Kool G Rap: These Are Our Heroes

The legendary lyricist tells all about Eric B., Nas' discovery, a young Papoose and Juice Crew chronicles.

Unfortunately, some of Hip Hop


  • matt

    wow, i was just told by silver fox over facebook that i needed to surround myself with more southern hip hop. because i was talking about how i disliked boosie. s'crazy


    Living in Lefrak City, i remember in the late seventies, some cats had a reel 2 reel outside and it was on. Old skool rap will always be the best...true artist, true intelligence, true skillz, true storytellers, true respect to the art. Today, str8 garbage. yeah they gettin $$$, but no soul, no skillz what so ever. I still listen to old skool cause at 45 yrs old, that shit still makes be bOb my head. SUPPORT THE PIONEERS OF RAP! Much love to them all.