Underground Report: Killah Priest

Now simply called Priest, the Wu affiliate criticizes Jay-Z and Snoop while deeming Lil Wayne an emcee on the heels of his new album.

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  • SayNo2MindControl

    So many lost souls....... Although any awake individual would not be surprised to see so many ignorant comments from you fools. Those of us that can see are so thankful for the great words of wisdom that come from artists like Killah Priest. The philosophy that spoke to me as a young man listening to Wu Tang clan opened my mind to the truth. Artists like Immortal Technique, Hieroglyphics, Prodigy, and Gangstar took me even further down the rabbit hole. And to the fool that said Killah Priest is not on the same level of Immortal Technique are you high? How could you hear the message of Immortal Technique and not be thankful to hear something as deep and esoteric as "Behind The Stained Glass"? There are some of you chosen ones reading this now that can understand this. To be caught in the matrix and be walking around feeling like you are the only one that can see the light and know that there is something bigger going on here. We are in the last days and we cannot allow ourselves to become blinded by the demons of modern culture and all these she-men listening to Kangay, Gay-Z, and all that other fluffy bear BULLSHIT.. I hope everyone of you out there understands how vital you are in this. Those of us that have the ability to understand this esoteric material are THE CHOSEN ONES. Get ready its coming soon.

    • Real Hip Hop

      I agree. I truly believe that people who don't feel Priest are just to dumb to understand his lyrics. The way he writes and uses metaphors are unlike any artist. Priest has just as much material as any rapper out there as well. Priest is not for everybody I guess, especially the ones lacking brain cells and the fake! By the way, I love that he is pro Israel!