Young Buck: No Holds Barred

In this jaw-dropping HipHopDX exclusive, Buck says 50 is holding him back and Freeway Rick is holding him down.

Nearly nine months removed from the release of the infamous taped conversation between he and 50 Cent, Young Buck has spoken to HipHopDX with the type of complete candor he


  • kayne

    young buck yuo in snig hat gme form but mind out like d12 gunit he 50 bank eminem you game yuo in him top pop off money

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Buck has always been real though and like they say the industry will fuck you over one way or another. It's a shady business, and no matter how much I may like some of 50's new music he can be a bitch sometimes... His money went to his head and he basically just wants a bunch of yes men around him... Buck, Game and 50 were the best in that group, the other two were crap, and now the group is nothing.... In any case I hope his situation gets worked out so I can hear more good music from him.......