they both " were ". They haven't had to in years...either of them. Don't get gassed off what this nut job is saying in this interview. When has he roasted some1 last? I'll tell you. The track Malcolm X. YEARS AND YEARS ago. Same with bis. This isn't about past glories. My dude canibus is busy with conspiracy theories and the tragedy that is Hip Hop. Royce is all " GANGSTA " now judging by that last album lol. WTF is wrong with this dude? That street hop had him playing the hardest dude on the planet. Giving no fly zones to anyone coming in Detroit cause hes a gangsta, rapping in a wack rasta voice for an entire track, shooting at undercover cops,getting out shined by Busta Rhymes and some guy getting his dick cut off after the club LMAO. Im not making this up lol.

  • NapoleoN

    eminem in the biggest fan for llcoolj canibus killed ll longtime back fo sure no one can fuck with canibus man nobody can fuck with him

  • megan fox

    Royce go ahead and spit those 50-100 bars and watch as canibus rips your silly ass apart and destroys your career

    • beezlebud

      fuck "who got bodied" go listen to "Rip the Jacker" or "Who ownz you" or "2nd round knockout"

    • 2da9thPwr

      Who's career has Canibus killed? LL cool J, no maybe Eminem's? Please, I would say that Royce would kill bus's career but he does'nt even have one. Go listen to who got bodied.

  • insanemacbeth

    i like both CANIBUS....and ROYCE!

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    I don't know much about their history honestly, but from what y'all are saying it sounds like Royce started the beef and isn't finishing what he started...or maybe he just doesn't feel like getting into a beef battle that'll last another 10 or so years. There's no doubt they both are lyrical beasts, but as far as who did what or who started it...I could honestly care less so long as Royce puts out decent songs...(I don't listen to Canibus). I must ask though...why did Canibus take so long to respond to Royce's initial diss to him?

    • beezlebud

      Budden dissed him on Spring Training then Canibus SLAUGHTERED him with "Joey Cupcakes" and Joe got real affraid soon as Bis got at him and has said shit since also Canibus got at him on "The Art of Yo" with a verse better than any Joe Budden verse period

    • Anonymous

      Budden was afraid to battle? Listen to "Spring Training" off MM4.5 he dissed Canibus...

    • beezlebud

      he didnt take long to reply, Royce came at him sideways for dissin Eminem actin like a groupie which Canibus ignored n gave Royce a pass Royce 9 months later then began dissin Canibus with Kid Vishis and Joe Budden on twitter like cornballs so instead of goin on twitter n dissin back Canibus finally got annoyed with ignorin them and did what a true MC does and dissed them on wax at this point Royce n Budden became affraid to battle n started talkin all this bullshit like in this article makin excuses for themselves bein shook

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ them Canibus fans storming this site everytime their hero gets mentioned. What's up with that? Are you guys his personal internet army? If so, make sure you buy his albums, because them last sales didn't look promising. Both are skilled as fuck, but Royce makes much, much better music as of lately, so I'm going with him.

  • Rodrick

    The 10 fans that canibus have left will ride till the death for that nigga on the internet, lol All you gotta do to roast Canibus is make a few Steve Urkel, The Black Guy from Revenge of the nerds jokes and he's done, lol, fuck that nigga

  • yawn

    Canibus fans are such faggots, just like their idol.

  • Anonymous

    I love royce he's an amazing lyricist but there's not a rapper out there who could roast canibus

  • Anonymous

    i hate how ppl pick the rappers they like based off of what they say off the record to be honest i dont really fuck with the interviews unless they're about upcoming releases

  • beezlebud

    this guys a certified dick head talkin "trends" fuck outta here you havent started ANY trends METH N RED started the 2 solo artists collabing shit and since then and BEFORE this BME shit he's jus done with Em all of these solo artists have put out collab albums together Canibus and Keith Murray have KRS ONE and BUCKSHOT Mos Def and Talib Kweli Nas and Damian Marley KRS ONE and Just Ice Beanie and Memph and Canibus group the HRSMN was a 4 man supergroup BEFORE slaughterhous too so was The Firm, dudes a certified cornball and CANIBUS has done more for aspiring artists than Royce ever has, he's jus released a 3 disc album with 90% of the dozen plus features being up n comin MCs and he's featured up n coming MCs on EVERY album he's made Royce has ZERO up n comin MCs on any of his fuckin albums other than his blood brother vishis

    • Anonymous

      REAL TALK BEEZLE, This nigga is lying but i guess its alright to lie haha yea right, Royce lost all respect from me, this nigga wants that money sooo bad, I'm sure everytime he's in front of em he bends over. RoYCE YOU ARE WAZCK AS HELL DOG. SIT THE FUCK DOWN YOU AIN'T BROLIC, YOU CAN GET TOUCHED lil DUDE SO FALLBAACK...

  • Anonymous

    Royce got flow...but His subject matter hardly ever changes. His Beat selection WACK. He constantly calls out someone but hardly ever finishes what he started... reminds me of 50 cent in this case. He's a terrible liar. Royce is not worthy of the peoples' support, this nigga too egotistical, and if you fuck with Royce just because he's fuckin with em, YOU ARE CERTIFIED HOMO.

  • Anonymous

    Ignoring Canibus? Sorry but this dude royce is corny. He dissed Canibus first. So now he's ignoring him because " He wouldn't want to wreck his movement" and he's "Trouble". This nigga really is full of himself. Royce gonna get shot one day disrespecting like he allowed to. Fuck this bitchmade ass nigga royce, fuck a premo cosign this nigga is PUSSY.

  • crazyhorseLOU

    who is canibus oh yeae dude who dissed LL and then watched his career flush down toilet. his 1st album goes gold thenthe other 10 albums sell a combined 100,000 lol the best thing Germaine did was bcome a member of HRSMN bcuz his solo work is laughableat best except for maybe 3-5 trax

    • Anonymous

      Canibus has 2 gold plaques Royce highest sales are 14,000 SO WHATS YOUR FUCKIN POINT DICK HEAD p.s sales dont mean shit and Royce catalogue will NEVER sell as much as Canibus already has

    • Anonymous

      The fact that you mentioned record sales shows how out of touch with the culture you are. Don't sit up here and drop non-sense using record of sales to re-enforce your misguided perception of what makes an artist good.

    • the prez

      i like Royce and Bus but "For Whom The Beat Tolls" is better than anything Royce ever did.. That shits ahead of its time

  • Bryan Moore

    Dude's gonna be on top of the game soon....

  • Playa

    Damn why are all those Canibus dickriders even commenting on this interview?? Why would I read a whole entire interview by an artist I hate just to see if there's some kind of a diss and therefore be searching line for line when he's 'dissin' my idol Canibus..... All of you, including Canibus himself, should be happy Royce isn't responding. Might turn a hater to a fan :)

    • t

      "the metaphysical nature of the metropolistic astrologist seeming the mistress telepathic unatural chemist about the heteralexercism" THATS HOW BIS RAPS...... GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      How Royce taste?

    • Moist59

      this comment just goes to show how dumb royce fans are... Nobdy had to read the entire interview to know he mention the lyrical god, Canibus. HHDX put in in the headline for this article.

  • V-Nasty is God

    HRSMN > Slaughter house weak asses. Canibus is a God of hip-hop, Royce is an Eminem dick rider. As a matter of fact, Canibus could body both Royce and Em on an off day. They don't want it. Nobody wants it. That's why after dropping that weak ass "canibitch", Eminem left Canibus alone and started back dissing non-rapping celebrities, cause he knew Canibus was bodying him on wax. Royce did a good job by staying in his place in this interview.

    • Anonymous

      Cats are too liberal with the word "God", not that Canibus ain't nice, it's that we're only human. Anyone who feels they are a God, greatly underestimates the abilities associated with such beings.

  • dockevoc

    This dude released Rock City LOL nuff said

  • beezlebud

    Royce has become corny as fuck, he started the beef with Canibus by dissing Canibus jus coz bis dissed his fuckin idol Eminem Canibus then ignored this so royce proceeded to dissing Canibus all over twitter wit his faggot crew mate who beats women Ho Budden Canibus again ignores it for months until finally responding Royce then tries to claim Canibus started it FUCK OUTTA HERE n be a fuckin man n admit you started the shit actin like a groupie wavin slim shady pom poms and "ignoring him" YOU DISSED HIM ON BAD MEETS EVIL and your dissing him once again now in an interview how the fuck is that ignorin him Canibus last interview gave slaughterhouse props now Royce is dissin again like an emotional lil girl smh Canibus already slaughtered his idol with Mic Club jus check Dr CPHD n if they wanna get it in with Canibus his camp has alot iller battlers K-RINO straight bodied Eminem back in the day with "Fuck Eminem" n i'm pretty sure he'd have no problem fuckin the entire Shady roster up if he wanted to, only one on Shady who can battle is Royce, Em is average at best Budden overrated as fuck, Crook garbage at battlin but sick overall n Joell never dissed anyone but is dope in general ever since Royce got back with Eminem his musics fell off n he's become corny as fuck, go check his twitter archives for my name I used to go at muthafuckas who dissed Royce n was one of his biggest fans for a decade until he got back with Shady n ALOT of his true fans feel the same he basically sacrificed real fans for groupies who only like him coz he's friends with their hero Eminem

    • beezlebud

      joe budden IS over-rated, he's a pop culture referance rapper in his punchlines which is beyond fuckin easy to do, his rhyme schemes are basic as fuck he struggles writin good multi's, his delivery is bland and restricted proving he lacks true mic versatility and he got eaten on jus about every single slaughterhouse track easily he didnt destroy Saigon he struggled with Saigon who isnt even a battle rapper and got eaten by Inspectah Deck Mood Muzik is hands down his best work his albums have all been weak especially padded room which he completely failed to do the concept justice and its a concept others have done a billion times better so yea he's over-rated as fuck...

    • Anonymous

      The thing that you called Joe Budden overrated as fuck, shows that you aren't objective and the typical case of fan turned biggest hater. You have chosen sides and will dismiss everything these guys are doing. Listen to the battles of Joe Budden, be true to yourself and say again that he's overrated. People feel that way because he's doing these Mood Muzik tapes, but his punchlines are up there with the best ever, he's literally ripping dudes apart when they try to get it him, because they think it's easy to do. See Ransom, Prodigy and Saigon, who all have been destroyed easily. I guess you're mad that Royce finally has the success he deserves and Canibus fell straight into oblivion, releasing albums from an internet site that 50 people will buy.

    • Anonymous

      @beezlebud everything you just mentioned is truth. Them niggas are industry dick riders who will resort to corny shit just to get a lil blog recognition. They all bitchmade, you are who you keep company with, and EVERYONE KNOWS EMINEM AIN'T BUILT FOR WAR. I ain't a big Eminem or Canibus fan, but if you go back into the history of this beef, You can clearly see the disrespect em and royce have for canibus, and to think, he just gave these wack wannabe underground industry niggas try to play him for a fool. Them niggas better pray they never run into Canibus in person, because if that were me, niggas are getting pistol whipped and robbed for talkin reckless.

    • beezlebud

      you wanna talk homo lines how bout Eminem "i wanna shove a lava lamp up my dads ass" or better yet him lettin a fuckin grown man in a thong sit his bare ass on his face at an awards show infront of millions, yea you dont wanna go down that road with me lil man and FUCK KID VISHIS, Vishis was dissing Canibus on twitter with Royce for over a month talkin bout Canibus is wack now, and all Canibus said to Vishis was "one day we gon see who's the better MC" how the fuck is that a diss, Vishis mediocre ass needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut n jus pay respect to MC who are a billion times nicer than he will ever be and who are currently spittin verses hotter than his hottest verse and its jus COMEDY you think Vish can slay Canibus lol Canibus is in a whole other league to Kid Vishis the dudes average n thats at very very very best

    • war22

      right,Shady camp doesnt have the skills to "eat ass" like Canibus does if u know what im talkin about...that pussy eater purple lips Canibus picks on artists like Kid Vishis ...really ?? how low can that be...kid Vishis can slay his ass but thats not the point...Canibus is a legend ,Vishis is a advice to u is simple STOP DICK RIDING that asshole

  • Javier Quevedo

    Haha this is probably the only time u gonna catch royce without his shades on.

  • Anonymous

    canibus we need u to release hrshu attack please defend ur honor

  • Come On Now..

    This is comical. He's dissing Canibus again, then claiming he is above dissing him, then claiming he would tear him up if he had to. N-Word please, no one believes him. He is getting buzz because of his affiliation with Eminem, but in terms of personal growth reflecting in his music, it's the same repetitive shallow subject matter now as 10 years ago.

    • Anonymous

      exactly yo but canibus if your out there and your seeing this fuck the conflict of interest kill this guy and sluaghterhouse jus so they know and dont forget the over rated white boy while you at it. wu-tang if you out there destroy hoe buddens lets stop all the bullshit they supposed to lyrical but only want beef wit jermaine dupree,bezino,and pop groups but when it comes to real emcees they fold. yo paceone where you at baby keep callin em out until they actualy prove them selves worthy. and dre to make his own beats also and quit using dj quik,khalil,hi tech,mark batson,mike dean,soopafly,nottz,all of sam sneeds producers i could go on and on with the thousands of beats he pays for then slaps his name right on it dude is a fraud like the rappers thatwork for him

  • Ryan MacQueston

    last thing Bis said about Royce/Slaughterhouse "Them good dudes, I hope they win" get over it Royce & tell us all about you & eminem eating eachothers balls

  • SuperNocaPlus

    I'm truly happy for Royce. I was a fan when I first heard him on the Slim Shady LP. I would listen to "Bad meets evil" over and over. This latest album is crazy. The mixing could have been better. But I love the music.

  • sean

    Oh I thought its only did that they ghost write for, I thought its only diddy that normally get others song??? corny N@@a way you at?

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Man, i've been bumping the album non stop. That 2nd place track is ridiculous.

  • 718rob

    Yo man, damn good interview. DX has the best interviews. I was shocked to see him say "respect Canibus as the legend he is." That's true. Too bad, Canibus hasn't been a legend in my eyes in almost a decade. I want to support Royce's album. The review section comments are crazy.

    • Anonymous

      canibus is legend to his 10 fans

    • Anonymous

      i listened to both otherwise i wouldnt of made the comment dick head now run your groupie ass the fuck on

    • Hustlaboy

      You didn't even listing to neither bme nor success is certain so shut up dude.

    • Anonymous

      Canibus Lyrical Law verses>>>Royce BME AND Success is Certain verses

    • Anonymous

      I don't think Royce is scared. All these disses Canibus has been putting out are weaksauce. All his releases have been weaksauce. There was a time when the prospect of hearing Bis over boom-bap made my drawers get tighter; now there's hardly a reason to listen. He has literally zero flow these days, and his lyrical approach is boring, repetitive, and often simplistic at an awe-inducing level. Listen to Lyrical Law. He gets eaten by 95% of his guest features. But he's a beast, right? Fuck outta here -- he fell off, and it's time to accept that. Maybe the HRSMN album will put him back on his A-game, but I wouldn't count on it.

    • Anonymous

      your a square tho anybody wit half a hiphop brain kn ows royce cant handle canibus so he runs behind the im ignoring him shit lol even a wack nigga said (if you scared say you scared)

  • Anonymous

    good interview his really a respectable person and doesn't sound cocky like some other ones

  • J

    This dude is an animal and deserves way more credit and success than he's given.

    • thumbs down

      Wow Anonymous, you are so damn creative. You are so smart & you deserve so much credit for that man. I never heard that one before, I'm amazed. See what I did there?? GTFOH with you're corny ass.

    • Anonymous

      Yea I know Canibus is mad underrated, he def needs more credit and success than he is given;) See What I did there? Royce eating and shitting on people?? This dude is arrogant as fuck... fly icarus fly!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      2nd that man