Industry 101: Jana Fleishman

One of the most powerful people at Def Jam controls what and when we get to know them, get to know her.

Receptionist: Jana Fleishman


  • Jacque Land

    I am a business owner out of St. Louis. My company is Platinum Group ( in event planning, promotions, and public relations). My personal interest is "Community Development" via mentoring at-risk youth as well as "Economic Development" creating & facilitating business opportunities for professional minority companies. Personally, I like Jana's story because it shows how persistence, grind, follow-through, networking, willingness to learn, willingness to put forth effort, focus, and hard work can allow anyone to pursue their dreams and become successful! Jana, clearly has demonstrated a path of what it takes to make it as a professional executive in the music business.... furthermore, just by reading the interview, you can obviously see she knows her "ish" and knows it well! Jana, you don't know me, but I'm sure I will meet you one day soon on your travels through St. Louis (as I know Jay-Z will be touring here on March 19, 2010). I look to support your efforts with the media (and hopefully a quick/simultaneous PR encounter that will address both community development & concert ticket /cd sales all in one swoop...we'll connect on it as I know it will work for both you and your client). Until then, have a Blessed Day and keep grinding on these kats in the music business. Also, be sure to take time for yourself... that's most important! Sincerely, Mr. Jacque Land (CEO, Platinum Group, Inc. & President Emeritus, 100 Black Men of Metropolitan St. Louis)