Slum Village: Triumph

After overcoming the death of Dilla, T3 explains how setbacks have made Slum Village stronger than ever.

Internal beefs among rap crews have gotten so clich


  • kareem

    Whats the Beef between the Slum Brothers and MF Doom?? I like The Slum Brothers better, but would be a cool battle.

  • daveydee90210

    Both groups are dope but, the slum bro's are more hip hop and gangster.

  • young flo

    The Slum Brothers Have been making records since 1987 first record label was wild pitch and then universal, back whaen Reggie Reg was just 16. How could Slum V say they were the original Slums when they know thats some stupid bull. Hip Hop heads know and miss The Slum Brothers, who are hip hop royalty. We cant diss Slum V for trying to get some promotions by dissing The Slum Brothers because most of those guys are dead anyway! but show some respect. The Slum Brothers are in a class by themselves and Slum V, well they are ok, I guess!! over hyped by dilla's production. and very little rap skills.


      Reggie Reg (RIP) ! UNDERGROUND KING.

    • mike reese

      The Slum Brothers are the bomb! Those guys were the original wu-tang clan. how could any rappers diss these guys. These guys were true thugs, drug dealers in real life, fearless. MC Reggie Reg had a single called the test in 1998 dissin suge knight callin him a pussy for promoting east west beef for a profit!! nobody disses suge knight at that time and to make it crazy the slum brothers did shows in cali and would dare any rapper to say some shit about east west. They also had a song called stop frontin, that called out ice cube, snoop, tha dogg pound and suge knight! and there was no response from no west coast rappers. Scienz of life dissed Reggie Reg in a magazine and that led to scienz members having a broken jaw. I think Rappers need to understand that some guys play that beef shit for promotions others dont see it that way. I hope slum v wise up cause The Slum Brothers dont rap no more, but they are street thugs for real, with drugs and murder cases. I should know i used to do security for those guys.I grew up with Reggie Reg.

    • marquis18

      The Slum Brothers are mad dope, village is weak shit.