Tyga Drops Out Of Wiz Khalifa's "Under The Influence Of Music Tour"

posted Thursday July 10 ,2014 at 01:30PM CDT | 31 comments

Tyga Drops Out Of Wiz Khalifa's

Wiz Khalifa: "Tyga dropped off the tour. Sorry y'all."

Wiz Khalifa has confirmed that Tyga has dropped out of The Under The Influence Of Music Tour

Wiz Khalifa is slated to begin his tour, which is also scheduled to feature Jeezy, Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan, Sage The Gemini and IamSu!, among others, July 24. 

In April 2014, IamSu! spoke with HipHopDX about the tour. 

"I'm super juiced to be on this tour,” IamSu! said. "The line up is hella crazy. I'm ready to get out on the road and have a good time"

This is slated to be the third run of Wiz Khalifa’s The Under The Influence Of Music Tour.

Wiz Khalifa's post is below.

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Comments 31 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Fuk u I love tiger baby
  • Anonymous
    Tugs haters be like..I only hate tyga cuz my dick hurts when my life sucks..but then again who gives a shit
  • Lebron James
    Tyga thought I was going to LA to fuck his wife too.
  • Lebron James
    Tyga is light skinned
  • Caracas Under
    Wiz khalifa the under the influence of music tour
    • Batouth
  • Reazonero
    Tyga got stay at home whore problems right now. No time for a tour when his protein sippin slut is drawing open her beef curtains to let dudes hit.
  • Anonymous
    Either way, the tour is still terrible.
  • A.D.B.
    No one cares....they all suck.
  • Anonymous
    ooh gosh one faggot leaves the other faggot.
  • >_
    people actually listen to Tyga?
  • Anonymous
    Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Fat Trel to name a few all fucked his wifey
    • Anonymous
      at the same time?
  • Anonymous
    Millions of Tyga fans are devastated.
    • markus
      you mean hundreds of fans are devastated
  • Harvey
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  • Anonymous
    Jack you are a dumb fuck saying tyga isnt in his league
  • Anonymous
    Tyga had to run home because he heard Fat Trel was in his house fuckin' his wife.
    • HUH
      You wrong for that....lol though
  • Walter White
    Makes sense, I bet he jumps on that Drake VS. Lil Wayne tour and make more money lol
  • Anonymous
    Say what u want about Tyra but he was one of the better artists on this tour, with wiz putting out a bunch of auto tune shit, enjoy that awful concert full of auto tuned wiz, Ty dolla sign, iamsu, and rich homie quan SMH what an awful lineup, jeezy kinda saves the day but hardly. I saw Wiz when he came with just Taylor gang member but at least he had good music at the time so it was wicked
    • Anonymous
      I didn't know Tyra Banks made music.
    • jack
      tyga may be good but he aint in wizs leauge wen khalifas got new tunes comin all the time but tygas songs all sound the same
    • Anonymous
      haha anon2
    • Anonymous
      @ Jack So the same weed songs are "new tunes", haha no. Tyga and Wiz suck ass equally.
  • Anonymous
    what a little bitch...should of had jucy j instead of that fool
    • Anonymous
      Right? tyga is a little bitch. We all know he aint got any other way to make mola. I bet he is already regreting droping out of it.
  • lets get it
    tyga still shook bout one durks goons goin off the reservation n putting a hole in him lmao. That tour looks weak as fuck only shit id wanna hear is jeezy classic tracks first 3 albums n mixtapes
  • black
    Can tyga really afford to miss any of That good wiz tour money? We albums sells down chyna sucking him dry you should reconsider. .
  • chris johnson
    can i have your autograph?
  • Anonymous
    aww say cheeze