HipHopDx Interviews

Here's How Hawaiian Rapper Prizzy Prie Is Making A Change At Home

Outside of spilling his soul with lyrical anecdotes in the studio, the 24-year-old MC is hoping the rest of the world gets on board with bridging the gap between the community and the people hired to protect it.

Up NeXt By DX: Yung Juko

21-year-old earned a #15 Billboard spot for his single "Trust Nobody."

Rakim Tackles "Paid In Full," Will Smith & Mafioso Rap

Relax and peep a lesson from The God MC.

Up NeXt By DX: Ca$h Passion

26-year-old went from engineering for some of the best in music to becoming an artist himself.

People Under The Stairs Compare A$AP Mob To MC Hammer, Reflect On Disco Rap

The legendary Los Angeles duo also reflect on their legacy while condemning Afrika Bambaataa.

Up NeXt By DX: Comoxxi

21-year-old is set to drop his EP "Paranoia" soon.

Rhymesayers’ Revolutionary Raptivist Sa-Roc Ready For Her Shine

The Atlanta-based MC discusses signing to the popular indie-rap label, early days as an artist, regretting comments made about Nicki Minaj and the importance of Pan African-based education.

Up NeXt By DX: Marcel P. Black

Artist calls Killer Mike, Phonte, Ice Cube and Scarface influences.

Tasha The Amazon & The Dark Side Of The Party

There's a new female rap presence on the prowl and she's exotic, melodic and has Peter Tosh's blood flowing through her veins.

Here's How Akon Is Actually Bringing Power To Africa

Never one to be considered anything but humble, Akon goes into immense detail about his mission to give an entire continent the same illumination opportunities as the rest of the world. As well as plugging his next big artist.

Jermaine Dupri Has A New Deal With Epic Records But It's Not For What You Think

Back with yet another music-based television show and the label situation to reflect off that, Jermaine Dupri is as hungry as ever. Learn why he feels he can duplicate the success of his past 20 years while changing the game in the process.

From Michael Jackson To Dr. Dre, Battlecat Knows About A Classic Record

Read up how the West Coast production staple bounced back from a near-fatal heart attack to reunite with The Good Doctor and how was able to align his Hip Hop sensibilities with the likes of Madonna and the late King of Pop.

Up NeXt By DX: Dae Dae

23-year-old went from working in construction struggling for his five kids and family to having his "Wat U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye)" being selected as one of the best "Songs Of The Year" on Complex.

Deon Cole On Today's Rappers Having Gluten-Free Bars & Stevie Wonder Stealing His Girl

Ahead of his first Comedy Central stand-up special, Deon Cole talks exclusively with HipHopDX about the difference between a rapper and an MC, paying dues and getting epically cockblocked by a blind legend.

Wyclef Jean Reflects On "The Score" While Looking Towards "The Carnival III"

Going twenty years with an album renown as a classic is quite the remarkable feat and Wyclef Jean knows the feeling very well. As his preps his first album in seven years, William Ketchum III takes the former Fugee back to his days of "The Score" and into the present day of edgy political opinions.

Stalley Soaks In LeBron James' Fulfilled Promise To Cleveland

LeBron James has given the state of Ohio new reason to be relevant with his team's historic NBA Finals win and Stalley plans on taking full advantage.

Up NeXt By DX: Paper Paulk

Cleveland representer recently came through HipHopDX's music meeting.

Masta Ace Got Tearful Recording “Young Black Intelligent”

The Juice Crew alum reflects on the genesis of his new LP "The Falling Season," examines his album concepts, discusses his reason to rhyme and updates his status living with multiple sclerosis.

RZA's Back: Everything You Need To Know About Banks & Steelz' Incredible Collaboration

Will the world ever get another Wu-Tang Clan album (in this lifetime)? Even RZA doesn't have the answer. Banks & Steelz however, are upholding the iron flag for now. Read on to see how.

Up NeXt By DX: Benny Cassette

Los Angeles native has worked with both Kanye West and Miguel.

Metta World Peace Only Needs Nas For Greatest Queensbridge Album Ever

The artist formerly known as Ron Artest also thinks Murda Mook is the top 10 artists of all time.