DOOM: Shadows On The Sun

MF DOOM explains his character, impostors, reviving KMD, and his public and private war with Batman.

For all the talk of realness it


  • O

    As much as I have always enjoyed DOOMS rebel stance about the impostor shows.. Having seen him for real in person do the best concert I have ever scene, I have to say it is definitely the original experience when he is on the mic, and a huge cop out if anyone else wears the mask.

  • Villain4Hire

    First of all DOOM does not simply mumble incoherent random lyrics. If thats what you really think it is than you're either not really listening to him or his word play is over your head. Secondly, at first i wasn't all about him sending imposters on the stage. i mean i really didnt give a fuck about it and still dont, but now that he explains it i get it. It's the same reason he wears a mask. and he he says it in his music all the time. "its about the beats, not about the streets, or whose food you about to eat." "whose got the most whips, gatts, and cash, if you ask the villain, he say who gives a rats ass." I dont know what happened but somewhere along the way musicians went from being dope because of their sound to dope because of how they look or what they have. Look at lil wayne. dude cant flow for shit and rhymes like 2nd grader. BUT he LOOKS cool as shit. his shows are huge visual displays, his music, however, is cookie cutter popcorn bullshit. DOOM, on the other hand is lyrically untouchable, "his flow styles in next centuries" and nobody knows what he looks like. Thats one of the funniest things to me about DOOM. Hes the best hip hop artist out there and nobody knows what he looks like. Also, why is everyone so suprised that hes "an asshole" have you not listen to his music. sure hes funny at times but hes a hood dude. what were you expecting. i dont think hes an asshole, hes just a G.

  • Reeds

    You fools. Don't you know Doom is prone to use his robots! In this case, his Doombots.