Drake Honored With "Drake Day" In Houston, Texas

posted Friday June 13 ,2014 at 10:00AM CDT | 35 comments

Drake Honored With

Drake confirms news regarding "Drake Day."

Drake has announced that there is a "Drake Day" in Houston, Texas.

According to the emcee, June 10 has been confirmed as "Drake Day." The Toronto rapper confirmed this news on Instagram, attaching a photograph of a document explaining "Drake Day."

"Drake Day June 10," the post's caption says. 

Drake recently announced Houston Appreciation Week (HAW). The event is slated to take place June 12-15. 

For more regarding "Drake Day," check the Instagram post below.

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Comments 35 Posts

  • Drake runs rap
    bitch ass americans you are all drakes bitches ahahah. Even toronto doesnt have a drake day. America straight bitches hahah. Thats how you know drake is the face of rap when you don't even have an american rapper day. Plus drake isnt even from houston hahaha. Drake continues to prove time and time again that drake runs this rap shit you virgins need to accept that fact.
    • TruthTeller
      Are you some kind of "internet cheerleader" for Drake?? If so, hope he's paying you really well. Otherwise your just wasting your precious time. Got nothing better to do?? How about, get a career or start a business. Or how about, find yourself a lady, get married and have some kids. Get a life, you know what I mean?
  • youngsta
    all you bitch-made haters better shut the fuck up. houston gave the day to drake because he shows mad love to the city and is influenced by the music there. that's also where his career took off. no other rapper has showed h-town love other than drake. y'all whining and crying because your favorite old houston rapper didn't get a day named after him. just shut up and congratulate the nigga.
    • RealHead
      Fuck ymcmb, fuck Drake, and his mainstream trash, niggas been reppin H-Town since like forever, which one old houston rapper? a dam dozen deserves that shit more than your favourite soft fagget with his lameass pop music and a crew of homos. A shame young niggas dont respect the culture and it's roots. Fucking Lord Jamar makes more sense than you.
  • hippaToDaHoppa
    Declared by who? Fuck that shit. We don't need a Drake day. I wish Pimp C was still alive. He would've smacked fire out Aubrey's ass and sent him back to Canada.
    • DUFF
      You do know UGK fucks with Drake right? Pimp C had him on his first single "What Up?"...maybe you don't know lol
    • hippaToDaHoppa
      YOU do know that song came out 3 years after Pimp C died, right? You do know that Drake and Pimp C never met, right? Maybe you don't... Bun B, fucks with him. I'll proxy for Pimp C since he hated fakeness above all that he would have not fucked with Drake.
  • Drizzaveli
    Wow nice Houston is the first city to acknowledge Drake's greatness. Drake day will be an international holiday after he drops his next classic BELIEVE ME. Don't even mention Scarface and those other irrelevant old ass niggas obviously Drake the GOAT ask Houston!
    • Anonymous
      Hilarious satire
  • fuccya
    why the hell him?
    • Anonymous
      Did you read the actual document?
    • fuccya
      Yeah, I guess they just forgot to add the part where it says its all just a bad joke.
  • fuccya
    Haha this is so crazy! Too many real rappers in Houston and TX,
  • Spaz
    hmmm.... better this than be known as the place where gay black NFL players come from.
  • Drake was Nelson Mandela's favorite MC
    From the ghettos of Toronto, to the hoods of Houston, Texas to the slums of Cape Town, South Africa, the love that the people have for Aubrey "Drizzy Drake" Graham is undeniable.
    • Anonymous
      Lol I don't think anyone in South Africa even knows who Drake is
    • Mickey D
      Drake popular in South Africe!
    • Anonymous
      LOL @ ghettos of Toronto.
    • Anonymous
      LMAO I know right? Nigga made it seem like Toronto is on some gaza strip shit lol
  • Anonymous
    I'm ebarrassed my town dickride this nikka so hard
  • Let Me NO
    Wow WTF
  • Anonymous
    *through the streets
  • Anonymous
    What does Drake Day entail? Prancing threw the streets in leopard print leotards while humming "take care." This also may involve, in no particular order- baking muffins, making balloon animals, wearing lipstick, crying uncontrollably to emotional films, and planting flowers.
    • Anonymous
      baking muffins lol
  • Anonymous
    And of course a female signed this thanks annise d parker, and fuck you
  • Anonymous
    His first name is aubrey for crying out loud
    • Anonymous
      LMAO.. I'm dyin..
    • Anonymous
      I don't get it
    • Big 18 Street Gangsters, E'zup!
  • Anonymous
    Ugk dj skrew scarface... fucj canadians deport him and let him make his canadian music for dem motherfuckers
  • Anonymous
    Houston lost so hard.
  • Anonymous
    Meanwhile Scarface does not have his own day in his own city....
    • Anonymous
      Yup, what a disgrace! Instead, we will give it to a feminine child actor from Toronto
  • p-dub
    i've lived here in H-Town all my life......can we have givin dj screw a day b4 givin 1 to a canadian visitor? smh
    • Anonymous
      that what I was thinking also?