Chief Keef's Mother Profiled In Upcoming "The Real Ingredients Of OG Sosa" Film

posted Saturday June 14 ,2014 at 06:30PM CDT | 25 comments

Chief Keef's Mother Profiled In Upcoming

Chief Keef's mother says the rapper is "the king and everybody know it" in the trailer for "The Real Ingredients Of OG Sosa."

Chief Keef's mother is profiled in the upcoming digital film, The Real Ingredients of OG Sosa presented by HipHop-Junies

The film bills her as "Mother of Super Star Chief Keef." In the trailer, she speaks highly of her son. 

"My son is the king," Keef's mother says. "Keef is the king and everybody know it." 

The film also features her speaking about her struggles. "Bullets in my wall on my [refrigerator] door…It’s normal," she says. "We don’t fuss about it. I don’t come outside and talk about it. We suck that shit up." 

The trailer also features an excerpt of a Keef interview with New York radio station Power 105. In the clip, Keef says, "That’s why I started rapping, ‘cause of her," speaking about his mother to The Breakfast Club hosts. 

The trailer for this film is below.

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Comments 25 Posts

  • Jordan
    Chief keef is the best rapper alive
    Stop hating on Keep, he does what made him money. His mama's damn cool. Y'all people who goes to shit didn't make shit in life, still broke as hell in the end. Look at keef, 17 but made it. All y'all muthafuckaz should be in shame
  • Anonymous
    Get cho life!
  • Wow
    These mf's are living in La La Land, too much kush and crack. King of what exactly? Degenerated imbeciles? Yeah
    • wafles r us
      hey maaaaan you gottta be nicerr. howwww much cashhh and chaaaainzz doo youu haveeeeeee
  • Anonymous
    Wow, really feel sad for this little dude, this bitch is a sad representation of a mother or black woman. No wonder other races look at black folks as animals. p.s bitch, your son ain't no superstar.
    • Anonymous
      you look like a bitch cosigning them looking at blacks as a whole instead of this one woman's issues
    • Anonymous
      Nah, you's the bitch, and ain't nobody cosigning shit, fucking fruit-respect starts at home and for someone who's been through the system, fucker, respect is everything. Fake ass tight jeans wearing fruit.
  • Anonymous
    Hood rat/crackhead mom
    • OGonorado
      ma nigga ur 2 turnt on molleze
  • Anonymous
    super star? haha. dudes album flopped and he can barely speak english. no one will know who he is in 12-18 months.
  • firstnamelastname
    All you guys are weird at the end of the day he made it there is no Reciepe for success people go to school all they life and still be poor and at the end of the day chief keef is going to do what makes him happy and i think his mom will do the samething to make herself happy i think thats the true meaning of life sk yall stop hateing & go out and enjoy your life & pretty soon yo might see people hating tk
    • Anonymous
      made it? LOL he just got evicted dog because he was too dumb to use some of the money from his 15 min of fame to buy a modest house he could afford, but instead hes throwing away money renting a mansion!
    • Anonymous
      Hating on who? For what? Who the fuck would wanna switch places with these fuckers? You must have no life whatsoever.
  • Anonymous
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  • real talk
    she meant to say Keef is a c.o.on
  • Bario
    I would deep-dick that bitch so hard.
  • Dan
    He is the king, the king of what not to do in life
  • Fizzy123
    That sh*t is sad. You need a license to fish, but not to have a child?
    • YES!
      Lmao I've never heard that before. That's funny shit bro.
    • Anonymous
      HAHAHA thats the truth.
    • >_
      LOL mannnn sad part is, this shit will be on MTV, or the channel that intervention is aired on.
  • my nut suck
    Great parent.
    • snargysnarf
  • Apple Doesn't Fall Far From
    The Tree...