Chris Brown's Gang Sign Use Addressed By Bloods

posted Thursday July 10 ,2014 at 12:00PM CDT | 122 comments

Chris Brown's Gang Sign Use Addressed By Bloods

Members of the Fruit Town Piru set say they've given Chris Brown a pass due to what he's done for their gang and the community.

An anonymous member or members of the Compton-based Fruit Town Piru set recently spoke with TMZ to clear up any questions about crooner Chris Brown’s gang ties. According to them, Brown was never officially initiated into their gang.

Additionally, they revealed that although Brown isn’t an official member of the Fruit Town Piru set, they have no issue with the Virginia songster throwing up gang signs and shouting out the Pirus due to what he’s done for that particular gang and the community.

According to TMZ, Breezy has hired several Fruit Town Piru members to work for him, he’s hung out with them, and also donated thousands of shoes to kids in Compton.

Over the past year, Brown has been pictured throwing up various gang signs and has also made possible Bloods references via his Instagram page.

In addition to various pictures and comments on Instagram, Brown was recently videotaped shouting out the Fruit Town Piru set during an afterparty for the BET Awards last month.

Video of the incident, which was posted by TMZ, can be found below.

Additionally, a lawsuit filed against Brown earlier this year due to a brawl at a basketball game states that the singer and those in his entourage are members of the Bloods.

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  • Apache WarDance
    The war against the Bloods (the Red Bandanas) continues. Check out: Eazy-E's 1992 music video: Neighborhood Sniper (featuring Kokane (former-President George W. Bush's drug of choice) and Cold 187um) at: " the room was red." The only RED in that music video is paired with death. Also and this is the C.I.A. MK-Ultra (Yale University) John Kerry (Yale) Skull and Bones (Yale) Sub-Liminal Paired-Association (P.A.) Illuminati Programming -- "" sub-consciously is equivalent to "red room" even though the words are back-wards. As explained in the movie, THE SHINING (which is loaded with Illuminati cor-respondences (and/or P.A.)), "red room" back-wards is equivalent to "mur der." In Ice-T's (Body Count) 2014 music video: Talk Shit Get Shot at: the only RED is the blood coming out of the bullet-holes associated with death and the RED haze flashed in six of the scenes. Not surprising, Body Count's "colours" are almost the same as the Oakland Raiders (a blue posse) and of course, Ice-T's homies, the N.Y.P.D. (Hill Street "Blues," Law and Order, more blue sets) put in an appearance. Now take this to the next level. Both Eazy-E and Ice-T were more affiliated with The Crips (blue, just like the cops) rather than the Bloods and they were both Los Angeles/West Coast rappers. Both of them were/are/have been used without their knowledge by means of Trauma-Based Diss-Associative ( Mind-Control to start a so-called "shoot on sight" war against the Bloods -- Ice-T was taken down in New York as explained in "What The Fuck Happened To Ice-T?" or while in the Army (using older, pre-Harmonic Mind-Control techniques) and Eazy-E was snared while at Ruthless Records when Larry Heller handed him off in March 1991 to both George Bushes (Yale), and Dick Cheney (Yale) at a ".... lunch benefiting the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, hosted by then-President George H.W. Bush...Eazy-E supported Bush because of his performance in the Gulf War." Not co-incidentally, "[I]n 1991, he [Ice-T] released his album O.G. Original Ganster, which is regarded as one of the albums that defined gangsta rap." The Illuminati believe that because the Bloods have far less members than the Crips, the Bloods are the easiest group of Black men to wipe-out first -- the so-called "divide and conquer" doctrine as described in STRATEGY by B.H.Liddell Hart. However, I love Eazy-E's and Ice-T's music. What The Fuck Happened To Ice-T? ------------------------------------------------- Ice T is one hard bruh, so, it had to be waterboarding. Nothing else could get to this man. I've watched a recording of Kerry (Yale) bringing Ice T to Hillary Clinton's (Yale) N.Y.C. apartment (Hillary's Funhouse). As the film continued, she stripped down to her bra and panties and picked up her whip. That's when she went to town on Ice-T. Just after the water-boarding, the camera cut out. But, there was still sound. I could hear Hillary's commands intermingled with Ice T screaming and begging. It sounded like she was training a Dawg - but, that can't be. Right before the camera kicked out, someone who looked like Dick "Wizard of Oz" Cheney (Yale) or Mark Phillips walked into the Funhouse. I couldn't be sure which because he was already dressed up like a wizard, wearing a black hooded robe and holding in his right hand, his magic wand/cattle prod -- that sucker was HUGE. "Oh shit" I thought, now Ice T is really in for it. I almost went into a Trance-Fromation myself. Fortunately, as I already explained that's when the camera blacked out.
  • AR
    Ignorant clown
  • Brandan
    And this is good why ? let me sponsor a street gang. smooth move lmao
    • Anonymous
      You aint built like that cut it out
  • so what
    Who cares?
  • chmorie
    Chris be careful you don't know the these streets like i do.don't want any thing happening to yo fr fr...
  • COCA
  • la
    most streets in compton thats named after a fruit or tree is the ones where the gangs are at.
  • Anonymous
  • lopester
    Yo, so this hot head bitch beater has gotten himself in quite deep with some L.A. motherfuckers, its good for them because they get some clean publicity and they hungry. Brown gets complex credit, they kinda own each other...ynwis?
  • Anonymous
    "He tried bangin on me and a friend after they had words at a pickup game at smc (school in Cali)... I had an s dome on and I guess he thought I was bangin so he tried that fruit town shit lmao chris brown a lame. Nobody in L.A scared of him... niggas laugh at his gang "ties"" LMAo u the only one gettin laughed at, how you allow a lame nigga like Chris Brown to roll up on you like that
  • Compton Representing
    As dumb as it may be....It's called FTP because all of the streets in the neighborhood are named after fruits....Plum, Pear, Cherry, Peach, Fig.
    • Catch Wreck NEVER
      no it's called 'Fruit Town' because Mexican males would come through the neighborhood pushing fruit carts selling fresh fruit (cherries, strawberries, apples, peaches, etc.) so the neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA is called Fruit Town. and Piru is a boulevard that goes through a part of Los Angeles, CA. so the Fruit Town Pirus took the name Fruit Town Brims. there are also Fruit Town Crips if im correct.
    • Anonymous
      lmao nope youre wrong about every part of that hahahaha i hope youre trolling
  • Ocidelife
    Man,when's the last time you a seen a nigga swing thru the hood banging outta Lambo's & Phantoms? Haha NEVER! So,Understand that the reason why these Busta Ass Industry cats are so quick to promote this Gang Banging shit is bcuz "They've never actually had to be in the trenches"..They've never had to experience the lose of losing a love one to this shit (Which is a wound that will never MF heal!) These niggas are so quick to promote this shit to the youth..Fuck up our streets & school systems..While they safely tuck they kids a way into private schools somewhere just so they won't have to deal with the madness!!
    • Krunk
      That's some real talk.
  • tuspac
    hello how are you doing. m name is tu spac am so happy to meet you hear to day .hope everything is going well with you of so am sop glad to met you today my love for you is so long than ?
  • fruit fly
    so his gang affiliation was bought not earned ? thats the definition of fake.
  • Bwahaha
    The Fruit Town Pirus? Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That sounds about as gangsta as Lindsey Lohan. Fuckin morons.
  • Anonymous
    slowbucks gotta stop the snitching mane wtf why is nipsey letting this rat do biz with him breezy about to go back to jail over a snitchbucks instagram
    • undefined's just a matter of time. Got out of jail and went straight to the club. Seems that he traded one set of losers for another.
  • Anonymous
    Fruit boot town.
    • sk8 goat
      we use to call roller bladers fruit booters
    • dwayne
      fuk all yall!!
    • Anonymous
      the hardest part about roller blading is telling your dad youre gay
  • griz
    good thing this dude been famous since he was like 12. what a fuckin joke. we all publicly know that you aint hard bro. he's pulling some lil wayne shit. been famous his whole life and all of a sudden starts shouting out piru. those dudes are just takin this dumbass money
    • Bwahaha
      Actually, the only joke here are the 'thugs' calling themselves Fruit Town Piru's. They sound like a cereal made for gay dudes, not a gang. lmfao.
    • Anonymous
      None of you weirdos willing to go to fruit town and tell them they fruity tho Bk all day but real recognize real & lotta yall pussy
  • rideonemjixxer
    I wore red the other day. Vatos locos for life, miglo!
  • tyga sucks dick
    Fruit Town Piru ?? sounds like a bunch of fags
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  • dee
  • Big Gucci The Ruler
    Big gucci still the realest rap nigga still doing it. It aint even disputable its a un deniable fact.
    • kurt
      Gucci is the fakest mother fucker in the world. and He does not rap, therefore he is not in the rap game, trap music is not fucking hip hop, and Gucci is in the top 3 worst artists in the history of rap.
    • Anonymous
      theres a difference between hiphop and rap so get all the way the fuck outta here with that shit KURT
    • Big GUcci The Ruler
      kurt you fuck nigga how dare you call gucci fake when he is realer than your favourite rappers. His music is still classified as rap you dumb ass nigga spewing ignorant shit.
  • Anonymous
    fuck fruit town
  • HipHopTV
    grows up in va, gets rich as an r&b singer, then becomes a gang member. This is much worse than we know. Bhris Brown wont be around much longer. smfh! When dipset did the fake gang stuff it never went this far.
    • Anonymous
      STFU!!!!! You know nothing about Chris as a person!! Therefore leave his name out of your mouth!!!! Clearly you are just a Hater!!!!
    • ab
      wow and take his dick out your mouth...