Angie Martinez: Sophmoric Jinx?

If you're like me and constantly intrigued by the immutable shift of perception within a specific continuum of space and time, then feel me and the thin foreskin I find myself alone in...again.

Despite the fact I get her everyday on the air, I never listened to Angie Martinez outside the virtual space she occupies in my mind as a popular and often controversial on-air radio personality in New York. "Radio is bugged out because you go in a few hours and you disappear. People don't see you. When you're an artist you're much more visible." I was blind up until the grand entrance. Suddenly dark sparks whip to light before my eyes, and not for one of the more obvious, less temporal elements of human attraction. My mind sprints to gather composure for this special moment arranged only an hour before our eyes actually met for the first time while she scrambles for an important piece of misplaced paper. I can't remember the last time an interview with a rapper was as aesthetically assuring as this instance is assuming. I go down on all fours ready to help when presto! The resolution materializes before my eyes; transforming the chaotic scenario into a composition of composedness; delivering me outta my altered state of deer-in-the-headlightheadedness: It's Angie with outstretched hand...

"I'm in a different city every weekend. Who knows where I'll be in a few months. I'm taking a week off and I'ma do a west coast run. Do a bunch of shows, hit as many cities as possible. I'll take another week sometime in September and do the same thing." So much for a vacation. At least she'll be outta harm's way of the Jonestownian-like exercise in collective public awareness come September 11.

With her sophomore doloshot Animal House signed, sealed, and delivered for mass consumption, she doesn't look the worse for wear and tear. "I have to work ten times as hard to promote my album because I have a full-time responsibility at the radio station. Your average artist could do five or six cities a week. I have to grind harder


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