Jadakiss: Top Five, Dead Or Alive

Jadakiss explains why he's going to comment on election, why he's top five dead or alive, or you can kiss his ass.

Jayson Phillips is a man



  • Jelani Bee

    In Order..... 1.Jay-Z 2.Biggie 3.Nas 4.Rakim 5.Ice Cube 6.Andre 3000 7.Snoop Dogg 8.Scarface 9.Tupac 10.Eminem

  • jd

    ahh French montana is my number 10

  • jd

    shit I only did 9 fuck it

  • jd

    top 10 dead or alive no order biggie pac nas max b jada eminem cormega pun big L honorable mentions jeezy is aiight kanye is good but inconsistent fab is nice styles p theres plenty more I mean yes a lot of artists are better than others but to get in the big screen you gotta have done something right


    Yo all yall nigas are stupid if u didnt list any of these rappers in ya list Top 10 Dead Or Alive (no order) 1. Biggie (reigns supreme) 2. Big L 3. Pac 4. Pun 5. Jay - Z 6. Nas 7. Jadakiss 8. Lloyd banks 9. Fabolous 10. Eminem