If you haven’t been aware of The Beat Generation Series by now, with already released LPs by beat technicians such as Pete Rock (Petestrumentals), Jay Dee (Welcome 2 Detroit), Marley Marl (Re-Entry), Will.I.Am (Lost Change) and others, get with DJ Jazzy Jeff’s. One of the first turntablists of hip hop, Jazzy Jeff and his production team, A Touch of Jazz, weren’t just teasing when they named this release(,) The Magnificent. With his Philly-Soul throughout the amalgamation of mostly Hip Hop, touches of R&B and spoken-word poetry, Jazzy Jeff talks about his homegrown recipe of pure excellence. The thing is, he’d always been accustomed bringing the soulful ingredients to the table, even with long-time partner Will “The Fresh Prince” Smith. However, as far as being creatively free as he is with this album, he is now finally seeing what it is to be musically unshackled.

Marlon Regis: When you were approached to be a part of this BEAT GENERATION SERIES, how excited were you and your crew, having creative freedom to showcase the true sound with that sensibility to your hometown?

Jazzy Jeff: “Just the idea of somebody giving you the creative freedom, and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t go first or second or third in this series. When someone gives you that kind of freedom, what da hell am I gonna do with this kind of freedom when no one has ever given it to me? It wasn’t until Jay Dee kind of did his (Welcome 2 Detroit), he set the tone for everybody like, ‘Ok I see where he’s going